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Knee cushions can be used in many ways - whether for sleeping, yoga, gardening or working in front of the laptop. A knee cushion has a positive effect on your well-being and health. Knee cushions are particularly popular with side sleepers and pregnant women, as the cushion improves the quality of sleep. When buying a knee cushion, however, you should be aware that there are different types of knee cushions and that you first have to find the right one for you.

In this guide, you will find all the important information about knee pillows. You will learn exactly what a knee cushion does, what different types of knee cushions there are and which one is right for you. Have fun reading!


  • A knee cushion is a specially adapted cushion that can be used for a variety of situations, such as sleeping, gardening or sports.
  • A knee cushion is designed to improve the alignment of the spine and support certain parts of the body such as the back and knees, as well as prevent pain.
  • A knee cushion is useful for everyone who wants to protect and relieve the back, spine and knees.

The Best Knee Cushion in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying and review criteria for knee cushions

In order to find the perfect knee cushion for you, we have picked out four different criteria that you should consider when buying a knee cushion. The criteria should provide you with precise information on what is important when buying and how to find the best knee cushion for you.

The criteria you can use to compare knee cushions are as follows:

In the following section, we will now go into more detail on the individual purchase criteria. With regard to the material, however, it should be noted that there are three different materials with which a knee cushion can be padded.

The material

Memory foam

Memory foam is the most popular material for knee cushions because it has properties that no other material can match. For example, knee cushions made of memory foam have the great advantage that the material fits perfectly between the knees and adapts to the shape of the body so that the back receives optimal support while sleeping. Thanks to its deformability, the pillow returns to its original shape after use.


Gel pillows are a special form of filling, as memory foam and gel pads are combined. The combination of both fillings makes a gel cushion even softer and more comfortable than knee cushions with the classic memory foam filling. The combination is extra orthopaedically thought out to achieve perfect relief.


Knee cushions can also be bought with a filled inner core. The inner core is usually filled with buckwheat. Buckwheat has the advantage that it adapts to your body. In addition, buckwheat hulls are breathable, regulate moisture and store heat, which is especially pleasant in winter. Depending on the pillow, even the filling and thus the degree of hardness of the pillow can be individually adjusted. As buckwheat pillows are a natural product, they are also becoming increasingly popular and are being bought more and more often.

The optimal size

Since there are many different types of knee cushions, size is of course an important decision criterion. The most important thing to consider, however, is that the knee cushion fits your height and weight. It should also offer you sufficient support. The support always depends on the hardness and the size of the cushion. The maximum thickness in the middle of the cushion should not be more than 10 cm, otherwise your legs will be pushed apart again.

If you take these characteristics into account, the knee cushion offers you optimal relief for your knees, hips and spine.

The right shape

There are two different shapes of knee cushions. One is the triangular shape and the other is the rectangular shape. Which shape is right for you depends on your sleeping position.

The triangular shape is particularly suitable for resting sleepers as well as side and back sleepers, as this restricts their freedom of movement somewhat. Due to the recess in the middle, the knees lie firmly inside the pillow and thus offer you the optimal shape to relieve your back.

Knee pillows with a rectangular shape, on the other hand, are good for restless sleepers or back sleepers because the pillow is placed between the thighs so that the knee is free and easy to move. This way, the pillow offers more freedom of movement so that you don't have to lie completely still.

Of course, this shape does not apply to all knee cushions. Pillows for gardening or for the laptop are of course designed differently than pillows for side or back sleepers.

The different manufacturers

There are many different manufacturers of knee cushions. To find the best knee cushion for you, you can visit the leading manufacturers of knee cushions.

These top 6 manufacturers were rated as very good by Stiftung Warentest in 2021:

  1. bonmedico
  2. K. & N.
  3. Comfortify
  4. AmazeFan
  5. Maybusch
  6. Russka

The knee cushion model with the most reviews, with 2760 customer votes, is the "bonmedico Ergonomic Knee Cushion". The price-performance winner, on the other hand, is the Russka knee cushion.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about knee cushions answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions about knee cushions. We would like to give you a deeper insight into the topic so that no questions remain unanswered.

What is a knee cushion?

A knee cushion is a specially adapted cushion that can be used not only for the back, but also for the knees. A knee cushion can significantly improve the alignment of the spine. Usually, a knee pillow is placed between the legs to provide more comfort while sleeping. This counteracts back pain and relieves more pressure on the spine.

Knee cushions can also be used for gardening, household chores and sports, for example, to protect the joints and prevent pain.

What are the benefits of a knee cushion?

A knee cushion can help with many different ailments, but knee cushions are often used for sleeping problems. Especially when sleeping on your side, one leg lies on top of the other, causing friction to the joints. This can lead to long-term damage, which a knee pillow can counteract. The knee cushion provides optimal support for the knees and also relieves the spine.

On the other hand, a knee cushion can also be very helpful during pregnancy to find a comfortable position when sleeping. Especially during pregnancy, women have problems sleeping. In such a situation, a knee pillow helps above all to counteract sciatica problems, relieve the nerves and provide good support for the joints.

Furthermore, a knee cushion is also suitable for people who sit for long periods or generally have a very sedentary job. The back muscles are not sufficiently trained by sitting for long periods of time, which can lead to tension. To counteract this, a knee cushion is ideal because it relieves the spine and thus reduces pain and postural damage.

What knee cushions are there?

Knee cushions have many different applications. Knee cushions differ mainly in their material and shape.


In contrast to knee cushions for the laptop, with orthopaedic knee cushions you have to pay attention to the shape that is suitable for you.
(Image source: Tatjana Syrikova /

Knee cushions can be divided into three categories:

  • Knee cushion for gardening / for the household / for cleaning
  • Knee cushion for the laptop
  • Orthopaedic knee cushions to relieve the back and the spine

All three support your posture, prevent pain and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

How much does a knee cushion cost?

Since knee cushions come in all shapes and sizes, we have compiled a summary here that shows you the different types, their features and their price range.

Product type Available products
Knee cushion for work at home / in the garden (8 - 15 €) Water- as well as dirt-repellent, heat-insulating, hard-wearing, easy to clean
Knee cushion for laptop (15 - 20 €) Laptop cushion with anti-slip strips, height adjustable
Orthopaedic knee cushion (15 - 30 €) Memory foam, breathable fabric, removable and washable

The table shows that you don't have to spend a lot of money on a good quality knee cushion. Depending on what you need a knee cushion for, you can get knee cushions for gardening for as little as €8. Orthopaedic knee cushions, on the other hand, start at €15.


In order to support your body during certain activities and to do something good for your body, knee cushions are very helpful. Thanks to the different types of knee cushions available, they can be easily integrated into everyday life. When buying a knee cushion, you should always first consider what you want to use it for. Important purchase criteria are the material, which is preferably memory foam, the size, which should be adapted to your height and weight, the shape, but also the manufacturer and the price. A knee cushion is absolutely advantageous from a health point of view.

The price depends on how you want to use the knee cushion. Knee cushions for work and the laptop are somewhat cheaper than orthopaedic knee cushions that relieve the spine. However, the cost of a knee cushion is generally rather low. This gives you the opportunity to find the perfect knee cushion for you without having to spend a lot of money.

(Cover photo: Alexander Raths / 123rf)