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As always, it's a pleasure to have you back for this new installment. Leather gloves are a must-have accessory for your outfits. Especially on cold days when we need extra protection, without leaving our style aside.

It doesn't matter if you want to complement your street style or if you like sports like motorcycling or boxing. Whatever your purpose, a leather glove will give you the protection and flexibility you need to carry out your day-to-day activities.

In the following article we will show you all the details about leather gloves. You will learn how to make a successful purchase by getting to know the product, its features and types. This will help you compare the most popular designs and choose the one you like best.


  • Leather gloves are a fashion accessory that is used to protect the hands from different external agents, these can be climatic such as wind or rain. They also make it easier for us to do heavy or specific tasks such as gardening, construction or sports like weightlifting, motocross, etc.
  • Depending on the purpose you want to give them, you can choose between two types of leather gloves. Dress leather gloves are rather formal looking, but they also go well with casual occasions. On the other hand, functional leather gloves protect our hands for specific tasks such as heavy work or sports.
  • To choose the best leather glove, no matter if it is for a man or a woman, we recommend you to consider aspects such as size, type of lining, fit on your hand and the type of leather that best suits your personal purpose for wearing them. Read on to find out all the details!

The Best Leather Gloves: Our Picks

Buying Guide

An accessory that never goes out of fashion. Yet, we don't often consider the essential aspects that will help us choose the best one. Pay attention to this buying guide where we will detail all these factors. Don't let your leather gloves end up in a corner and make the right purchase!

Long leather gloves give us the possibility to add more details for the right fit (Photo: Svyatoslava Vladzimirska/

What is a leather glove and what are its advantages?

It is an accessory that is used on the hands, either to maintain and generate heat or to protect it from other external agents such as shocks, humidity, harmful substances, among others. Being made of leather we can observe benefits such as the flexibility of the fabric, its impermeability, resistance, durability and style.

Leather gloves not only have stylish designs for men and women, but it is also a breathable material that will prevent your hand from getting wet inside. The versatility of this product makes it suitable as a fashion accessory, for work, sports and anything else you can imagine.

  • Thermal material
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Allows combinations with other fabrics
  • High durability and long-term resistance
  • Not suitable for high temperatures
  • Material that can give way with use
  • Not much variety in designs

Leather dress gloves or functional leather gloves - what should you pay attention to?

Due to the high performance of the manufacturing material, leather gloves are useful for a myriad of purposes. Whether as a fashion accessory, for extreme weather conditions or for doing heavier tasks. It is an excellent protector of our hands and skin; we can find in the market the following types:

Leather dress gloves. They are for daily use, they protect well from cold, wind and humidity. They are characterised by their tight fit, which allows a comfortable and suitable movement for formal or casual occasions. Although their designs are quite similar, they may stand out for details such as clasps or snaps.

Functional leather gloves. These have a specific use. They are highly resistant, whether for industrial activities such as working with hazardous chemicals or for sports such as boxing, outdoor activities, weightlifting or riding a motorbike. Their designs are not too flashy and have a loose fit.

Leather dress gloves Functional leather gloves
Durability Medium - high Very high
Style Casual and formal According to purpose
Fit Close fitting Loose fitting
Uses Decorative, weather and general protection Sports, chemical, weather and general protection.

How much do leather gloves cost?

Leather is a traditional material but more expensive than its competitors. However, their durability and style make them a favourite among consumers. In its affordable variables, leather dress gloves can be found for approximately 10 GBP and 100 GBP for exclusive or imported leather gloves.

Functional leather gloves can also be very economical depending on the purpose for which you need them.

Because of the strength and flexibility of leather, it is perfect for heavy duty leather gloves (Featured image photo: Arisa Chattasa/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different leather glove models

For many, they may be leather gloves and that's it, but the truth is that there are many factors to consider in order to know this accessory in its entirety. In turn, this information will help us to compare the different models on the market and ensure, in a way, a completely successful purchase.

  • Leather types
  • Size
  • Lining
  • Fit

Types of leather

Not all leathers are the same, depending on the animal they come from they can be more or less durable, flexible, comfortable and even the price can vary. Practically any type of leather can be used to make a glove and although it will depend on the purpose, the most popular leathers are the following:

Cow. It is the most commonly used as it is rigid but flexible. It is tough and fulfils everything we expect from a leather glove. Because of its nature, we recommend it for both dress and functional leather gloves. It works well for all purposes.

Pig. It is of very good quality but its resistance to cuts, tears and abrasion is not the best. It is characterised by being a breathable and waterproof leather, for this reason, it is recommended for functional leather gloves for work or sports.

Goat. One of the most exclusive and best leathers for leather dress gloves. It is characterised by a smooth appearance, is very supple and waterproof. Prefer goatskin gloves for dress leather as they will protect you from adverse weather while performing your normal tasks.


Leather gloves look great when used for styling purposes. In this case, it is recommended to choose a smaller size or one that fits snugly on the hand because it is a material that gives with use, making it looser. The reference measurements for the width of the palm and the height from the middle finger are:

Width Height
Small 15 - 18 cm 15.5 - 20 cm
Medium 18.5 - 19 cm 20.3 - 22 cm
Large Large 22.3 - 25 cm
Extra Large 20.5 - 21 cm 25.3- 27 cm


The leather can be a little uncomfortable to wear directly. For this reason most leather gloves include an internal lining that doubles the glove's insulating capacity. In the case of leather dress gloves, it is essential that the lining is very thin, light and compact so as not to sacrifice elegance.

Polyester. This is an excellent choice as it provides an extra layer of insulation, which is also thermal. It feels soft in the hand and is not so thick as to be uncomfortable. Best of all, it's a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture. Prefer this type of lining in leather gloves that are casual or functional.

Cashmere. It behaves quite similar to polyester as it is a lightweight and thermal material. The difference is that it is more expensive and elegant. Prefer leather gloves with cashmere lining for formal occasions and for a better quality and exclusive product.

Wool. It is the favourite of the coldest people. Its thermal capacity is much higher and it is not an expensive material. However, aesthetically it can be a bit more noticeable and in some occasions it could be a bit itchy. Prefer wool if you live in a very cold area and are interested in keeping warm.

Plush. It is characterised by being soft, resistant and thermal. Like wool, aesthetically it can be a little more noticeable as it is a thicker material. It is not the best option for formal occasions, but it is the best option to keep warm if you spend a lot of time outdoors or live in a cold area.

The leather glove is the perfect protection for your hands and skin. (Photo: Kostiantyn Savvopulo /


As mentioned above, the leather of leather gloves tends to give way, so it is imperative that the glove as a whole has a perfect, snug fit. Although this may be a little difficult to achieve due to the nature of the material, they do have certain fit systems that will protect your hands at all times.

Snaps and buttons. They give a subtle touch to the glove to make it stand out. They fit on the wrist by simply pressing both parts of the snap or closing the button. The only downside is that they wear out quickly. Prefer this type of fit when the overall glove fits well and you want to give it a different style of decoration.

Elastic. These are the most common and functional. The stitching is usually hidden and sometimes adds a subtle design to the glove's workmanship. It is ideal for people with thin hands who want to ensure that the glove will not slip or fall off.

Closure. Visually the most stylish. It is ideal for leather gloves that are slightly longer than the wrist. It also provides an excellent fit, durable and snug. We recommend this type of fit as well, if you want a functional glove but with a different style.

(Featured image photo: Norasit Kaewsai /

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