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Little things make up the whole picture. To keep the garden looking neat and tidy, the lawn needs constant mowing. The right lawn mower can handle this task on both small and large areas. However, the purchase decision is often difficult due to the many different models.

With our lawn mower test 2021 we want to help you find the best device for you. We have compared different types of lawn mowers and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

The most important facts

  • Lawn mowers are divided into 3 groups. These include electric lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers and battery lawn mowers. They differ in various aspects and are suitable for diverse lawns.
  • The lawn mower should be cleaned after each use and serviced regularly. This way you can prolong the life of your machine and enjoy a beautiful garden.
  • Certain rules and regulations apply to the use of lawn mowing equipment. Violation of these will result in a fine.

The Best Lawn Mower: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for lawn mowers

When buying a lawn mower, both the actual areas of use and the technical characteristics must be taken into consideration. You can decide which lawn mower will suit you best based on the following criteria:

We go on to explain exactly what is important in each aspect.

Cutting width

When selecting the cutting width of your lawn mower, one rule applies: If the lawn area is large, then a larger cutting width of the machine should also be selected. For smaller models, the cutting width is 30 to 58 cm.

Cutting width is decisive for the lawn area size.

A cutting width of 60 cm or more indicates that you are already in the expensive and professional segment. Here you will hardly find any lawn mowers that are not equipped with a petrol drive.

The greater the cutting width, the less you have to walk across the lawn. But for delicate work, for example on corners, small models of lawn mowers are suitable. The cutting width also influences the size and construction of the device.

We have prepared an overview for you of which cutting width is suitable for which areas.

Cutting width area
32 cm working width up to 300 m²
34 cm working width up to 400 m²
37 cm working width up to 500 m²
42 cm working width up to 800 m²
46 cm working width up to 1200 m²

Noise level

Noise pollution from garden equipment often becomes a problem between neighbours. Wildlife also suffers. To determine the noise level of the machine, it is sufficient to look at the technical specifications.

Equipment with a high noise level can be annoying.

Noise levels are given in dB for all units. The differences in the values should not be underestimated. 10 dB more usually means almost doubling the noise with such large garden tools.

Therefore, the noise level of the machine is a more important criterion when making a purchase decision. The noise level of petrol lawnmowers is usually between 90 and 95 dB. They are therefore significantly louder than, for example, electric lawnmowers. These produce 84 to 90 dB of noise.

Cutting height adjustment

The cutting height must be adjusted to the growth of the lawn. This is necessary during the vegetation period when the plants grow particularly quickly.

In addition, the wrong cutting height can have a negative effect on the health of the plants and cause fungal infestation. The adjustment is made by the central cutting height adjustment by lever or adjusting wheel.

A single adjustment is easy and can already be found on cheap models. It is more expensive if the cutting height adjustment on the front and rear axles are separate. Then two levels have to be adjusted, which makes the work more difficult.

It is much more complicated if all the wheels have to be dismantled and bolted on in a different position. If you have just such a lawn mower model and you do not adjust the cutting height of the machine, then you can break your engine in addition to the lawn.

Wheels and size

The best wheels for your lawn mower should be light, large and with a simple tread. This is important when mowing wet lawns. You can tell immediately whether the wheels collect the mown grass or roll over it easily.

Size and light wheels are crucial for comfortable work.

When buying a lawn mower, pay attention to the size of the wheels. The large wheels compensate for the bumps and make it easier to push. The quality and finish of the wheels should also be good. Otherwise, working in the garden will be a pain, because it will simply not be possible to push the device.

The handle is also important. Adjustable or removable handles make mowing the lawn much easier.

Decision: What types of lawn mowers are there and which is the right one for you?

In general, lawn mowers are differentiated according to the drive system. The most common types of lawn mowers include electric lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers and battery lawn mowers.

It is impossible to say which type of lawn mower is better. Therefore, we have prepared an overview of different types of lawn mowers that should make your search for the perfect device easier.


Electric lawn mower

Lawns are getting smaller and smaller and the loud screaming of petrol lawnmowers is slowly being replaced by the quiet electric lawnmowers. This type of lawn mowing equipment is characterised by power operation via long one cable.

The devices of this type are quiet compared to the petrol lawn mowers and do not produce exhaust fumes as they are powered by electricity. They can be described as easy to maintain.

However, the exception is lawn mower blades, which need to be replaced occasionally. Despite working from the cable, the devices are suitable for lawns up to 500 square metres. The prerequisite, however, would be the long cable.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet
  • Light and flexible
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for small lawns
  • Cable can be disturbed by trees and plants
  • Weak motor

Petrol lawn mower

The larger your garden or lawn, the more useful a petrol lawnmower can be for you. It is cordless and suitable for large areas of 500 square metres or more. Modern petrol lawnmowers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to handle.

The petrol device is significantly more powerful than the electric models it is friendly to. It is described as particularly robust and capable of off-road use. Moreover, this type is ideal for properties with slopes and trees. This is because the absence of a cable eliminates the worry and inconvenience.

  • Powerful motor
  • No power source needed
  • Robust and flexible
  • Very noisy
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Requires more care and maintenance

Battery-powered lawnmower

Cordless lawnmowers are powered by one or more rechargeable batteries that can be recharged. One advantage of these is that they are much quieter than other types of lawn mowers.

However, the performance of cordless lawnmowers can vary considerably. They are usually suitable for small lawns up to 200 square metres. Tall grass can be a problem for this type of device.

Because they run on a battery, they are environmentally friendly and produce no exhaust fumes. They do not need to be maintained very often and are easy to handle.

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Quiet motor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Range limited
  • Long battery charging times
  • Suitable for small lawns

Guide: Frequently asked questions about lawn mowers answered in detail

If you are thinking about buying a lawn mower, you will certainly have some questions that would be best answered beforehand. In our comprehensive guide, we have selected the most important and most frequently asked questions about lawn mowers from prospective buyers.

Our guide should help you to get detailed answers to your questions and to find a suitable type of lawn mower.

Which engine oil is suitable for my lawn mower?

Oil selection depends largely on the type of engine you have. Lawn mower engines differ between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke engine. Special engine oils are needed for both types, but they are also labelled as 2- and 4-stroke lawn mower oil. It is important to determine which engine you have before buying the engine oil.

The oils for lawn mowers are divided into synthetic and mineral oils. They differ in many aspects. For example, synthetic oil is usually more expensive than mineral oil.

Synthetic oils basically have an optimal flow behaviour at low temperatures. This protects the engine during cold starts. Therefore, it can also be said that synthetic oils have a higher temperature stability.

Synthetic oil is also more efficient than mineral oil. However, mineral oils often have a higher quality than synthetic compositions.

How much does a lawn mower cost?

The price of a lawn mower can vary significantly. The price of the model of lawn mower you want depends on several factors. For example, a device with a smaller cutting width costs less on average than a lawn mower with a larger cutting width.

The drive can also affect the price. The wheels, cutting height adjustment, handles and accessories are the factors that influence the price.

We provide you with an overview of different types of lawn mowers and the associated expenses you can expect to pay.

Type Price
Petrol lawn mower 150 - 1500 euros
Battery lawn mower 100 - 770 euros
Electric lawn mower 50 - 500 euros

The price also depends on the manufacturer. Although the prices for comparable models of one type of lawn mower are roughly the same, they can differ depending on the supplier or brand as well as the additional functions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to determine a desired lawn mower model and your own preferences before you buy.

What are the alternatives to a lawn mower?

If for some reason you are reluctant to buy a lawn mower, then a reel mower is certainly suitable for you. A reel mower is a variant of the classic lawn mower that is used for ornamental lawns.

The device is characterised by a special design. A scissor principle is used here. The device is mainly used for the maintenance of ornamental lawns.


Every lawn mower has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, preferences and usage goals should be determined before purchase.
(Image source: congerdesign / pixabay)

Reel mower belongs to the subgroup of lawn mowers and can be found in the same business sections. Reel mowers cut grass gently and allow plants to grow normally because of clean cuttings on the blade.

The device consists of the following parts: a roller, several upper blades and at least one lower blade.

But where does a reel mower differ from a lawn mower. We have prepared an overview for you below.

Reel mower Lawn mower
Promotes plant growth Mows depending on drive type and power
Light and manoeuvrable Suitable for all types of ground areas
Can only be used for dry grass Can mow dry and wet grass

How do I maintain and care for lawn mowers?

Lawn mowers have an engine and therefore need to be maintained like cars. A petrol lawnmower requires a little more maintenance. With petrol engines, the oil, spark plug and air filter must be replaced.

The electric models are therefore easier to maintain. However, if any problems have arisen with the electric motor, the spare parts are not easy to find.

On the negative side, if a defect develops in the motor, then the whole unit has to be replaced. Likewise, the batteries can lose their capacity after a long period of non-use.

Not everyone is familiar with the correct maintenance of the device. If this is the case for you, we recommend that you take your lawn mower to a professional. However, the following applies to all types of lawn mowers: the cutting blades should be sharpened regularly.

Which parts should be replaced more often?

Here we have prepared a list of the parts that need to be replaced most often. This way you can keep track of which accessories in lawn mowers break most often and should be replaced in time.

Rasenmäher -2

In order for your lawn mower to work properly, you need to maintain it regularly and replace the necessary parts.
(Image source: rudy and peter skitterians / pixabay)

Replacement blades or the old cutting blade of your lawn mower must be replaced with an original spare part from the manufacturer. A new blade will improve the cutting performance immensely.

In this way you can avoid cutting the lawn incorrectly and prevent plant diseases. In addition, timely replacement of the blade will result in easier work and a beautiful lawn.

Mulch kits have many advantages for your lawn. For example, the clippings left on the lawn are considered fertiliser and return beneficial nutrients to the lawn. While these parts should be used infrequently, they should also be replaced when they become defective.

Replacement wheels are easy to replace. Even if the wheels from the original manufacturer cannot be found, they can easily be replaced with those from another manufacturer. After all, wheels play a major role in making work easy and pleasant.

Here you can find a video on how to sharpen a lawnmower blade yourself.

How do I clean a lawn mower?

In order for your lawn mower to serve you for a long time, it needs to be maintained and cleaned. Cleaning is necessary after every use. You should clean it thoroughly before the winter break.

Both electric and petrol lawn mowers must be switched off beforehand. The lawn mower sucks in its cutting deck when mowing the lawn. If the device has not been cleaned for a long time, the work and performance will deteriorate.

Grass in the mowing deck is therefore best removed with a hard brush. When the grass has been removed, spray the mowing deck clean with water.

Lawn mowers should not only be cleaned from underneath. Also rinse the mower's grass catcher regularly. Then lay it out to dry.

A special feature of the petrol lawn mower is that it must not be laid on its side. In this position, oil can flow into the air filters or cylinder heads. Therefore, always tilt the petrol lawnmower backwards for cleaning to prevent the oil from flowing out.

What time of day is lawn mowing allowed?

You must obey the rules when mowing the lawn. Otherwise you can expect heavy fines. We tell you here what rules, times and current regulations apply to lawn mowing.

Rasenmäher -3

You should not disturb any neighbours with your lawnmower. Certain clock times have been set for lawn mowing.
(Image source: andreas160578 / pixabay)

Before you go out into the garden with a loud lawn mower, you must ask about the permissible times for this action. As a general rule, lawn mowing is prohibited in all residential areas on Sundays and public holidays.

In towns and municipalities, it is possible to set individual quiet times. As a rule, lawn mowing is permitted on weekdays between 7 am and 8 pm.

However, the rest periods may differ depending on the type of equipment. Electric lawnmowers are not as noisy as petrol-powered ones. For petrol lawnmowers, the following applies: Equipment above 88 dB may be used between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the afternoon.

Violation of the midday and public holiday rest periods can result in a fine of up to 40,000 euros in some municipalities. Therefore, pay attention to the established rest periods.

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