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On freezing cold winter days, leather gloves protect the hands from the cold and make it possible to keep the hands out of the pockets. At the same time, they enhance any outfit and give it an elegant and stylish touch.

But men's leather gloves are a dime a dozen and so the choice is not exactly easy. But with this guide, we want to help you find the perfect men's leather gloves.

The Best Leather Gloves For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying leather gloves for men

Since there are so many different leather gloves for men, it is difficult to find the right one. But if you think about some criteria in advance, your search will be much more targeted. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Lining

In the following, we will show you what is important with regard to the criteria mentioned.


Leather is a natural product. It is made from animal skins by the process of tanning and made durable. The unique advantage of leather for men's leather gloves is that it is both windproof and breathable, making it perfect for windy days as well as athletic performance.

Another advantage of leather is its adaptability and natural elasticity. Nevertheless, the natural material is enormously robust and thus also durable and is suitable for practically every challenge of everyday life. Leather for men's leather gloves comes in two different states:

  • Smooth leather with a great shiny look that has enormous water-repellent capabilities, or
  • Rough leather with a velvety and soft feel that gives good grip.

And besides the two conditions, there are different types of leather. This refers to the different animals from whose hide the leather is made. Some types of leather are the following:

  • Lamb nappaleather: This leather is extra soft and has a timeless style due to its luminous elegance.
  • Deerskin: The advantage of deerskin is its massive elasticity. It becomes softer and more elastic over the years.
  • Peccary leather: This leather is velvety soft and gives an incredible amount of warmth - but also absolute luxury.
  • Chamois leather: Chamois leather prevents your hands from ever freezing, because it warms fantastically. Gloves made from this leather will probably be the warmest gloves you will ever wear.

Both types of leather as well as all types of leather have their advantages and mostly one decides according to one's own gusto and intended use.


To ensure that your men's leather gloves fit properly, you need to measure the circumference of your hand. If you do not have a movable measuring tape, you can also use a string and then measure it with a ruler. Unfortunately, glove sizes are not standardised and can therefore vary. The rule here is: try them on.


Black men's leather gloves are a classic for business outfits. They lend elegance. But cognac-coloured or brown leather gloves also add highlights. If, on the other hand, you want to stand out, go for taupe or hazel leather gloves.


If you want to pamper your hands, buy men's leather gloves with a lining of cashmere, lambskin, fleece or wool. Not only will your hands feel more comfortable, but the materials will also warm them up. But a lining is not compulsory. Men's leather gloves without lining are less thick and lead to a better feeling and closeness to the things they touch.

Men's leather gloves: The most important questions answered

To make it easier for you to decide on your own leather gloves for men, we have compiled the most important questions on the subject here.

In which styles are men's leather gloves available?

Leather gloves not only keep your hands warm in winter and protect them from moisture, but are also a symbol of timeless elegance. Various styles can be covered with the workmanship and design, which will be listed below:

  • Elegant and fashionable men's leather gloves: Leather gloves are timeless accessories that add elegance and that certain something to any outfit. Men's leather gloves in black or grey in particular can be combined with practically anything.
  • Men's leather gloves for sports: However, there are also more practical leather gloves, e.g. for motorcyclists. Here, leather gloves are obligatory for safety reasons and these are not only usually more robust and thicker than normal ones, but also sometimes have reflective sections.
  • Men's leather gloves for driving: Leather gloves are especially popular with convertible drivers, but also with racing drivers, because they not only warm the fingers when the steering wheel resembles an icicle in winter, but also give grip.

The above examples show once again how practical and at the same time stylish leather gloves for men are and that they are an absolute must-have for every man.

How do I know if my men's leather gloves fit well?

Men's leather gloves should feel like a second skin and never be too tight or even stretchy, otherwise the hands will cool down much faster. This means that the leather gloves should not stretch and should go over the wrists. It also helps to measure the circumference of your hands in advance and use this to choose the right size.

What is the best way to stretch my men's leather gloves?

Leather gloves for men can be stretched with steam. However, it is more advisable to buy the gloves directly in the right size. You should also note that widening is a normal process and takes time.

How do I care for and clean my men's leather gloves?

If you want your men's leather gloves to give you several years of pleasure, not just one winter, then you should take proper care of them. This means carefully wipe your leather gloves clean with a cloth, using as little water as possible. Gloves should never be completely submerged in water or put in the washing machine.

Drying should be done in the air and without any aids. During the drying process, you should put the leather gloves on several times so that they regain their old shape.

How do my men's leather gloves become soft again?

Since men's leather gloves are made of leather and leather is animal skin, a good grease cream can help to soften the leather again, just like our own skin. To do this, simply put on the gloves, apply grease cream to your hands and rub / knead them in.

Styling tips for men's leather gloves: how to achieve the perfect look

  • Winter coats refine your outfit and add extra value.
  • A scarf should not be missing. It is more for looks than to protect you from the cold and should match the colour of the men's leather gloves.
  • The shoes should also match. If you want to look extremely elegant, choose shoes in the same colour and, if possible, even the same type of leather as your men's leather gloves. But if you want to appear stylish and modern, wear your white (leather) trainers. But please only nice bright white ones that you just gave a shine, not the worn-out dirty kicks.
  • A nice wristwatch can be a special highlight.
  • Cool sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the winter sun, but also add a casual, modern touch to your look.

But how you wear your leather gloves for men is up to you. It looks elegant and fashionable in practically every case.


Good leather gloves for men are a good investment and will last for years. If they are cared for properly, they feel like a second skin. The gloves provide warmth and protect the skin from dirt and moisture.

When looking for the right pair for you, consider in advance what colour, size and purpose you need the gloves for and try them on in situ. This way you are sure to find the perfect pair.

Image source: Joshua Reddekopp / Unsplash

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