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Lace-up ankle boots for women are particularly beautiful in autumn and keep your feet warm even on cooler days. Depending on the material and design, they can be used individually. Whether for a walk in nature, the next traditional costume festival or simply for everyday wear. With the right combination, your next lace-up ankle boots will go with any outfit.

So that you too can soon combine your ladies' lace-up ankle boots with the rest of your clothes, we have therefore picked out a few models for you to give you an insight into the world of lace-up ankle boots. Here are the most important facts for the right look, so that you too can start the autumn/winter season perfectly styled.

The Best Lace-up Ankle Boots For Women: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying ladies' lace-up ankle boots

If you have already decided on this model of ankle boot, you still have to make some further selection criteria. To help you with this, we have put together a few points that you can look out for when buying. These are the following purchase criteria:

  • With or without heel
  • Length of ankle boots
  • Functional purpose
  • Design
  • Material

In the following paragraphs you will find out what else is important for you to decide on a model.

With or without heel

Ladies' lace-up ankle boots are available with or without a heel. Of course, there are also different heel heights for each ankle boot. In autumn and especially in winter, it is advisable to get ankle boots with a good tread, so you have warmer feet on the one hand and a good grip on the other.

In addition, a heel always makes you look more feminine. In snowy conditions, however, it is advisable to buy ankle boots with a lower heel.

Length of ankle boots

The length of most women's ankle boots is slightly above the ankle. There are of course many different models. Depending on the height of the shaft, the lace-up ankle boot also has a zip which makes it easier to put on the ankle boot.

Functional purpose

The function of a women's lace-up ankle boot is of course very important. If you plan to wear them in deep snow, then an ankle boot with a flat sole and a sporty tread is recommended.

However, if you mainly use the shoe for everyday wear and do not often come into contact with snow, you can also choose a more daring shoe with a heel and a plainer sole. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your women's lace-up ankle boot.


Lace-up ankle boots for women are usually made of smooth or suede leather. The material is of course particularly suitable for winter, as they protect you from wet and cold at the same time. With the right care, you will be happy with your ankle boot for many seasons to come.

Of course, there are already vegan alternatives to the leather ankle boot, more on this later. With the cheaper models, however, you may be more likely to get your feet wet. Check with your specialist shop or get advice from a retailer.


Customers have plenty of choice when it comes to the right design. Whether you want your ladies' lace-up ankle boots with studs, bows, mesh, patterns, glitter or other embellishments is up to you.

For the classics among you who prefer to keep it simple, there are also plenty of elegant lace-up ankle boots to choose from. You should also think about which colour you prefer. Will it be a classic black or brown or would you rather go with a daring red?

Lace-up ankle boots for ladies: The most important questions answered

The selection criteria have been met and now it's time for the last open questions. We hope that your question is also included and that we can answer it for you.

In which styles are women's lace-up ankle boots available?

Lace-up ankle boots for women are stylish eye-catchers and wonderfully varied. There is the right lace-up ankle boot for every taste. Whether classically simple or strikingly colourful.

  • Classic: Classic women's lace-up ankle boots are fashionable all-rounders that always go with everything. You will find lace-up ankle boots in almost every woman's wardrobe and they are also used often and with pleasure.
  • Elegant: Elegant lace-up ankle boots for women can be perfectly combined with business outfits or a chic evening look. They are most popular in plain smooth leather and without many extras.
  • Sporty: Lace-up ankle boots for women can also look good in a sporty way. Especially in winter with a good profile they are often seen and very popular. But also in summer at festivals, lace-up ankle boots for women are being mocked up more and more often.
  • Colourful: Among all the classic models, there are also plenty of funky ones. Whether colourful, with studs or in animal print. Here, too, women's lace-up ankle boots can keep up perfectly. If you dare to mix patterns, a colourful skirt and lace-up ankle boots can complement each other perfectly in the right combination.

In our report below, you will also find out how to combine your women's lace-up ankle boots perfectly. There are no limits to the looks and designs of the different models. So there is something for everyone.

What length of women's ankle boots do I need for my height?

As mentioned above, women's lace-up ankle boots are usually ankle-length and can therefore be worn by any woman. Taller women tend to have fewer problems with ankle boots than shorter ones. However, if you have a somewhat large foot, platform soles will look more bulky. Therefore, it is better to go for small heels and a good profile that does not drag the foot.

For slightly smaller women, it is of course recommended that you choose ankle boots with a small block heel in order to visually stretch your legs. However, not every heel has the same effect. If you choose a platform sole, for example, it will look flat and wide. Pencil heels are also not really suitable for lace-up ankle boots. So go for block heels and enjoy the optical illusion.

How do I care for and clean my ladies' lace-up ankle boots?

As with any other shoe, caring for your ankle boots is important so that you can continue to enjoy them for a long time. Pay attention to the material your lace-up ankle boot is made of so that you can use the right care products. With genuine leather, it is important to distinguish between smooth and suede leather.

For smooth leather, brush the ankle boot briefly with a fine brush and then massage the ankle boot with a suitable care cream. For suede leather, there are different brushes that care for the leather.

Always brush suede in one direction only. Otherwise you can destroy the surface of the leather. Afterwards, you can spray the shoe with a special outdoor spray and let it dry briefly. The same applies to imitation leather, but you cannot use the same products as for real leather, otherwise the imitation leather will be damaged.

What sustainable alternative do I have for women's lace-up ankle boots?

As in many other industries, the market for sustainable shoe alternatives is growing. There are some brands that focus on Fairtrade or on the materials used in production. However, there are no direct environmental labels for shoes yet.

But you can look for some criteria and whether the shoes are made from purely natural materials. Sustainable materials include organic cotton, natural rubber, vegetable-tanned leather and canvas.

Styling tips for women's lace-up ankle boots: How to achieve the perfect lace-up ankle boot look

  1. Lace-up ankle boots with dresses and skirts: Of course, women's lace-up ankle boots can be worn with dresses and skirts. You can also combine coloured lace-up ankle boots with dresses and skirts that have a pattern. You can simply separate the pattern mix with plain coloured tights. Pointed lace-up ankle boots look particularly good with this combination.
  2. Lace-up ankle boots with wide trousers and culottes: Yes, they are back. Wide-legged trousers and culottes are especially fashionable this year and a cool women's lace-up ankle boot can't be missing. Here, however, we recommend more classic and simple styles, as the focus is actually on the trousers. Pointed models with heels are also in demand for this combination, as the heel helps to keep your legs from looking chunky and short.
  3. Lace-up ankle boots with skinny jeans: The combination of skinny jeans and lace-up ankle boots for women is the easiest way to combine the two. If your jeans are a little longer, you can either fold them over once or twice at the ankle or simply tuck them into the ankle boot. Beware, if you are shorter, turned-up jeans will make your legs look shorter.
  4. Lace-up ankle boots in spring and summer: Lace-up ankle boots for women are also increasingly worn in spring or summer. They are particularly trendy at festivals. The combination of jeans shorts and lace-up ankle boots also gives a cool summer look. It's best to choose materials that are light and fresh, as they combine best with airy outfits.

Women's lace-up ankle boots can be worn anytime and anywhere. Whether in summer or winter they will always spice up your look.


Women's lace-up ankle boots are the perfect companion for any season. You can style any outfit perfectly and have a comfortable and firm grip in them. If you are unsure about some combinations or have difficulties choosing an ankle boot, why not get advice from a good friend or a specialist retailer?

You have plenty of options to choose from and, in the worst case, you won't be able to make up your own mind. It's up to you how to combine your new women's lace-up ankle boots. Because even in the world of fashion there are no limits. Enjoy the classic and colourful variety.

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