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Leather boots are available for women in every conceivable type and shape. Whether riding boots with studs and ribbons or modern overknee boots with high platform soles. Every leather boot is different in its manufacture, workmanship and style.

Thanks to this individuality, you too will find your perfect leather boot for women. To be able to choose a pair of women's leather boots, some important information about the types of leather, the tanning, the colour, the heel and the different styles will help. This way you can search and find your new pair of leather boots for ladies without much effort.

The Best Leather Boots For Women: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying leather boots

From classic women's leather boots below the knee to modern over-the-knee leather boots with a thick platform. Leather boots for women come in several styles and designs. However, you can find out what is important when buying them in the following paragraphs. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Heel
  • Style

In the following paragraphs you will now learn how to best choose your new pair of women's leather boots.


Leather comes in different forms and types. Real leather is animal hides that are tanned and processed. However, there is also artificial leather, which is made artificially without harming the animals. However, leather can be very different. Smooth leather is the umbrella term for smooth and structured leather. We will now name the most important types in this list:

  • Nappa: Nappa leather is a very soft, non-slip and hard-wearing smooth leather of all animal species and uses.
  • Nubuck: Nubuck leather is slightly buffed leather with a soft and velvety surface.
  • Velour: Velour leather is similar to nubuck and is soft, but the leather comes from the underside of the leather, also known as the flesh side. This is even softer and in many cases is only brushed.
  • Boxcalf: Boxcalf leather, as the name suggests, comes from the calf and is chrome tanned. This creates a soft and smooth leather.
  • Reptile leather: This leather is very expensive and extremely decorative. The hides should come exclusively from breeding farms.
  • Grease, wax or pull-up leather: are smooth or rough leathers on which a greasy colour is applied.
  • Embossed leather: A pattern is pressed onto this leather under high pressure.
  • Patent leather: With patent leather, the leather is covered with a layer of varnish, giving it a mirror-like sheen.

In addition to the outer materials, many leather boots for women are also lined. The lining can be a light lining leather but also a fine fur. The lining makes the leather boot more comfortable and warmer.


Depending on the type of leather, animal origin and tanning, the leather has a different colour. A natural colour is created during tanning and further processing. However, leather boots for women are also often dyed with other colours.

The colour of the leather depends on the tanning used. A vegetable tanning tends to make the leather brownish, whereas a vegetable tanning tends to make the leather yellowish. Alum tanning makes the leather white, and chrome tanning makes it blue to grey.

The leather can also be dyed into many other artificial colours by brushing, dipping, drumming or spraying. The colours can also be of natural origin. These are for example indigo, redwood or bluewood. However, it is easier and cheaper to dye with synthetic dyes.


Leather boots for women are in most cases not only flat, but have a heel. This makes the shoe look more elegant, the body higher and the feet longer. There are also some differences in the different types of heels.

  • High heel leather boots: These leather boots for women have a heel of more than 10 cm and thus count as high heels. They look particularly feminine and the feet appear longer.
  • Wedge heel: With a wedge heel, the heel is extended all the way to the toes, making it look more stable. These heels are particularly suitable for ladies with narrow legs or rather broader shoulders.
  • Block heel: A block heel is a rather thick block-shaped heel and is particularly popular with women's leather boots. It is particularly suitable for ladies with slightly stronger thighs and calves.
  • Spiked heel: The spiked heel is a usually small and very thin heel. They are very trendy and can be combined with everything.
  • Platform: Platform leather boots are also very fashionable and either have a thick sole only at the back or at the back and front.

Of course, flat leather boots for women are also very fashionable and heels are by no means a must. Instead, there are a lot of different styles, which will be discussed in the next point.


Women's leather boots come in a thousand different styles, with no two boots being the same. Whether cowboy boots, motorbike boots, riding boots, over knees, leather boots to lace up, slip on or with velcro fastening. Everything is possible. Depending on their use, boots can be divided into styles. Some are more classic, others sporty and still others excitingly feminine.

  • Classic, Casual: Leather boots for women in classic or casual style are suitable for every day and can easily be combined with many different outfits. For example, low and mid-height leather boots with laces and flat or block heels are typical.
  • Elegant: Elegant leather boots for women are usually high boots in dark smooth leather which are pulled tightly over the leg. For example, smooth women's leather boots in black or dark brown with a spiked or flat heel look particularly elegant.
  • Sporty: Sporty women's leather boots can have studs, laces or Velcro fastenings. They are usually eye-catching and are not only used for riding or motorcycling.
  • Feminine: High and tight boots with a small or high heel are considered feminine ladies' leather boots. For example, high heel boots or over knees are particularly exciting.
  • Modern: Leather boots for women can also be modern with interesting colours, soles or shapes. For example, leather boots with a high platform, or with a wide shaft are very modern.

Besides these styles, there are of course other possible types such as rustic women's leather boots, or boots for specific sports.

Ladies' leather boots: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right ladies leather boot is not always easy. That's why we have answered the most important questions for you.

Which ladies' leather boot goes with which outfit?

Ladies' leather boots can be combined in many different ways. Therefore we have 2 simple basic rules for you in advance:

  1. Depending on the length of the garment, the boot height must also be adjusted. With knee-length skirts or dresses, the leather boots should also be knee-high. With wide skirts, the boots should be calf-high. Overknees, i.e. leather boots that go above the knee, are combined with very short skirts. When combining, however, you should always act with your sense of style.
  2. Depending on the material of the clothing, the leather boot is also matched. Flat and somewhat coarser leather boots go better with clothes made of thick and coarse materials such as denim, corduroy or tweed. Narrow and noble women's leather boots fit better on the leg with shiny fine materials. Slightly higher heels can also be combined well.

As long as you take these two basic rules to heart, you can't go wrong with your leather boot outfit. Be style-conscious and let yourself be inspired.

Which ladies' leather boot will keep you warmest in winter?

Beautiful new women's leather boots naturally want to be worn all year round. In winter, however, one or the other ladies' boot may already be too cold. Depending on the type of leather and thickness, women's leather boots keep your feet warm better or worse.

If you want to equip your ladies' leather boots for winter, thicker socks or stockings are recommended. However, this is only possible with rather wide boots. Otherwise, ladies' leather boots lined with fur or additional lining leather are best suited for winter and will keep you warm for a long time.

How do you care for and clean your ladies' leather boots?

Leather is a material that requires intensive care. However, we are only talking about genuine natural leather. Imitation leather can rarely be treated and is also more difficult to mend. With genuine leather, scratches or stains can simply be polished away. For the care of smooth leather, the leather boots must first be wiped or brushed off. Afterwards, it is best to use a shoe polish in a matching colour to restore the colour, shine and structure of the leather.

Afterwards, the women's leather boots should be polished dry with a brush. This will keep them like new for longer. With rough or suede leather, the effort is somewhat greater. Coarse impurities and dirt must first be washed out with a curd soap and water without heavy rubbing. The leather boot for women should only be brushed gently and carefully. Finally, allow to dry and impregnate with a spray.

Styling tips for women's leather boots: How to achieve the perfect leather boot look

We have listed a few more tips for styling women's leather boots for you here:

  1. Proportions are important for women's leather boots. Choose high boots for short dresses and low ones for long ones.
  2. For thin, long legs, no heels are often better. Shorter legs look longer with heels.
  3. The spiked heel is particularly fashionable at the moment and goes well with airy dresses and elegant overalls.
  4. To avoid being visually shortened by the leather boot, nude-coloured boots and those with suede fit better.
  5. Depending on the leather, the style of dress should also be adapted. Knee-high leather boots with studs, for example, tend to go less well with thin silk dresses than with jeans jackets. So it's better to combine fine and light material with classic and elegant leather boots.

In general, you should indeed be inspired by the basic rules. Nevertheless, it is important to sometimes bring new daring trends into the world. [kb_conclusion]


A pair of leather boots is a must for every lady's shoe wardrobe. They can be combined in a variety of ways and always attract different looks.

However, a pair of ladies' leather boots should not only be beautiful, but also durable, made of high-quality leather and treated with natural colour. Ladies' leather boots are also easy to combine with different items of clothing. For example, a short dress with knee-high boots immediately looks more feminine and confident.

With long dresses, a shorter classic ladies leather boot looks consistently elegant. With regular care, your leather boots will last almost a lifetime. [/kb_conclusion]

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