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Once again you're faced with a mountain of laundry, you're actually in a hurry, but you have to sort it first and are immediately frustrated. Separate coloured from white, black from coloured and you've already lost the overview.

Laundry sorters can make your everyday life easier. In this article, we want to show you what you should look out for and what you can choose from, so that you can make an informed decision.


  • Laundry sorters made of nylon are quite cheap but not very stable.
  • Standard three-compartment separation is recommended for black, white and coloured laundry, so laundry sorters with three compartments are also recommended.
  • Laundry sorters with lids create a neater appearance.

The Best Laundry Sorter: Our Choices

Buying and review criteria for laundry sorters

In order to find the perfect laundry sorter according to your wishes, you can pay attention to certain buying criteria to make your purchase decision easier. The criteria are:


Laundry sorters come in a variety of looks. The most popular laundry sorters are made of cotton or fabric bags with metal frames. But there are also some in plastic form. Bamboo offers a natural wood look and is water-resistant. Fabric bags can get wet, especially in the bathroom, depending on where you put your laundry sorter.

Special laundry sorters are also rattan. These offer a beautiful hand-woven look, light weight, but are as sustainable as wood and is one of the most sustainable materials. Untreated rattan is not particularly water resistant. Rattan has similar properties to water hyacinth and wicker.

There is also nylon, which is cheap, but usually wears out quickly, is not always convincing in terms of quality and is not particularly environmentally friendly.


Depending on the number of household members and the laundry cycle, you should choose the size of your laundry sorter accordingly. The smallest laundry sorters have a volume of 43 l, which can mean one to two laundry loads, depending on the size of the washing machine. At the other extreme, i.e. if you have a lot of space for laundry, you're looking at about 120 l. These are recommended for large families.

Number of compartments

Laundry sorters offer different numbers of compartments. From one to four compartments for coloured, white, black and fine laundry, so that the laundry does not discolour and retains its shape.

A separation of light and dark is recommended, otherwise your white laundry will get a grey haze.

The fourth compartment is mostly used for outdoor clothing or lingerie.

Several compartments naturally require more space than just one. However, there are also compartments that are stacked on top of each other, thus saving space. Which concept is best for you depends on your ideas.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about laundry sorters answered in detail

To give you a deeper insight into the topic of laundry sorters, we have compiled the most important questions on the subject for you here.

What is a laundry sorter?

A laundry sorter is designed to make sorting your laundry easier. Whether you only need to separate dark from light or you need additional separation areas, there is something for your needs. The separation of your laundry helps you with the longevity of your clothes and the prevention of unwanted stains.


Without a laundry sorter, you have to take your laundry out of the laundry basket again and sort it before the wash cycle. With the laundry sorter, this step is already done and you save time.
(Image source: Annie Spratt /

Many laundry sorters offer to take out the bags, making it even easier for you.

What types of laundry sorters are there?

There are different types of laundry sorters and depending on the type, they offer different advantages and disadvantages. You should orientate yourself according to your needs. Here is an overview for you:

  • two-compartment laundry sorters
  • triple-separated laundry sorters
  • four compartment laundry sorters
  • Temperature-separated laundry sorters
  • stacked laundry sorters
  • Laundry sorters without lid
  • Laundry sorter with lid
  • Laundry sorter with table ironing board
  • Laundry sorter with bench

There are laundry sorters that are labelled according to temperature (30, 60, 90°), as some garments are only suitable for a 30 °C wash, for example, while others are suitable for higher temperatures. You can read this on the textile label.

In connection with laundry sorters as laundry baskets, storage boxes for sorting drawers are often sought after; these can be used for sorting underwear.

How much does a laundry sorter cost?

Laundry sorters can also be a style statement in your home, but can also be kept quite simple. Depending on the equipment, e.g. with a table, the laundry sorter becomes more expensive.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (14 - 25 €) Simple and basic laundry sorter made of plastic, usually not very sturdy
Medium-priced (25 - 50 €) more stable, with table, also available in rattan
High-priced (from 50 €) noble designs, in combination with a side table, also made of bamboo, sustainable materials, stacked on top of each other

There are already good-quality laundry sorters starting at a reasonable price. From 30 euros, they are also stable and have a lid.

Where should a laundry sorter be placed?

It is best to place the laundry sorter near your washing machine. Fancy houses even have a shaft system that directs the laundry from the flat to the laundry room.

Most people, however, have their laundry sorter in the bathroom and bring their laundry to their washing machine with a laundry basket. But there is also room for some laundry sorters in the bedroom.

Laundry sorters with wheels, for example, can be rolled to the washing machine more easily if everything is on one level.

How can you label laundry sorters?

Some laundry sorters already have a label, but others do not. Here you can use standard stickers for labelling.


Laundry sorters can make your everyday life easier and you no longer have to sort your laundry manually. Multifunctional laundry sorters with a table or bench look particularly elegant and are very practical. They are already available at reasonable prices and you can enjoy them for a long time.

(Cover photo: Dan Gold/ unsplash)

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