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Lawn edging shears have become indispensable in most gardens. They make it possible to trim the lawn perfectly in places that are difficult for the lawn mower to reach. Many lawn edge trimmer models are available with a handy handle, which allows you to reach the grass without bending down. With the different shear attachments, you can often not only trim the lawn, but also flowers and thin branches.

In our big lawn edger test 2022 we want to introduce you to our editorial favourites. We want to help you choose the best lawn edger for your garden. For this purpose, we have also summarised the most important facts about lawn edgers. In addition, we want to show you the advantages and disadvantages of the lawn edgers.


  • A lawn edger ensures that you can cut your lawn even in places where your lawn mower cannot reach. They are responsible for ensuring that your lawn always looks perfectly manicured.
  • Basically, you can find lawn edgers with and without handles in the shops. They differ primarily in their handling. You can also choose between battery-powered and manual lawn edgers.
  • A lawn edger is suitable for you if you have areas on your lawn that you cannot reach easily with your lawn mower. Especially the lawn next to a wall or a bush is often difficult to keep at a uniform height.

The best lawn edging shears: Our picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for lawn edging shears

Are you looking for the perfect lawn edging shears, but can't find your way through the many models and offers? Here we will show you which criteria you should look at before buying in order to find the right lawn edging shears for you.

In summary, these are:

In the following, we explain in more detail what to look for in the individual purchase criteria.

With / without handle

If you take a look at the offers for lawn edgers, you will quickly notice one thing. You can buy lawn edgers with or without a handle.

The model with a handle is a very back-friendly and handy product. Most models have an adjustable aluminium pole that can be perfectly adapted to your body size. Some models can also be used without a handle or the handle can be attached additionally.

When using lawn edging shears without a handle, it is important that you pay attention to the shape of the handle. If your lawn edging shears do not sit well in your hand, you can quickly get pressure marks and blisters on your hands. This makes gardening less fun and reduces the precise control of the gardening tool.


Handling includes the position in the hand mentioned in the previous point. It is best to look for a handle that is soft and shaped like the hand to ensure a high level of comfort.

Another point we would like to emphasise under the heading of handling is the suitability for right- and left-handers. It is best to check directly when buying for whom these lawn edging shears are suitable. Often there are swivelling lawn edgers that you can use as a right- or left-hander.

Type of power supply

When you buy a lawn edger, you can choose between three different types of power supply.

Type Description
Mains-powered lawn edging shears Mains-powered lawn edging shears are connected to the mains via a cable. When working with a mains-powered lawn edger, you must make sure that the cable is not too close to the blade. You could accidentally cut the cable. But there are also two advantages. You can work at any time and without interruptions because the power supply always brings enough power to the lawn edger.
Battery-powered lawn edging shears A lawn edging shear with a battery must always be charged in good time before use, otherwise there is too little or no power to work with. So you can't always work. But a battery-powered lawn edger has the advantage that you can work everywhere. No matter where you want to cut your lawn, you are not tied to the length of the power cable.
Manual lawn edging shears The manual variant is working by hand. Here you have no help from the machine, but work alone with your muscle power. However, a lawn edger without features is not suitable for everyone it is not a problem if you are fit. If you are older and have physical problems, it is best to buy one of the lawn edgers mentioned above. They are often easier to handle.

Blade type

When looking for a blade type, you should pay attention to the material and the type of cutting surface. Blades are available in metal and plastic. Blades made of plastic tend to break easily when they come into contact with hard objects.

We recommend that you buy a blade made of metal.

However, both materials are durable, but need to be resharpened over time. Nevertheless, they are quite easy to clean.

You also have to distinguish between the scissors version and the rotating disc version.

  • Scissors variant: Here, the lawn edger is constructed exactly like a "normal" pair ofscissors. This variant offers a particularly precise cutting edge. However, you should only work with gloves on this model, as the risk of injury is greater than with a rotating disc.
  • Rotating disc variant: This variant is a lawn edger with a handle. You can therefore use them comfortably while standing without having to bend down. However, it is not possible to cut a very precise edge.

If you don't want a lawn edger with a blade, you can also buy an edger with a thread. This is particularly suitable for small gardens. In addition, string edgers are cheaper to buy than blade edgers. In addition, the thread spool can be easily replaced.

Cutting length / cutting width

For the right cutting length and cutting width, you basically have to ask yourself what exactly you want to buy a lawn edger for. Long blades save energy and are particularly suitable for many or long lawn edges. However, they are often not extremely precise. The lawn edgers with short blades are suitable for more precise cuts and you can use them to get into tight corners and hard-to-reach places.

Charging time / running time

The charging time and runtime can vary greatly depending on the model. Some models are fully charged after 30 minutes and can even last up to an hour. In other models, the battery needs to be charged for 120 minutes, but the runtime is only half an hour.

We have listed our favourite battery-powered lawn edger in our lawn edger test. Please have a look at it again.


The manually operated devices are almost noiseless, as they do not have a motor. Only the cutting noise can be heard when the two blades meet. But you are unlikely to annoy a neighbour with this. This is in contrast to battery-operated lawn edgers, which make a certain amount of noise.


The weight also depends greatly on the type of lawn edger. Manual models are comparatively lighter than models with a battery or even a handle. However, one can roughly say that lawn edgers without a battery are available from 0.3 kg. For models with a battery, the weight starts at about one pound and increases to about 2 kg.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a lawn edger

A lawn edger is, as the name suggests, a pair of shears used to shape your lawn. In the following section we want to answer all the questions you might have about lawn edgers.

What is special about a lawn edger and what advantages does it offer?

With a lawn edger you can quickly and easily conjure up a perfectly trimmed lawn that will be the envy of every visitor. With lawn edgers, you can cut your lawn quickly and precisely, every time! The special thing is that you can reach places that you can't reach with your lawn mower.

With a lawn edger you can reach places on your lawn that the lawn mower cannot. (Image source: Rudy and Peter Skitterians / Pixabay)

With a lawn edger you can not only trim grass, but also cut flowers are no problem for most models.

You can often buy different attachments or accessories that allow you to trim and shape even smaller bushes and hedges. Simply attach the appropriate attachment to your lawn edger and you can start beautifying your garden. Within a few minutes, you'll be done with your work and have a showpiece garden.

What types of lawn edgers are there?

There are two different types of lawn edgers. In the following we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of these models.

Lawn edgers with battery

A battery-powered lawn edger is one way to get your lawn in shape. This device is equipped with a rechargeable battery to operate the lawn edger. This battery can either be integrated into the device or detachable.

  • Energy-saving work
  • Precise work possible
  • Clean results
  • Possibly long charging time
  • Partly short running time
  • Not always ready for use
  • High weight

To use the lawn edging shears, you must charge the battery before use.

Lawn edging shears without battery

The other type of lawn edging shears are without a battery. Unlike the lawn edging shears with battery, you have to use your own muscle power to operate them.

  • Independent of the mains
  • Can be used at any time
  • Light weight
  • Power-consuming
  • not entirely precise results

This type of lawn edger can be used at any time and does not require charging.

Who are lawn edgers suitable for?

Lawn edgers are suitable for all gardeners, especially if you have hard-to-reach lawns in your garden. With a lawn edger you have a professional helper right in your house. With it, you too can bring your lawn to a uniform length everywhere and without a gardener.

With lawn edging shears you can bring your garden to a uniform length everywhere (Image source: Petar Tonchev / unsplash)

By using lawn edgers without a battery, you can improve your own fitness and also protect the environment. If you also want to work in a way that is easy on your back, you can use a lawn edger with a handle. You don't have to bend down or get your clothes dirty.

In summary, if you like to work in the garden and value a well-kept lawn, then a lawn edger is exactly the right thing for you. It doesn't matter whether you buy one with or without a battery.

What does a lawn edger cost?

The price range for lawn edgers is very wide. However, the price is rarely an indicator of quality. There are many inexpensive models from brands that stand for quality. The cost of a lawn edger starts at 10 euros and can go up to 120 euros.

A lawn edger from 10 euros is the basic model among lawn edgers. There are no special features here. This model is great for beginners who like to work without a lot of frills. But despite the low price, you can expect good quality.

Product type price range
Manual lawn edger 10 to 30 euros
Battery-powered lawn edger 40 to 220 euros
Mains-powered lawn edger 40 to 120 euros

The higher the price of a lawn edger, the more additional features you will find. The more expensive models come with many different attachments and are usually battery-powered and come with a handle.

But the materials used are just as high quality as in most of the cheaper models. The price is more a sign of additional attachments and the features of the products.

How heavy are lawn edgers usually?

The weight can vary greatly depending on whether your lawn edger comes with or without a battery, and with or without a handle. However, it is safe to say that lawn edgers weigh between 300 and 700 grams. Manual lawn edgers are of course lighter than battery-powered ones and those with a handle.

With a pair of lawn edging shears, you can bring every blade of grass to the perfect length, easily and without complications. (Image source: Bruno Kelzer / unsplash)

What are the alternatives to lawn edgers?

If you don't want to spend money on lawn edging shears, the market offers appropriate alternatives with which you can still maintain your lawn.

  • Lawn edger: The lawn edger works in a similar way to a spade. A square blade sits underneath a handle with which the lawn edge can be cleanly cut off. But be careful, because the knife is very sharp. There is a chance that you can easily damage roots and plants that you don't want to break.
  • Rolling lawn edge trimmer: This lawn edge trimmer is well suited for grasses that border on paving stones or similar. You run the roller along the stones and the adjacent serrated blade cuts a clean line.

Are there also lawn edgers for left-handers?

Yes, there are. Even if you are left-handed, you can buy a lawn edger. Manufacturers have rethought their concepts and included lawn edgers for left-handers in their range. The design and price-performance ratio is still fair and does not provide any disadvantages compared to the lawn edgers for right-handers.

What can I do if my lawn edging shears are dull?

If you feel that your lawn edger is no longer cutting properly, you don't have to buy a new one immediately.

There are different ways of sharpening the shears.

But with all of them you need to buy additional tools.

Do you have little manual talent? Then we recommend a wet grinding machine. The water prevents the blade from heating up so quickly during sharpening. Otherwise the blades can burn out and suffer from loss of stability. And you can finally throw your lawn edging shears in the rubbish.

Are you good with your hands? Then you can also buy a dry rotating grindstone. However, you must pay close attention to the grinding angle. We will now show you exactly how to sharpen your lawn edging shears.

  1. First you have to take your lawn edging shears apart.
  2. Then clamp the individual blades one after the other into the grinder. Please only use grinders with a clamping aid so that you achieve the perfect angle.
  3. If you have a wet grinder, be sure to fill the water tank. You should set the tank at the right height so that you can ensure that the stone is completely moistened.
  4. You can also improve the efficiency with special grinding paste, but this is not a must.
  5. Finally, you should remove the grinding marks from the blades with a leather honing wheel.
  6. After reassembly, rub the blades with penetrating oil or sewing machine oil. But be careful not to oil the screw connection.

Image source: Vikhrov / 123rf