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If you are a lover of antique pieces and you also like to decorate your home with this style to give it that original and at the same time conservative touch, in this article we will introduce you to door knockers. We will talk about both single and double doorknockers.

Currently there is a wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes of this product, taking into account only the model, you may not be able to install it on your door or it may not look good at all. Therefore, you need to evaluate the brands and models of your preference and make an objective analysis to make your decision a success.

Nowadays you can find single or double door knockers on the market and each one has notable characteristics that distinguish them from each other. In addition, they have antique designs that make them so popular. Therefore we will focus on their meaning, important buying factors, where to get them and their value. We hope you like it.


  • The purpose of a knocker is to be placed on the exterior doors of houses to call the inhabitants by means of loud knocks. It is a product made of very hard materials, usually metal or steel, and is made up of a fixed piece and one with movement to be able to touch one with the other.
  • The most commonly used models of this product are single and double, in addition to the fact that each one is used in specific situations and doors, making them very different from each other. On the other hand, they are used by the style of house you have and the materials the doors are made of.
  • The purchasing factors that need to be considered when buying a door knocker are: materials of manufacture, type of door and design. Finding the right one for you, but above all for the style of your house, will make it look like part of it and give that original touch to your home.

The Best Knocker: Our Picks

To better understand what this product is and to analyse what consumers look for in door knockers, we will explain below the characteristics of the most popular ones bought online. In addition, it can help you to clarify both their characteristics and their operation so that your choice is in accordance with your home.

Buying Guide

If you are one of those who always try to have a house in optimal conditions, as well as looking for accessories that give it an elegant and personalised touch, door knockers are ideal for you. For this reason, we explain below the relevant aspects of this product so that you can make a simple decision

Simple door knockers are widely used in the city. (aquapictures/

What is a knocker and what are its advantages?

A knocker is a piece that is placed on the exterior doors of houses and serves to call the inhabitants by means of loud knocks, that is to say, as a substitute for a bell. It can be made of different hard materials, mostly metal or steel, and consists of two parts, one fixed and one with movement, which is used to knock on the door.

Currently there are different models and designs of door knockers on the market with very original designs, despite being created for the same purpose. In addition, they help you to save on electricity, as compared to traditional doorbells, they do not require electricity to operate.

  • They are easy to install
  • They are very resistant and durable
  • They do not require electricity to operate
  • Their designs are very elegant
  • They do not require maintenance.
  • The knocks they emit are not heard throughout the house
  • They are more expensive than the traditional doorbell
  • Their distribution is limited.

Single or double knocker - what to look out for?

The main challenge you face is finding the right door knocker for you, but especially for the door where you want to place it. You have to consider this product to make your door look like an accessory and not the centre of attention. Therefore, keep in mind that depending on its type, it is the result you will see when you install it.

Simple door knocker. It is used on exterior doors of a single piece. It is a product made of steel or some kind of metal alloy that is very hard and resistant. It has a heat treatment that allows it to retain its properties, despite climatic changes and exposure to the elements.

They are widely used on standard doors of approximately 2.20 metres in height. These doorknockers measure between 8 and 12 cm and have very slim, modern designs and smooth finishes, generally minimalist to adapt to any type of house. They are easy to install.

Double knocker. Compared to the simple ones, these are used on double exterior doors and a knocker is placed on each door. They are widely used in ranches, estates or farms and they are intended to be a symbol that represents such furniture. They are highly resistant to corrosion. They are treated for exteriors.

They are used in high doors of between 3 and 5 metres. These door knockers measure up to 25 cm and weigh up to 2 kg. While their designs are rustic and rough finished, they mostly depict animal heads such as lions or other mythological species such as gargoyles. They are easy to install.

Single knockers Double knockers.
Use Houses and flats Ranches, ranches and farms.
Size Between 8 and 12 cm Up to 25 cm.
Weight Less than 1 kg On average 2 kg. each.
Finishes Minimalist, thin and smooth Rustic, rough and thick.
Design Aesthetic and elegant figures Animal heads and gargoyles.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different door knocker models

If we do not consider for a moment the type of door knockers, whether single or double, and focus on the most important purchasing criteria, it is necessary to carry out an objective analysis to obtain the perfect door knocker for your home. Thinking at all times in obtaining the ideal accessory for your door.

  • Manufacturing materials
  • Type of door
  • Design

Manufacturing materials

This type of accessory is generally made of 2 materials which are the most commonly used. Each material allows you to give a striking and very elegant finish to the door knockers. Each one is explained below.

Wrought iron. This material has properties that give it great resistance, its designs despite being rustic, are extremely elegant. We recommend this material specifically for double doorknockers and if you plan to install them in haciendas or ranches.

Steel. It is very malleable, so it allows you to create aesthetic designs with shiny, minimalist finishes, despite being simple. It is ideal for you if you are looking for a simple doorknocker to place on the door of your house or flat.

Type of door

It is not only important to consider the door knocker, but also where you want to place it, as the door is vital to get the most out of this product. On the other hand, the sound emitted by each door in combination with the right door knocker will make you hear it no matter where you are.

Slim door. It is the most used nowadays for the entrance of any house or flat. Its thickness is an average of 3 cm. And what it seeks is to protect your property from any external factor. We recommend a simple steel knocker if you have a door with these characteristics. In addition, it provides a soft sound, suitable for closed places such as a flat.

Wide door. Nowadays it is not very common to find this type of door in the city, however, in the countryside they are very popular. It has a thickness of between 15 and 20 cm. We recommend a wrought iron double knocker for this type of gate, as they emit a much louder sound, which can reach every corner of the property.


The most common designs for this type of product are two and each one offers the door knockers unique specifications and features. This is to obtain the ideal accessory for your entrance door. Therefore, we will focus on explaining each of them to you.

Rustic. It is widely used by country lovers, as the style of the furniture is based on wood and wrought iron. We recommend this design for haciendas and ranches and specifically for double doorknockers.

Minimalist. This is a much more aesthetically pleasing design with prominent details along the door knocker. If you have silver furniture with glass and particularly in the city, focusing on houses or flats, this design is ideal for you.

Double doorknockers are usually used on haciendas or ranches. (Olga Berlet/

Featured image photo. (saiva/

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