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The laser spirit level replaces the analogue spirit level thanks to its extended working range of up to 30m indoors. Various tasks in DIY as well as in professional crafts are simplified by the practical laser function and the various mounting options of the spirit level.

The manual marking of measuring points and lines is no longer necessary, enabling free-hand working. This makes hanging pictures easier or wallpapering or tiling more productive. Point line and cross line lasers can be adjusted depending on the model.

With our big laser spirit level test 2022 we would like to help you find the right laser spirit level for you. We have compared laser levels with tripod or wall mount as well as cross line lasers and listed their advantages and disadvantages for you to make your purchase decision easier.


  • The laser spirit level is a helpful modern alternative to the analogue spirit level. Just like its predecessor, it is used for straight measuring with the help of a level in the horizontal and vertical.
  • The integrated laser of the laser spirit level makes work easier in that a point or line is projected onto the wall. With this assistance, work can be done freehand and a working range of up to 30m can be created. This makes the laser spirit level particularly popular for renovation work and tiling.
  • The laser spirit level can be placed in the working area with a tripod or a wall mount. The accuracy of the measurement is guaranteed by the mounting options.

The Best Laser Spirit Level: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a laser spirit level

What is a laser spirit level?

The laser spirit level is the modern version of the classic spirit level. With the laser spirit level, do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen determine straight lines and perpendiculars on walls, ceilings and floors. As with the classic spirit level, the electronic version is also levelled by the spirit level. The plastic tube is filled with a liquid in which a gas bubble floats.

Laser Wasserwaage-1

The spirit level is a historical knife instrument. It was invented as early as 1660 to enable objects to be levelled.
(Image source: / Michal Jarmoluk.)

Compared to its predecessor, the laser spirit level has a larger working range thanks to the integrated laser. Depending on the model, distances of up to 30 m or more are possible.

The laser spirit level is positioned with a tripod or wall mount and the laser points through a dot or line to the working area. The range of the laser is highest in the point laser.

How does a laser spirit level work?

The laser spirit level works in the same basic principle as the classic spirit level. It is equipped with at least one bubble level, a small tube that is almost completely filled with water. The shape of the spirit level is bulbous and slightly curved. An air bubble floats in the water, which floats on top due to the shape of the spirit level.

Self-levelling is common with special lasers. This includes the cross-line laser and the rotating laser

If the bubble is between the two marking lines, the spirit level is set straight. There are usually two or three bubbles on the spirit level to make horizontal and vertical measurements.

The laser spirit level is also equipped with the laser that sends a point or a line. It is placed in front of a wall, for example, and can thus cast a straight line on the wall at a distance of up to 30m. The spirit level must be manually levelled beforehand.

Which lasers are used in a laser spirit level?

The light beams of lasers can be divided into different classes. The laser that is built into a laser spirit level is usually assigned to laser class 2. Here, the laser is visible light. The same lasers are used in laser pointers.

Laser Wasserwaage-2

The laser spirit level is a safe tool. However, you should not shine the laser directly into the eye. This could cause damage to the eye.
(Image source: / na)

In addition to the laser class, a distinction is made in the laser type. This indicates the wavelength of the laser. The laser used in laser spirit levels uses a wavelength between 400nm and 700nm.

Since the laser is visible light, it is usually difficult to work outdoors. The spirit level may work, but the laser beam may not be visible.

How much does a laser spirit level cost?

When buying a laser spirit level, you will encounter a wide range of prices. There are very big differences depending on the brand and performance of the device, which are reflected in the price.

You can buy a cheap laser level with a tripod or wall mount for about 15 euros. This makes it just as expensive as the classic spirit level from expensive suppliers.

More expensive models of laser spirit levels with tripod or wall mount are offered by market-leading manufacturers. The manufacturer Bosch stands out here. These are in the price range around 30 euros. Depending on the quality requirements, they are perfectly adequate for simple household tasks.

Type Price range
Low 15-20 euros
Medium 20-30 euros
High 80-500 euros

A special type of laser spirit level is the cross-line laser. This special laser is considerably more expensive in its separate form and is particularly needed in the trades and construction industry. A price starting at 80 euros up to 500 euros can be expected here.

Are there alternatives to the laser spirit level?

There are various alternatives to the laser spirit level. In the following, we would like to give you an overview of three alternatives.

Type of device Description
Classic spirit level It is modelled on the laser spirit level in its construction and can be distinguished from the modern version in its function by its smaller working range. If you want to do very simple measuring work, you should consider whether a classic spirit level is sufficient for your project. At around 5 to 10 euros, it is a cheaper alternative.
Digital spirit level with protractor This device is primarily designed for the exact measurement of angles. In its shape, it resembles a spirit level. In addition, the function of a spirit level is usually combined. However, there is no laser integrated in the digital spirit level.
Rotating laser This is a special laser that is used especially in professional trades. It is also called a construction laser because it is used especially in the building trade. It can be used to align surfaces and walls at exact angles. Differences in height can also be measured.

It does not contain a laser, but a rotating prism through which a beam of light is generated. The rotating prism allows 360° lines to be cast around the entire device. In addition, an extraordinarily long range of up to 200-300m is possible.

The laser of the device is class 2 or 3R, depending on the model. A stronger laser has to be considered with further safety instructions. A very high price well over 1000 euros is to be expected for a high-quality rotating laser.

Spirit level app In the age of smartphones there is another alternative. An app is a free and easy way to measure a straight or vertical line. Various providers are available in the app stores. If you search for a spirit level with your smartphone at, the first hit is such a smartphone spirit level. Your mobile phone must support this function. Calibrating the mobile phone levels the spirit level

Decision: What types of laser spirit levels are there and which one is right for you?

Basically, there are two different types of laser spirit levels:

  • Laser spirit level with tripod
  • Laser spirit level with wall mount

Both types are the further development of the classic spirit level. They differ in the way they can be fixed. The laser spirit level with tripod can be mounted freely in the room on a tripod. The laser spirit level with wall mount is attached to the wall. The attachment of the laser spirit level is important for accurate work.

In addition to these two types of laser spirit level, there is the cross-line laser as a special laser that is increasingly used in professional trades. It differs from the laser spirit level in performance and design. To give you a good impression of the devices available on the market, we will also present this type of spirit level.

All advantages and disadvantages will be explained in the following section. This will give you a good impression of how to find the right laser spirit level for your project.

What distinguishes a laser spirit level with tripod and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The laser spirit level with tripod is equipped with a tripod, as the name explains. Most of the time, the spirit level is made of aluminium. It is easy to set up and can be positioned freely in the room.

The spirit level can be rotated 360° on the levelling plate, which makes it possible to work throughout the room. This allows auxiliary lines to be projected directly onto the wall or floor, making it a practical tool for tiling or attaching insulation.

  • Easy to set up
  • 360° rotatable
  • Well suited for craft work such as tiling
  • Levelling needs practice
  • Unhandy

However, aligning the laser spirit level straight on the levelling disc can be a little difficult. The tripod makes it less handy to transport. Higher-priced models come with a transport bag.

The spirit level on the levelling disc is levelled with the help of adjusting screws.

What are the features of a laser spirit level with wall mount and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The laser spirit level is small and handy. The laser function means that the length of the spirit level is no longer important. For hanging pictures or a shelf straight, the laser spirit level is perfectly adequate. Setting the spirit level straight is particularly easy.

  • Handy
  • Easy levelling
  • Suitable for simple work
  • Cumbersome assembly
  • Inflexible work

However, the laser spirit level must be mounted on the wall before it can be used. Mounting on the wall can be awkward. Holes have to be drilled in the wall. This makes working with the spirit level relatively inflexible.

What distinguishes a cross line laser and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The cross-line laser is a special form of laser spirit level. It no longer resembles the conventional spirit level in its outer form. Mostly, this laser is formed in the shape of a box.

The integrated laser can be switched to different lines. Vertical, horizontal and parallel lines can be created. As the name suggests, the cross line function is the advantage of the laser. This means that right angles can be projected onto the wall. This makes it particularly easy to draw exact lines.

  • Partially self-levelling
  • Cross lines
  • Suitable for all work
  • More expensive
  • Levelling must be checked

These lasers are also partially self-levelling. By means of a pendulum inside the device, it is thus automatically levelled. This can be an advantage for inexperienced craftsmen. Nevertheless, the device must be calibrated by a technician after some time to ensure exact levelling.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate laser spirit levels based on these factors

The maximum laser range

The range of the laser in the spirit level is a decisive purchase criterion. With all conventional laser spirit levels, the laser can be set as a point laser or a line laser.

The range of the point laser is considerably further than that of the line laser. The maximum specified range of the laser always refers to the range of the point laser. The unit spends less power in this setting and can therefore radiate further.

The working range of the laser spirit level can be found at an average range between 20m and 30m. A particularly long range is 40m or further. This range is achieved by either high quality lasers or special lasers.

The accuracy

The accuracy of the laser spirit level is just as important a purchase criterion as the range. By specifying a deviation range, the accuracy of the spirit level is indicated. The tolerance range is specified by each manufacturer in mm. The deviation refers to the maximum range of the laser.

For example, the deviation may be only 2mm for a range of 5m, but 5mm for a working range of 20m of the same device. If you need a device with an extremely small deviation, you should buy a higher-priced spirit level.

Cross line lasers are better devices in terms of accuracy. Rotary lasers are even more accurate, even at long distances.

The spirit level

The spirit level is the important core of the spirit level. It is the actual measuring instrument of the device, without which the spirit level could not fulfil its purpose. Conventional laser spirit levels are equipped with two vials, for horizontal and vertical measurement.

However, some laser spirit levels have a third bubble. This can be used to measure an additional 45° angle.

The mounting options

The mounting option of the laser spirit level divides the laser spirit level into two types. The tripod allows flexible working in the room. The wall mount makes it easier to level the spirit level. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. We recommend working with one of the two options in any case in order to obtain exact measurement results.

When buying a spirit level of either type, make sure that the respective mounting option is included or has to be purchased additionally. The additional purchase is noticeable in the price.

Cross line lasers and rotating lasers can be positioned on a tripod. With these models, you should pay particular attention to whether a tripod is included in the scope of delivery.


Conventional laser spirit levels are usually not self-levelling. They have to be brought into plumb manually.

Special laser spirit levels, such as the cross-line laser, are partially self-levelling due to a pendulum inside. This means that the device can also be used on uneven surfaces. If the device is not level, a sound is emitted or it flashes.

A disadvantage is that the calibration of the device must be checked over time by a professional. It is difficult for a layperson to judge whether the levelling is still straight.

The cross-line laser

The cross-line laser is an extremely practical special function of the laser spirit level. It simultaneously casts vertical and horizontal lines as a cross on the walls, which makes renovation work in particular easier. This makes it possible to see an exact 45° angle.

In addition to special cross line lasers, there are also laser spirit levels that are equipped with the additional function of the cross line laser. When buying, the quality of the laser and the associated accuracy must be taken into account.

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