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With a pair of lawn shears you can also cut the grass on edges and in narrow, angled places that cannot be reached with a conventional lawn mower. Ideally, lawn shears should be light and handy and equipped with blades that have the advantageous serrated edge. Starting with the comparison and recommendations of different types of lawn shears to answers to the most frequently asked questions such as which types of lawn shears are available or how to sharpen lawn shears, you will find everything you want to know about this topic here in this guide.


  • The lawn shears complement the work of the lawn mower. With a clean cut, they remove even the last stalks that are not accessible to the lawn mower at the edge.
  • When buying lawn shears, you should pay particular attention to the drive, the type of shears, the properties of the blades and the ergonomic grip.
  • To resharpen the blades of your lawn shears, it is best to use a manual whetstone or a (wet) grinder.

The Best Lawn Shears: Our Choices


A lawn trimmer removes the grass in the areas that the lawn mower cannot cope with (Image source: Bruno Kelzer/ Unsplash).

Buying and evaluation criteria for lawn shears

So that you don't get overwhelmed when making your next purchase, we've picked out the most important buying criteria so that you can find the lawn shears that best suit your needs. These are as follows:

Here we explain the individual buying criteria that you should consider when making a purchase in more detail so that you can make the best decision:


Mechanical: Mechanical lawn shears are the classics. Their advantages lie above all in their ease of use, low weight and low price. The effort required by the gardener for such a model is, of course, significantly higher.

Electric: The electric version of the lawn shears make cutting the grass much easier. However, an easily accessible power socket is required for this purpose because of the constant risk of tripping and injuring oneself due to the power cable. In addition, electric lawn trimmers are more expensive to buy and also more expensive in terms of follow-up costs.

Battery-powered: Just like electric lawn shears, battery-powered versions are more power-hungry and costly than mechanical models. Compared to electric models, however, they offer spatial flexibility as they do not require a power connection. On the other hand, they only last a limited time before the battery needs to be recharged.


Small grass shears without handle: You can work very precisely with the so-called hand grass shears. However, as the work with the small grass shears has to be done while squatting, kneeling or on all fours, the knees and back are strained. It is therefore important not to remain in this position for too long in order not to strain the affected body parts too much.

Large lawn shears with handle: With the lawn shears with handle it is the other way round. Since you can work standing up with this model, the strain on your knees and back is usually limited. However, precision is somewhat neglected due to the distance between the leading hand and the actual shears. Also, keep in mind that lawn shears with handles are heavier and bulkier, which can put strain on the shoulders and arms.

Features of the blades

Rotating blades: It is not easy to always get the grass between the blades of the shears when you hold them horizontally. In the long run, it can be very stressful for the wrist to turn the shears several times in order to guide them vertically in between. That is why ergonomic lawn shears have blades that can be rotated 90, 180 or 360 degrees to make the gardener's work easier.

Serrated: Blades with a special serrated edge are considered sharper. They also stay sharp longer, so you don't have to sharpen them as often. However, when it does become necessary, sharpening is somewhat more complicated than with straight blades because of the wavy shape.

Non-stick coating: When buying grass shears, make sure that the blades are non-stick coated. The coating means that no or significantly fewer blades of grass stick, which has the following advantages: no sudden damage to the cutting performance during grass cutting and more convenient, faster cleaning after gardening. The non-stick coating prevents not only dry but also wet grass from sticking to the blades of the shears.

Blade length: The longer the blades, the more grass the shears will cut per cut and the quicker you can finish cutting. However, models with long blades also have a higher weight and are therefore heavier in the hand. Standard value for large blades: approx. 18 to 20 centimetres long.

If there are particularly narrow, angled areas in the garden, it often makes more sense to use lawn shears with shorter blades, as they allow you to work more precisely and accurately. Guide value for small blades: approx. twelve to 14 centimetres long

Handle ergonomics

When comparing different grass shears, you should also consider the respective handle. For a first impression, the manufacturer's descriptions, user reviews and authentic test reports are helpful. Whether a pair of shears really feels good in your hand is something you have to try out in practice. In any case, it is important that the handle has a rubber or plastic coating to prevent slipping.


Lawn shears or grass shears are mainly needed by people who have a garden in which they like to spend time and also like to maintain it (Image source: Martin Kníže / Unsplash).

Guide: Frequently asked questions about lawn shears answered in detail

In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about lawn shears so that you are well informed when you want to buy one for your garden.

What are grass shears?

Lawn shears, also known as grass shears or lawn edging shears, are a practical garden tool that complements the conventional lawn mower. This is because the practical shears remove the grass in the areas that the large lawn mower cannot cope with. It is a classic garden tool that is mainly used for landscaping.

Who is a lawn shear suitable for?

A lawn shear or grass trimmer is mainly needed by people who have a garden in which they like to spend time and also like to maintain it. Mowing the lawn is, of course, part of maintaining a garden. A lawn trimmer is there to supplement the work of the lawn mower and to cut the grass in hard-to-reach places.

How do grass shears work?

Grass shears, as the name suggests, are used to cut grass. Primarily, this involves trimming at the edge of the lawn where lawn mowers cannot reach. Even in hard-to-reach places on the wall of a house, a garden wall or between bushes, the grass can sometimes only be reached with grass shears. On terraces, for example, they can be used to remove weeds easily.

In addition, battery-powered models in particular can also work on shrubs. Thanks to various attachments and sufficient power, garden shears can also cut through twigs and smaller branches that are sticking out of a fence, for example. In this way, hedges can be brought into shape and ornamental plants can be trimmed.

How much do lawn shears cost?

To get a better overview of the prices of lawn shears, we have summarised everything relevant in this table:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 - 15 €) Devices with the main function
Medium-priced (15 - 30 €) Devices with practical additional functions
High-priced (30 - 60 €) High-quality devices with versatile functions

Mechanical lawn shears are still reasonably priced, even in high quality. Good models are available from around ten euros. On average, you pay between 15 and 30 euros. Battery-powered models (without handle) are also available from about 20 euros. Models with handles usually cost considerably more.


Whether for your own garden, the lawn in front of your house or for cleaning out the paths between your home and farm buildings. A pair of grass shears is a useful little tool that simply cannot be missed, and of course not only in the garden. Whether it's trimming the grass or cleaning out the lawn around edges, wall projections or between the paving stones, these tasks are quickly and easily done with a pair of lawn shears. If you want to make the tedious cutting of the grass tufts a little easier, you should in any case choose a lawn trimmer that can not only be used by hand, but also comfortably while standing.

(Cover photo: Petar Tonchev/ Unsplash)

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