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Welcome to your web review site. Today we're going to talk about an essential accessory in anyone's wardrobe, but with a pinch of refinement: it's the Lacoste trainer.

Everyone has a trainer, either to play sports or simply walk around, but have you ever stopped to think that you can combine comfort and style in a very chic way?

For you to choose the ideal Lacoste trainer for your needs, we made a very special guide. Check it out!


  • Lacoste is one of the best known brands in the world, with over 80 years of tradition.
  • The brand invests heavily in technology and quality materials so that its customers have comfort combined with style
  • Lacoste trainers are made of synthetic material or fabric, with resistant sole and men's numbering from 38 to 44 and women's numbering from 33 to 40

The Best Lacoste Shoes: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Lacoste's design team is always working around the clock to bring you the most beautiful and comfortable footwear.

There are so many options, it boggles the mind. To prevent you from making a wrong choice, we have prepared this Buying Guide with all the necessary information for you to purchase the model that has the most to do with you. Check it out:

vários tênis lacoste em uma prateleira

Let's clear all your doubts about Lacoste trainers. (Source: TEA/ 123RF)

What is the difference in Lacoste shoes?

Lacoste is a brand with almost 90 years on the road and in all these years it has been able to combine quality and technology with style and elegance. The crocodile symbol of the brand is recognized around the world, and how many brands have that power, right?

Wearing a Lacoste shoes is betting on quality without giving up the design, and the brand's shoes can be casual and sophisticated at the same time.

Another advantage of Lacoste is that the brand invests in technology to produce comfortable and durable shoes, so when you buy a product you can be sure you're getting a great deal!

Lacoste was founded by tennis player Rene Lacoste together with Andre Gillier in 1933. Lacoste got the nickname "Le Crocodile" during the Davis Cup in 1927 and liked it so much that he chose to make the reptile the symbol of his brand

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Lacoste shoes?

Lacoste is one of the best known clothing and accessory brands in the world. All this recognition has attracted celebrities and influential athletes, all of whom are very demanding.

The brand has always had in its DNA the commitment to the use of quality materials and this has only been strengthened over the years and its consolidation as a reference in fashion.

Wearing Lacoste has always been and continues to be synonymous with elegance and style, and all this literally has a price. Thus, we can say that the shoes of the brand are definitely not the cheapest shoes on the market.

Still, consider a Lacoste shoes as an investment: besides the great quality and durability, the brand's style is impossible to copy.

Check out our table below with a summary of the advantages and the only disadvantage of this beauty:

  • The brand uses quality materials and always researches new technologies
  • Lacoste is one of the best known brands in the fashion world
  • The models are very beautiful, stylish and elegant
  • Some models, especially the rarest, can have very high prices

On what occasions can I wear a Lacoste shoes?

Lacoste is a renowned brand and all this recognition makes Lacoste shoes objects of desire that add a special touch to any outfit. So you can wear your Lacoste trainer in almost any environment and you won't look bad.

The athletic shoes are recommended for physical exercise, of course, but nothing prevents you from wearing them to work, if your work environment does not require formal clothes. Casual shoes, especially the dark low-top ones, are perfect for a casual date or outing.

How to preserve your Lacoste shoes for longer?

The best way to preserve your Lacoste shoes for longer is to wash them regularly. But how to do this without staining or damaging the shoes?

It's simpler than it sounds: First, remove the insoles and laces and wash them by hand separately. The second step is to leave the shoes immersed in water with neutral detergent for 40 minutes. Important: never use powder soap or sanitary water.

Then, scrub the shoes with a soft brush and coconut soap. Then, rinse it well and put it to dry with the mouth down, because this way the water drains better and the inside of the shoes doesn't accumulate humidity, which can create fungus.

One more detail: don't hang them on a clothesline or expose them to the sun.

Purchase criteria: factors to compare Lacoste shoes models

As we have seen, Lacoste shoes are super versatile and look great on many occasions. But amidst so many models and styles, how do you choose the model that suits you best?
To solve this doubt, we have listed some determining factors to make a right purchase and invest in an item that will give a boost to your look. They are

next, we will explain each one in more detail:


One of the factors that should be taken into consideration to compare Lacoste shoes models is whether you intend to use them for sports or just for everyday life.

Of course, nothing prevents you from using a sports shoe to go to the supermarket, for example, but running with a low-top shoes without an adequate cushioning system can cause injuries. Therefore, if your idea is to practice physical activities with the crocodile shoes, invest in sports models that have the proper technology for that.


There are many models to choose from, and if there's one thing Lacoste does well, it's making beautiful shoes that draw attention wherever you go.

So the tip here is to choose the model that best suits your personal taste and style. There are more street shoes, with high heels and eye-catching details, or shoes so sophisticated that they may well pass for a shoe. It's up to you and there is no right or wrong!


Lacoste makes shoes in synthetic or fabric material and both are durable, quality and easy to clean. With that in mind, choose the material you like best and if you get a chance to try the shoes on before you buy, see which material is most comfortable for you.


Lacoste men's shoes range from 38 to 44 and women's shoes range from 33 to 40. Children's shoes (yes, the little ones have their turn too!) range from 17 to 25 for babies and 26 to 36 for kids.

Masculine, feminine or infantile?

In these new times, that fashion is more free and democratic, there is not much of this thing of "men's shoes" and "women's shoes", at least when it comes to style.

However, brands still need to stick to shoes sizes, so if you are a woman who wears 34, you will not find a suitable men's model, for example. Anyway, Lacoste makes many models and no doubt some will make your head (or feet) turn.

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