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Welcome to our big knife bag test 2022. Here we present all the knife bags we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best knife bag for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a knife bag.


  • A knife bag is very practical, it not only protects the blade from damage, it also protects the user and owner of the knife.
  • Knife sheaths have existed in this world for a very long time, a classic example would be the sword sheath in the Middle Ages. With this sword sheath, the noble knights of that time could easily transport the sword by simply hanging the sword on their hip and not having to hold it in their hand all the time.
  • It is similar with today's knives, especially for outdoor use. So that you or others around you are not accidentally injured, you should have a knife bag especially for your knife.

The best Knife Bag in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a knife bag

What kind of knife bag should I buy?

This is answered by knowing what kind of knife you have and what you use your knife for, or what environmental conditions your knife will have to withstand.

A diving knife should have a plastic knife bag in use, as this knife is used underwater and e.g. leather does not tolerate water so well. Tailor your choice of knife bag to your needs.

If you have an outdoor knife such as a Kandar knife, leather would be a good choice because leather protects and is gentle on the blade. You can also pull the knife with the leather of the knife bag to keep it sharp and clean.

Knife bags are particularly suitable for outdoor knives. (Image source: / 39482491)

Be aware, however, that you also need to know which fastening option you need for your knife bag. There are many different ways of attaching your knife and knife bag.

On the one hand, there is the classic way of attaching it to your belt, in which case your knife pouch has a loop through which you can pass your belt in order to attach your knife to your right or left hip.

Who is a knife pouch suitable for?

A knife pouch is suitable for anyone who needs or wants to have a non-folding knife with them when they are out and about. Since the non-folding knives are usually sturdier and cheaper than the folding knives, the fixed knives are still produced in large numbers.

If you are outdoors a lot, a knife bag is highly recommended, as well as for divers, hunters or lifeguards, it is advisable to have a knife including a knife bag.

For chef's knives, there are whole sets that you can put in a bag, so you have a small bag with many knives.

A knife bag is also handy for anyone who needs to have a knife quickly at hand, such as a construction worker or a fighter who needs to have the knife quickly drawn to defend himself.

Is there an alternative to the knife bag?

Of course, you can also take a very primitive approach by simply wrapping a rag or towel around the knife and stowing it in the backpack, but be warned that this approach greatly increases the risk of injury.

Alternatively, there are backpacks that already have a kind of knife pocket integrated for a specific knife, but these knives are then usually included directly with the backpack, because it is very difficult to find the right knife for an existing pocket.

What does a knife bag cost?

How much a knife bag costs depends on what it is made of, how it is processed and how big it is or how many knives it is made for. However, you can range in price from 10€ to 120€, there are exceptions upwards, but these are usually luxury products with special decorations and/or precious stones on the knife bag.

Knife bag type Approximate cost
Knife bag for single knives 10-70€
Knife bags for whole knife sets 15-150€

How is the knife held in the knife bag?

That depends on the knife bag itself, there are several closure options for several knife bag variants.

For outdoor knives that you hang on your hip, a button is usually used to push the knife into the pocket. The button is attached to a loop that you only have to put around the neck of the knife, so that the knife can no longer slip out of the pocket.

But there are also possibilities that prevent the knife from slipping out by friction. In this case, the knife pouch is simply a little longer and the handle also goes into the knife pouch, because the handle is much wider than the blade itself, the handle presses against the inner wall of the knife pouch and thus has enough friction to no longer slip out of the knife pouch.

For knife bags with several knives or entire knife sets, the bag is usually rolled up and then held together with a clip holder or a magnetic holder.

Inside the "roll", the knives are usually held with rubber so that they do not damage each other.

Decision: What types of knife bags are there and which is the right one for you?

These types of knife bags are distinguished:

  • Knife bag for whole sets
  • Knife pouch with a belt holder

The following sections discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What distinguishes a knife bag for whole sets and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The knife bag for entire sets is clearly ahead when it comes to transporting several knives and entire knife sets in a professional manner. These knife bags are usually shoulder or carrying bags, alternatively they are also available as backpacks.

The knives are attached to the inside of the bag with rubber bands to prevent them from hurting each other, then the bag is usually rolled up or closed and held together with a magnetic or clip fastener, so you are well protected from the knives.

  • Lots of space for knives
  • cooking knives can be transported
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Very heavy

It is important to note, however, that you should know what kind of set you need a knife bag for and how many knives can be stored in it. It is important that you also take into account the shape and size of the knives.

What are the characteristics of a knife pouch with a belt holder and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A knife pouch with a belt clip has many advantages worth mentioning, for example, you can carry hunting knives or bowie knives for a long time and over a long distance. You just have to be careful which knife pouch you need for your knife.

However, the knife pouch is usually already included with the knife when you buy it. You also have to pay attention to the closure, because you don't want the knife and the knife pouch to fall down all the time.

  • Very light
  • quickly drawn
  • There is only room for one knife
  • no cooking knives can be carried

There are several criteria you need to consider, for one thing, how the knife pouch is attached to your belt. Is it fastened with a button or do you have a complete loop through which you have to pass your belt.

But you also have to consider how the knife pouch holds your knife in the pouch. For outdoor knives, this is usually done by friction or by a button holder.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate knife bags

You should consider the following criteria before buying:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Workmanship
  • Closure

The following sections show in more detail what to look for in the individual purchase criteria. This will help you find the perfect knife bag for you.


The material plays a decisive role when it comes to knife bags.

The following materials are available for knife bags:

  • Paracord strap
  • Leather / imitation leather
  • Plastic
  • Other animal materials
  • Fabric

Paracord tape

The paracord band is a rather untypical knife pouch, but it is still very practical. The paracord band knife pouch is braided from a cord, this cord (paracord band) can be unbraided and is therefore a very practical aid in the outdoor area.

Since the paracord band does not protect as well as other materials, this version is not sold as often.

This version is only used for individual knives and not for entire knife sets.

Leather / imitation leather

Whether your knife bag is made of imitation leather or natural leather does not make much difference. This material is very popular and is therefore sold very often.

The leather protects the blade perfectly from mechanical damage and is also very durable. This material is used for knife set bags as well as for single knife bags.


The plastic knife bag has considerable advantages when it comes to withstanding environmental influences, which is why this material is also used for lifeguard and diver knife bags.

Since plastic is very versatile, knife bags can be made of hard as well as soft plastic. This allows you to vary and choose your knife bag to suit your needs.

You can use this material as a knife bag for individual knives as well as for entire knife sets.

Other animal materials

Knife bags made of various animal materials are very rarely sold on the internet. These are usually materials made from the tendons or cartilage of an animal, but you should note that this variant is not very practical, unlike the others.

Nevertheless, such materials are sold as knife bags from time to time. However, these knife bags are usually homemade by some hunter or butcher.

This variant is also only available for one knife and not for a whole set of knives.


A knife bag made of fabric is very practical and is also sold very often. This variant is intended for one knife as a bag as well as for whole knife sets.

Fabric can be incredibly versatile, the most diverse shapes are professionally covered by it and protect the blade excellently, however the protection is mechanically not as high as with leather, as fabric is usually manufactured much thinner than leather.

In addition, this material is very inexpensive and is therefore the best material in terms of price-performance ratio.


Weight plays an equally important role when it comes to knife bags. You should consider in which area and in which period of time you will need the knife bag. If you need to carry the knife bag for a longer period of time, it would be advisable to have a light knife bag.

However, this is mostly the case in the outdoor sector, as the knives are carried for long periods of time and over long distances. This category is therefore more relevant for individual knife bags, as these are mainly used in the outdoor sector.


The processing plays an important role in connection with the stability and resistance of the knife bag. Leather is usually sewn together from two pieces of leather. Paracord, fabric and plastic is usually available as a whole. You should simply pay attention to whether the workmanship is stable enough for you.

No matter what material the knife bag is made of, the workmanship should be stable in any case. (Image source: / 119916838)


The closure is important for knife pouches that you wear on your belt as well as for knife pouches that have a place for entire knife sets. There are many different ways of securing a knife in a knife pouch.

Here are the most important ones:

  • Zip
  • Button holder
  • Friction
  • Roll up with elastic
  • Magnetic holder
  • Clip holder


A zip usually takes advantage of some change in the shape of the blade. If the knife is slightly thicker at the tip than at the beginning of the blade, you would also have the option of using a zip. In this case the zip will simply run along the back of the blade.

Button holder

With the button holder, a leather strap is usually passed over the neck of the knife, which is then attached. This way the leather strap holds the knife in the knife pocket.

This connection is quite stable and is mostly used for outdoor knives, but it can also be used for knife set bags. A button is not as expensive as a magnet, for example.


Friction is used to hold the knife in place. The knife pocket extends over the handle or the friction between the blade and the knife pocket is so great that the knife cannot slip out. This variant is also used very often, as you can simply pull out the knife with a little effort and thus have the knife quickly drawn.

Rolling up with a rubber band

When you roll up a set of knives, you usually store a whole set of knives. These individual knives are placed in one place inside with a rubber band so that they cannot damage each other. After rolling up, you can count on a clip or magnetic holder, although this would also work without.

Magnetic holder

With the magnetic holder, as the name suggests, the metal of the blade is usually attracted, so you have a force that prevents the knife from slipping out, although this force is sometimes too weak. That is why the magnetic holder is not so often used or sold.

Closure type stability sales
Zipper high medium
Button holder high high
Friction medium medium
Rolling in with rubber band high high
Magnet holder low low

Facts worth knowing about knife bags

How do I care for a knife bag?

It doesn't take much skill or expertise to care for a knife bag properly. You should just make sure that if the leather knife bag gets wet, it dries out again quickly. You can also treat it with a leather spray if the leather starts to look old.

Also, make sure that knife bags made of fabric, paracord and other animal materials are not wet for a longer period of time, otherwise they will start to mould or smell.

Can a knife pouch break if it is used frequently?

Yes and no, because it depends on the right care. You should pay particular attention to this, because a plastic knife bag, for example, hardly ever needs to be cared for, whereas a leather knife bag should be cared for to keep the leather soft and supple.

For example, if you are often out and about in the wet, your leather will become somewhat hard over time and will no longer have the beautiful leather colour it had before. Therefore, it is important to protect leather knife bags from moisture.

Picture source: / 38779071