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After you have mown your lawn extensively, it is difficult to avoid residues. But even if you have trees on or around your property, you can expect leaves, twigs, needles and cones. If you live on busy roads, you also have to deal with unpleasant debris left behind by people.

However, in order to still have a clean lawn, there are useful lawn sweepers. These lawn sweepers help you keep your lawn nice and clean. To make the choice easier, our editors have put several lawn sweepers under the microscope and present our favourites in our lawn sweeper test 2022.


  • A good lawn sweeper collects leaves, grass and other unsightly things from the lawn. That is why it is important for a well-kept lawn.
  • A distinction is made between hand-operated lawn sweepers and those for ride-on mowers
  • The width, volume and area of use are important in deciding on the right machine

The best lawn sweeper: Our picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a lawn sweeper

What is a lawn sweeper?

A lawn sweeper is the hoover for your lawn. When you've finished mowing your lawn, it doesn't mean your lawn looks great. You need a lawn sweeper to remove old leaves, twigs and other small debris from your lawn.

A lawn sweeper uses forward motion by hand or machine to propel bristles that drive the debris into the bag. The simple principle makes it easy and safe to use.

Advantages of a lawn sweeper

Instead of laboriously collecting leaves with a leaf rake, a sweeper is much faster and, above all, easier on the back. The leaves are not repeatedly pushed through the garden, but are collected and deposited in a desired location.

Although a leaf blower is also fast and easy on the back, it makes a lot of noise. For the sake of your neighbours and your hearing, you should refrain from using such a blower as a private owner.

A sweeper combines all the advantages. Fast, safe and quiet. It is also inexpensive.

Why you should use a lawn sweeper

To keep your lawn in top shape, a sweeper belongs in your garden tools shed. Removing old grass debris is important for new grass growth. If sweepings are left on the lawn, the soil gets less oxygen, which inhibits growth.

In addition, a lawn sweeper protects against moss infestation when used regularly. A lawn sweeper is therefore indispensable for lawn care.

"The love of gardening is a seed which, once sown, never dies, but grows on and on - a lasting and ever-fuller streaming fountain of joy."
Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932), English garden artist, landscape architect and author

How much does a lawn sweeper cost

A lawn sweeper won't blow a hole in your wallet. The cost of a hand-operated lawn sweeper starts from around £70. For a ride-on sweeper, however, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

You also have to consider the value of the product. Metal costs more than plastic, but it also lasts longer.

Type Price
Lawn sweeper 70€ - 700€
Ride-on sweeper 6.000€ - 40.000€

Alternatives to purchase

As the owner of a small lawn, it may not be worth buying. You can also rent the sweeper by the hour. Check with your local dealer.

Rechen auf Rasen

With a lawn sweeper you can finally say goodbye to the good old rake (Image source: / LawnCare).

You could team up with your neighbours and share a sweeper. Otherwise, you could buy a used sweeper on Ebay.

How to make the sweeper last

Because there are no electronics in the construction of the sweeper, it will last longer than your smartphone.

However, it is important that you clean the machine after every use. In other words, remove mud, damp grass and stuck debris immediately. This keeps your lawn sweeper in good working order.

Decision: What types of lawn sweepers are there and which is the right one for you?

In principle, a distinction is made between two models of lawn sweepers. The hand-operated model and the ride-on mower model

Hand-operated model

The hand-operated model is the one you push in front of you. If you have a small lawn, this is very practical and completely sufficient. Your neighbours will thank you. However, since you need muscle power, you have to be persistent. If you weaken, the machine cannot collect the leaves properly. It's easier with the lawn tractor model.

  • low-priced
  • suitable for small areas
  • Muscle power
  • different requirements depending on the area

Model for ride-on mowers

With the model for lawn tractors, the sweeper is attached to the trailer coupling of the tractor. When you drive the tractor, the sweeper is automatically driven by the forward motion. You can empty the basket from the seat with the cable

  • Time-saving
  • catch basket set
  • More expensive
  • width must be right

The lawn sweeper thus replaces the catcher box of the lawn tractor. This is very time-saving, as it allows you to mow, clean and collect at the same time.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate lawn sweepers

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between suitable lawn sweepers.

The criteria include:

  • Drive mode
  • Width
  • Volume
  • Height
  • Wheels
  • Field of application

Below you can read what each criterion is about and find out why it makes sense for you to buy a machine based on the criteria or not.

Drive mode

In general, there are hand-operated lawn sweepers and those that can be attached to a ride-on mower as a trailer. Which type you need depends largely on the size of the lawn you want to sweep and your budget. Machine-operated sweepers are significantly more expensive than their hand-operated counterparts.

Hand-operated lawn sweepers have a large handle, while ride-on mowers only have a hitch.


Different sweepers have different widths.

The wider the machine, the harder it is to move. For a small lawn with many curvy spots, choose a small version.

On the other hand, you should use a wide sweeper for large areas.

Make sure that the width matches the cutting width of your ride-on mower. It will give an unsightly result if you mow and only collect half of the grass. It is also a waste of time. Ideally, the width of the sweeper should exceed that of the mower.


The volume of the collection bucket can save or cost you time. The volume varies greatly depending on the model. The Agri-Fab model offers you around 200 litres of collection capacity, while the vidaXL "only" provides around 100 litres.

With lawn sweepers for lawn tractors, the volume is even more important. You don't want to stop every minute to empty your bag.

Fortunately, some models have a pulley system that allows you to empty the bin conveniently from the seat of the tractor.


As with the lawn mower, lawn height is important. Make sure you can adjust the height. This is especially important for uneven areas.


Make sure the wheels give good grip and do not leave marks on your lawn. You should avoid working on damp grass. Moisture makes it easier to leave tracks.

Field of application

Some models can be used not only for your lawn, but also for your yard.

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