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The topics of sustainability and environmental awareness are essential aspects of our society and way of life today. This does not stop at the area of electrical energy generation. LED floor lamps are particularly efficient and environmentally friendly options, making them one of the most popular light sources at present.

Many different LED floor lamps are offered on the market. In order to provide a comprehensive overview of the many different types of models, we have compared a selection of LED floor lamps and their functions in our product comparison.

The most important facts in brief

  • Compared to other luminaires, LED floor lamps are particularly energy-saving, durable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the use of LED luminaires demonstrably saves energy costs.
  • The general type of lamp, the size, the lumen value, the suitability for indoor/outdoor use and the material of the LED luminaires can be considered as particularly important purchase and evaluation criteria for LED floor lamps.
  • The costs for LED floor lamps can be extremely different. Extremely low-priced or medium-priced models are available, as well as those that are extremely high-priced due to special functions or a noble design.

The Best LED Floor Lamp: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for LED floor lamps

In this section, we offer you an overview of the most important buying and evaluation criteria for LED floor lamps. With this, we want to support you in your purchase decision and provide you with all the necessary peripheral information. The most decisive factors include these:

In the following, we will present the purchase and evaluation criteria individually and in detail. After you have read all the information listed, you will be able to judge exactly what to look for when choosing an LED floor lamp model.

Lamp type

When deciding on a lamp type, one factor in particular is decisive. On the one hand, you have the choice between a single-arm or a multi-arm lamp type. The difference is that a single-arm lamp type has only a single, light-giving source. On the other hand, there are the multi-arm lamp types.

These have several different LED light sources. Thus, this type of lamp usually automatically produces more light. Another factor in deciding on the type of lamp is the optical design of the lamp. For example, you can choose between a classic LED floor lamp, an LED arc lamp, a LED hanging floor lamp and an LED ceiling floodlight.


The classic size for a LED floor lamp is defined as a height of 160 centimetres. Of course, you can also buy LED floor lamps whose dimensions are significantly smaller or significantly larger. You should pay special attention if you are looking for an LED floor lamp with a particularly large light circle. In this case, it is important to know that the circle automatically increases in size when the lamp is larger.

Lumen value

The unit that gives information about the brightness of LED lamps is given in lumens. So before buying an LED floor lamp, you should think carefully about how much light you want it to produce.

In rooms, the lumen value should be between 100 and 300 lumens per square metre.

Outdoors, values between 400 - 600 lumens are considered normal for classic outdoor lighting. However, if your LED floor lamp is to function as a spotlight outdoors, several thousand lumens may be necessary.

Indoor / outdoor

Before you decide on an LED floor lamp, you should of course be clear about whether you want to install it indoors or outdoors. With an indoor LED floor lamp, you can theoretically choose from the complete range of LED floor lamps.

However, if you are looking for an outdoor LED floor lamp, it is important that you prefer a model that is waterproof. It is also important that the LED lamp has a firm stand and is preferably made of a durable material. In addition, you should choose an LED floor lamp that produces sufficient light intensity even in the dark.


LED floor lamps can be made of many different materials. However, materials made of metal, plastic or wood are used particularly often. Since each material has certain advantages and disadvantages, it is necessary that you deal with these in advance. LED floor lamps made of metal are basically relatively easy to care for. Since they are very robust and solid, they are often suitable for outdoor use.

However, it is important that LED metal lamps are glazed to protect them from rust. Plastic is particularly interesting if you are looking for a particularly easy-care and lightweight LED floor lamp. In this case, however, the workmanship of the LED floor lamps is often not of very high quality. The situation is different with LED floor lamps made of wood, as this material is usually processed very nobly. However, models made of this material are relatively sensitive.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about LED floor lamps answered in detail

In order to provide you with an even more comprehensive overview on the topic of LED floor lamps, we have compiled the most important questions. We will now answer them briefly but clearly.

What is an LED lamp?

An LED floor lamp is a type of floor lamp that uses light-emitting diodes to generate light. While LED lamps were known for their bright white light in the past, nowadays they can produce many different light colours. At the latest after the EU-wide ban on classic light bulbs in 2012, LED lamps were chosen as the light source of the future. Today, LED lamps have long since established themselves on the market for illuminants.

What types of LED floor lamps are there?

With regard to LED floor lamps, you have a large selection of different variations. This applies both to the appearance of the floor lamps and in particular to their various additional functions. With this table, we first want to introduce you to the options you can choose from:

  • Classic LED floor lamp
  • LED floor lamp with dimmer function
  • LED floor lamp with colour change
  • LED floor lamp without cable
  • LED floor lamp with Smart function

In addition to the classic LED floor lamp, which does not have any relevant additional functions, LED floor lamps are also offered that have additional usage options. These include lamps that have a dimming function. With a dimmable LED floor lamp, you can choose between several brightness levels, depending on how much you want to illuminate a place.

Some lamps also offer the option of selecting the respective colour temperature. With LED floor lamps with colour change, you can choose between different colours in which the lamp should dip its light. This is done either via a control on the lamp itself or via a remote control. Many lamps offer a variety of colours, such as red, green, blue, purple, white, yellow and orange.

Unlike light sources such as the classic light bulb or halogen lamps, LED luminaires are extremely energy-efficient. (Image source: 123rf / Paolo De Santis)

LED floor lamps without cables are conveniently powered by a rechargeable battery. This means that these floor lamp models can be used particularly flexibly, even where there is no direct power supply. The battery of these LED floor lamps is charged via a USB charging cable.

LED floor lamps with Smart function are a particularly modern variant. These models can be controlled via a WLAN or Bluetooth connection and an app. Some smart LED floor lamps are therefore compatible with Amazon's Alexa or Google Home and even respond via voice recognition.

What is the advantage of an LED floor lamp?

LED floor lamps offer the advantage that they are very energy-saving. Therefore, LED lamps are generally considered to be particularly environmentally friendly. Due to their low power consumption, you can also save enormous electricity costs with LED lights. If you decide to buy an LED floor lamp, another advantage is the service life of LEDs. Depending on the type of lamp and the manufacturer, peak performance of up to 50,000 hours can be achieved.


LED floor lamps are an extremely modern and energy-saving variant for floor lamps. Due to the extreme longevity of LED lamps compared to other light sources, energy costs can be effectively saved by using LED lamps. Before buying an LED floor lamp, it is important to consider the many different versions of LED floor lamps. Buyers should decide in advance which functions are particularly important to them in an LED floor lamp.

These include the general type of lamp, additional functions such as colour change, battery operation, suitability for indoor / outdoor use, weight and the material of the lamp. The prices of LED floor lamps are extremely variable, but the costs should be made dependent on how many requirements the LED floor lamp model has to fulfil. Depending on the requirements, good LED floor lamp models are available in every price range.

Image source: David van Dijk / unsplash

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