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Welcome to our big LED candle test 2021. Here we present all the LED candles we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

With this, we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best LED candles for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to when buying LED candles.


  • With LED candles, you can create your personal ambience indoors and outdoors, free of health and environmental consequences.
  • Generally, a distinction is made between battery-operated and rechargeable LED candles. Both variants provide you with flameless lighting without hazards. Personal preference defines which LED candle suits you better.
  • Battery-operated LED candles are cost-efficient and initially have a long runtime. Battery operated LED candles are cost effective and long lasting.

The Best LED Candle: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a LED candle

What are LED candles?

LED candles are alternative, flameless candles. They are powered by electric light sources and produce warm light.

Like traditional candles, you can use LED candles to aesthetically illuminate interiors and exteriors.

The different functions of the electric candle offer you many possibilities to create your own personal ambience.

LED candles are easy to transport and are wonderful for creating a romantic atmosphere. (Image source: / Nathan Dumlao)

Due to the manufacturing material, flameless candles also serve as air fresheners and insect repellents.

How much do LED candles cost?

The price range of LED candles is relatively wide. Depending on your desired features and functions, the price varies from about 1 to 50 euros.

Type Price range
Battery-powered LED candle Approx. 1-50 €
Battery-powered LED candle Approx. 15-50 €

Battery-operated LED candles cost less on average because there is no need to spend money on a charger.

You can buy battery-operated LED candles in sets or individually. Individual, usually smaller ones can be purchased for as little as 1 euro.

Individual purchases are usually not possible for LED candles with battery operation because the charger is usually made for charging several candles.

A set with smaller candles starts at about 15 euros. For a larger candle set with large candles, the price can go up to about 50 euros.

The larger the candle (diameter/height) and the candle set, the more expensive the price.

Special functions and good quality have a direct effect on the price.

Why should I buy LED candles?


If you use traditional paraffin candles, you expose yourself to a variety of hazardous substances when they burn.

If you use LED candles, you prevent your health from being harmed.

Burning paraffin candles also harms the environment. Plastic candles are made from petroleum and emit Co2 when burned. For this reason, they contribute to global warming and are partly to blame.

A burning flame can be a fire hazard. If you use flameless candles, you don't give this scenario a chance. Especially if there are small children or animals in the household, this variant is very practical.

Cost minimisation

The runtime of LED candles is long. Flameless candles with battery operation often last more than 100 hours.

Electric candles with battery operation provide light for 5-20 hours. With both variants you can do without buying a new candle.

Easy care

Electric candles do not generate wax stains. You can therefore do without annoying cleaning. If you own a battery-operated LED candle, there will be no waste in the long run.


The remote control allows you to adjust the settings of the electric candle from a distance.

With the timer, you can set the desired time period in which your LED candle should light up. The flameless candle then switches itself on and off again.


It is difficult to tell the difference between a traditional candle and an LED candle. Flameless candles are made realistically with natural wax or paraffin. Flickering light is simulated realistically.

LED candles with special function can shine in different colours. Due to their extensive use, the electric candle is simply more interesting compared to a normal candle.

What are the alternatives to LED candles?

With the LED candle you have the possibility to give your comfort zone a cosy ambience. In the following table, we present 5 other lighting alternatives to create atmosphere.

  • Sustainable candles: Candles made of biomass, beeswax, soy wax, sunflower oil or rapeseed oil provide a classic candlelight atmosphere without any risk. However, the fire hazard cannot be completely eliminated even with sustainable candles.
  • Table lamp: The table lamp is not a serious fire hazard and you don't have to clean it either. It needs a base. Occasionally you have to change the bulbs.
  • Living Colors Lamp: The Living Colors Lamp is a decorative lamp that allows you to adjust virtually any colour, including colour intensity. It is made for indoor use only.
  • Lava lampThe lava lamp is a fairly inexpensive option for atmospheric interior lighting. To avoid damage, you must let the lava lamp heat up for up to 90 minutes. After 8 hours you should switch it off.
  • Fairylights: Fairy lights are powered either by electricity or batteries. Small bulbs attached to a string provide atmospheric light for cosy ambience. Most of the time, the length of the string of lights is quite short, which means that several of them have to be bought.

When it comes to atmospheric lighting options, you have a wide range of alternatives at your disposal.

The LED candle stands out because it is independent of external electricity sources. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors, has a pleasant size and is easy to clean.

It is also easy to use and has different lighting functions. Handling the flameless candle is not dangerous and the LED candle is also quite affordable.

Decision: What types of LED candles are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to choose an LED candle, you can choose between 2 alternatives.

  • Battery-operated LED candle
  • Battery-powered LED candle

There are differences between the types of LED candles. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preferences, one will suit you better than the other.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of battery-operated LED candles?

Buying battery-operated LED candles can save you money in the long run. The initial price may be a little higher, but by avoiding regular battery replacement, you can minimise costs in the long run.

The charging station has a much longer runtime than conventional batteries, which can last over 300 hours. Comparatively, the charging station can last for several years before you need to replace it.

Battery-powered LED candles generate virtually zero waste. No future purchases or disposals are necessary to maintain the battery-operated flameless candle. This has a positive impact on the environment.

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Higher initial costs
  • Shorter running times
  • Dependence on charging station

When buying a battery-operated electric candle, you have to expect slightly higher costs initially, as the charging station is included in the price. The charger is usually built for several candles. Therefore, it is difficult to find single flameless candles with battery operation.

A charged battery-operated candle has a running time of about 5-20 hours. The charging time is about 8-10 hours. It is therefore a good idea to recharge the candles while you sleep.

Without a functioning charging station, you cannot use LED candles with battery operation in the long term. If the charging station breaks down, it should be replaced immediately so that the candles can fulfil their function.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of battery-operated LED candles?

Some battery-operated LED candles can be purchased for a very low price. Batteries have a long runtime and their price is set reasonably. In the short and medium term, battery-operated LED candles are certainly a good option from a financial point of view.

The runtime of a battery can be over 300 hours in some cases. This makes them very interesting for outdoor use. By eliminating the need for recharging and the charging time, they are made for outdoor use.

  • Cost-effective
  • Long runtimes
  • Continuous outdoor use
  • Battery purchase
  • Battery disposal
  • Environmental impact

When a battery runs out, you need to look for a replacement. We advise you to keep a supply at home in case the batteries you use no longer work.

Buying and disposing of batteries always involves an expense that would be minimised if you could recharge your LED candles.

The battery is produced from a variety of valued raw materials. In addition, heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium are also used in the production process. The extraction and disposal of these raw materials pollutes the environment.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate LED candles based on these factors

The following list will help you to decide which LED candle suits you best. Based on the mentioned aspects, you can evaluate for yourself which flameless candle you would like to choose.

The criteria with which you can compare the LED candles include:

  • Lifetime battery/rechargeable battery
  • Functions Light
  • Size (height/diameter)
  • Shape/Design
  • Material
  • Colour

In the following paragraphs we will explain to you what is important in the individual criteria.



The battery life ranges from 50 to over 300 hours on average. The type of battery (CR 2032, CR 2032 3V, AA, AAA, C) does not influence the battery life.

On the other hand, batteries with a higher quality usually have a longer usability.


On average, rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of more than several years. Fully charged flameless candles glow between 8 and 20 hours.

The charging time is about 8 to 10 hours.

Functions Light


With the timer you can set light and time functions. Select a time period in which you want to use the LED candle and set it on the timer.

With the timer function, you can determine in advance when your candles should light up and when they should not. (Image source: / 120968093)

The light is then switched on and off automatically without you having to press the button manually.

Moving flame

Some LED candles are equipped with realistic effects. The moving flame is a special feature that makes the LED candle look lifelike. The flickering light takes the atmosphere to the next level.


Some LED candles are dimmable. You can set yourself how bright you want the light to be.

Multicoloured light

The multicolour light function may be available on the remote control. For some LED candles with special functions, you can set a sliding colour change.


LED tea lights

LED tea lights usually cost a small amount. They weigh little, are small and therefore suitable for transport and events.

The option to buy waterproof floating LED tea lights is available today.

LED votive candles

LED votive candles are the larger versions of LED tea lights.

They are very suitable for decorating the dining table. They are also popular for cosy evenings with family and friends.

LED Stick Candles

LED stick candles are relatively thin, long LED candles that are great for giving the room an elegant look.

LED Christmas Tree Candles

LED Christmas tree candles belong to the sub-type of LED stick candles. Their function has been adapted so that they can easily replace traditional Christmas tree candles.

During the Christmas season, LED candles are flawless alternatives to traditional candles (Image source: / David Bartus)

LED Pillar Candles

LED pillar candles are relatively large LED candles that look best when combined with other LED pillar candles of different sizes.

LED Grave Candles

LED grave candles are pillar candles that have been converted to provide flameless light, especially in the cemetery.

LED lanterns

LED lanterns can include electric candles of various sizes and shapes. The practical thing about the LED lantern is that it is wind and weather resistant.

Size (height/diameter)

Small LED candles

Have a diameter of about 3-4cm and a height of 3-4cm. The only type of candle that belongs to the small LED candles is the LED tea light.

Medium sized LED candles

Have a diameter of 3-5cm and a height of 5-6cm. LED votive candles belong to the medium sized flameless candles.

Large LED candles

Have a diameter of about 2-10cm and a height of 7-30cm. Large flameless candles are LED stick and pillar candles.

Size Description
Small LED candles Ø: 3-4cm, h: 3-4cm, LED tea light.
Medium LED candles Ø: 3-5cm, h: 5-6cm, LED votive candles.
Large LED candles Ø: 2-10cm, h: 7-30cm, LED stick and pillar candles.


Real wax

Real wax is the raw material of the organic variety for the production of LED candles. Not only is this material environmentally friendly, it also smells good.


Aesthetically, plastic achieves practically the same good results as beeswax. However, the production with plastic is more harmful to the environment than the production with natural wax.


Candle colour

In principle, you can buy LED candles in all kinds of colours. However, some colours and shades are rarer than others.

You just have to find a shop or online shop that offers your desired colour.

Flame colour

You can choose between a single-coloured flame and a multi-coloured flame.

  • Single-colour flames come with either yellow or white light.
  • Multi-coloured flames can light up the room in different colours. Some LED candles with colour change function perform a sliding change of the colour tone.

Facts worth knowing about LED candles

How does the LED candle work?

An electric light is generated by battery or rechargeable battery operation, which gives the room or outdoor area a certain ambience.

LED candles can add charm to the outdoor atmosphere. (Image source: / Markus Spiske)

How does the timer work?

You switch on the timer function with the remote control. You can select the desired duration for which your LED candle should provide light.

As soon as the settings are activated, the flameless candle switches on and off automatically.

How long do LED candles last?

The lifetime of a LED candle can be up to 50'000 burning hours.

Which batteries do I use for LED candles?

Smaller LED candles need button batteries (CR 2032/CR 2032 3V). Large flameless candles use alkaline batteries (AA/AAA/C)

Which battery do I use for LED candles?

The battery varies depending on the manufacturer. Different LED candles have different chargers.

If the battery breaks, it should not be a problem to buy a replacement from the supplier.

Image source: / 111901839

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