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Coffee is lifestyle and pleasure - for all coffee lovers, the Kitchenaid coffee grinder creates the perfect coffee grounds in which all coffee aromas are preserved. For all taste discoverers, the Kitchenaid coffee grinder offers all the advantages for excellent coffee enjoyment. Whether fine, medium or coarse grain size - all this can be easily ground with the coffee grinder in no time at all and the coffee can be prepared as espresso or filter coffee. The modern and beautifully designed coffee grinder by Kitchenaid offers 15 grinding levels and several advantages that we will explain in more detail in this review. In our Kitchenaid coffee grinder test 2021 we present the coffee grinder with disc grinder. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions about Kitchenaid coffee grinders in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a Kitchenaid coffee grinder.


  • The coffee grinder by Kitchenaid impresses with its high-quality and modern design, which is a great eye-catcher in every kitchen with its three different colours.
  • The coffee grinder is of very high quality with a long-term quality guarantee. The stainless steel model is always robust and offers 15 grinding levels for great coffee enjoyment for discerning palates - without even losing flavour.
  • Easy access to the grinder means that the appliance can be cleaned quickly and effectively, and the cleaning brush included in the scope of delivery makes cleaning the disc pin quick and easy.

The Best Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Kitchenaid coffee grinder

Before buying a Kitchenaid coffee grinder, you should acquire some background information. We have summarised this information in the following paragraphs.

What distinguishes the Kitchenaid coffee grinder from other manufacturers?

Kitchenaid is an American company and offers a high-quality coffee grinder in Germany. The Artisan Kitchenaid coffee grinder is designed for professional use and uses cutting pins to grind coffee with high precision. By reducing the number of revolutions, an even grinding consistency is achieved. You get a fantastic ground coffee, and you get the best coffee possible. Even for the most demanding palates and fragrant lovers, the ground coffee beans/grinds always have the perfect blend.

What are the advantages of the Kitchenaid coffee grinder?

The Kitchenaid coffee grinder is appreciated for its special disc grinder that grinds the coffee beans perfectly and preserves the aroma, also according to expert opinions. With the Kitchenaid coffee grinder, you can prepare your favourite beans in 15 steps and enjoy them as espresso or café crema. The coffee grinder also has the perfect grind for your French Press. All the advantages of the Kitchenaid coffee grinder at a glance:

  • Low speed (rpm)
  • Modern and trendy design
  • Easy cleaning
  • 15 different grinding levels
  • Metal housing
  • Disc grinder
  • Supplied with cleaning brush and coffee measuring spoon

Low speed (rpm) Due to the low rotation, there is less friction of the coffee grain. In addition, the ground coffee is not statically charged and thus the complete taste of the coffee is preserved - to the delight of all fragrant lovers!

Kitchenaid Kaffeemühle-1

The coffee grinder from Kitchenaid delivers pure coffee enjoyment by preserving the aromas.
(Image source: / Nathan Dumlao)

Modern design The design of the coffee grinder by Kitchenaid is extremely modern and a real eye-catcher in every hip kitchen. Be it in the colour red, black or cream - there is something for everyone here. Easy cleaning Thanks to the easy access to the grinder, the appliance can be cleaned quickly and effectively. 15 different grinding levels The many possible grinding levels make the electric coffee grinder a real all-rounder on the market - the grind for the right taste from espresso to café crema! Metal housing The high-quality metal housing makes the coffee grinder very robust and stable. In addition, this guarantees a long-lasting use. Disc grinder The disc grinder of the Kitchenaid coffee grinder provides even and excellent grinding results. Supplied with cleaning brush and coffee measuring spoon The Kitchenaid coffee grinder comes with a coffee measuring spoon and a cleaning brush. The measuring spoon helps with the correct dosage of ground coffee. The cleaning brush when cleaning the appliance.

What distinguishes a disc grinder from other coffee grinders?

In coffee grinders for private use, you will find either a beater blade system, a cone grinder or a disc grinder. Knife grinders often jam when a large quantity of beans is poured in. This usually results in powder that is not quite homogeneous. On the other hand, machines with knife grinders are usually cheaper than those with a cone or disc grinder. Grinders with cone or disc grinders can also grind larger quantities of beans precisely. The aroma is perfectly preserved thanks to the low number of revolutions. In addition, the grinding discs remain serviceable for a long time and the grinding degree can be adjusted precisely.

Are spare parts available and how can I fit them?

Several components are included in the delivery of a Kitchenaid coffee grinder. It includes a coffee feed hopper, fineness indicator ring, motor housing, container lid, coffee container, container platform, a coffee measuring spoon and cutting pin cleaning brush.
Components Description
Coffee feed funnel The funnel holds a total of 198 g and can be easily unscrewed from the motor housing for cleaning and is dishwasher safe
Fineness indicator The easy-to-use scale allows the fineness to be set in 15 steps to values from 1 to 8.
Coffee container The coffee container is made of glass and avoids static clinging of the coffee. The container is also dishwasher safe
Coffee measuring spoon One level coffee measuring spoon contains 7 g of ground coffee, just the right amount for a single 30 ml cup of espresso.
Cutting pin cleaning brush The firm bristles make it easy to quickly remove coffee residues from the grinder.

The warranty for the Kitchenaid coffee grinder is 2 years in total. If anything needs to be repaired, the warranty will apply except in cases of normal wear and tear, improper use, failure to follow the instructions for use or incorrect electrical voltage.

After the warranty has expired, you can find spare parts directly at or at and order them there.

If the cutting pins are damaged or at the end of their service life, they can easily be replaced at customer service points.

Does grinding coffee with the Kitchenaid coffee maker affect the taste?

The taste of coffee depends on several factors. The right quality of coffee, the roasting method, the quality of the beans and the machine and water used for brewing play an important role.

Kitchenaid Kaffeemühle-2

Ground coffee quickly loses its flavour and aroma. Therefore, only grind as much as you need immediately.
(Image source: / Janko Ferlič)

The uniformity of the grind also plays a decisive role. An espresso, for example, needs a very fine and even grind to avoid a biting or bitter espresso. If the grains are of different sizes, too little or too much extraction of oils and essences takes place during the brewing process, the result is coffee that is too thin, weak or bitter. In any case, the quality of the drink suffers!

The uniformity of the grind is very important - and crucial for enjoyable coffee.

Grinders with high speed and small cutting pins usually cannot produce the fineness and uniformity required for an optimal espresso. TIP: To preserve the freshness of the coffee beans, they should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dark place. It is not recommended to leave the beans in the hopper of the coffee grinder for a long time.

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What distinguishes a Kitchenaid coffee grinder with disc mill and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you want to buy a Kitchenaid coffee grinder, you can choose the following product. These are:

  • Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder with disc mill

In the following descriptions, we will tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of this grinder. The Kitchenaid coffee grinder with disc mill impresses with its elegant design and many grinding levels. It grinds fine or coarse coffee in just a few seconds.

  • Colour variations
  • High quality standards and long-lasting
  • 15 grinding levels
  • Hardly any heat development
  • Coffee taste is preserved
  • For demanding coffee connoisseurs
  • Complicated cleaning
  • High noise level

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Kitchenaid coffee grinders

The individual product variants can be distinguished on the basis of the following criteria:

The following paragraphs explain what is important in the individual criteria


The grinder is particularly important when buying a coffee grinder. Somewhat more expensive products deliver very good quality and can also guarantee the uniformity of the coffee grind - which, as we know, is very relevant for perfect coffee grinding. As soon as you grind coffee beans at home very often and you love high-quality coffee, it is worth buying a Kitchenaid coffee grinder.

Grinding degree

To grind the coffee beans perfectly and uniformly, you need a grinder setting. Ideally, the grind should always be even, as this allows you to extract a consistent flavour. If the grind is uneven, the water in espresso or filter coffee will look for small roads along which to flow and thus influence the taste. Disc grinders have a grind setting that allows you to grind the coffee beans either very finely or more coarsely. This setting is there because, for example, for filter coffee it is more advantageous to grind a coarser blend. Espresso requires very fine coffee powder.

Bean container

The bean container of the Kitchenaid coffee grinder holds approx. 200 g of coffee beans and has a locking system. This makes changing the beans very uncomplicated. In this case, you don't have to turn the whole machine upside down to get all the beans out, which is often a problem with other coffee grinders.

Depending on how big your household is, you should pay attention to the size of the bean container. Roughly 70 grams of ground coffee will make 6-7 cups of espresso.


An electric coffee grinder is generally noisier. Grinding is short-lived with a disc grinder and takes only a few seconds, depending on the degree of grinding. For a double espresso, it takes only 6-18 seconds on average, which is of course not a problem in terms of volume.

So most machines make noise - similar to a hoover - only of shorter duration!

Coffee grinders with a percussion mechanism, e.g. percussion blade grinders, last much longer with an average of 70 seconds for a double espresso. If you are more sensitive to noise, a disc grinder may be more advantageous. NOTE: If you hear crunching noises, the cutting pins may have been incorrectly adjusted. You should readjust them immediately, otherwise they may be damaged.


After enjoying your coffee, cleaning is also an important issue for the longevity of coffee grinders. The grinder is the heart of every coffee grinder and should be cleaned at regular intervals to remove coffee powder, coffee oil and grease.

Nicole Batte­feldBarista-Meisterin
It is best not to clean the coffee grinder with water. There are special cleaning products such as gluten-free grain pellets that you can run through the grinder once. These absorb the oil that hangs between the grinding discs. The next time the grinder is used, it is best to pour away the first shot so that the coffee regains its flavour.(Source:

In general, disc grinders are a little more complicated to clean than other grinders. With frequent use, the discs need to be cleaned every few weeks.

Facts worth knowing about Kitchenaid coffee grinders

How can I clean my Kitchenaid coffee grinder properly?

Cleaning the motor housing and feed hopper

  1. First, the appliance should be switched off and the mains plug disconnected.
  2. The motor housing, cutting pins and cutting pin shaft should not come into contact with water.
  3. Using scouring powder or sponges can leave unsightly scratches and it is better to clean the machine with a damp cloth.
  4. Wash the ground coffee container, feed hopper and hopper lid in hot water with washing-up liquid or in a dishwasher.

Kitchenaid Kaffeemühle-3

Clean the coffee grounds container and discs regularly for long-lasting use of your coffee grinder
(Image source: / Shengjun Shi)

What safety precautions should I follow when using a Kitchenaid coffee grinder?

To use the Kitchenaid coffee grinder without any problems, just pay attention to small basic precautions:

  • The coffee grinder should never be placed in water or other liquids, this could result in an electric shock.
  • When cleaning, the appliance should be switched off and disconnected from the power supply.
  • Do not touch moving parts.
  • Use of non-recommended accessories may result in fire, electric shock or injury
  • The unit should not be used outdoors
  • The power cord should not come into contact with hot surfaces such as the cooker top.
  • Check the feed hopper for foreign objects before use.
  • Keep the appliance out of reach of children.

How can I adjust the Kitchenaid coffee grinder for a coarser grind?

Choose the right fineness for the preparation. There are 15 different finenesses in half steps between levels 1 to 8. Level 8 gives a very high fineness for an espresso, levels 41⁄2 to 6 provide the right fineness for preparation in the coffee machine, and level 1 is optimal for a French Press.

Did you know that mild, lightly roasted coffee beans contain more caffeine than dark beans? There is usually more caffeine in light, mild coffee roasts than in dark, hearty roasts. This is because the longer the coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is released from the bean under the heat

Experiment - your taste may require a slightly higher or lower fineness for your next coffee.

Here you can see a small overview of which stage of the Kitchenaid coffee grinder provides you with the right powder for your espresso or filter coffee:

Coffee Level Grind
Espresso 8 Fine
Coffee maker 5 Medium
French Press 1 Coarse