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You are very welcome! One of the big highlights in the interior design market is the LED strip. In addition to collaborating with the lighting, it provides beauty and modernity to the environment.

If you want to know more about LED strips and understand how they can bring life to your home or commercial environment, stay with us! In this article, we explain everything you need to know about this accessory!


  • LED strips can be used in all kinds of environments and are always capable of changing the face of the decoration.
  • There are cool white LED strips, which give a modern and sober impression, yellowish or warm white, more intimate, and coloured, ideal for modern and stripped sensations.
  • It is possible to install LED strips that only help with the decoration or that also help with the lighting of the room.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about LED strip

Are you wondering how an LED strip light can beautify your environment? Don't worry, the buying guide is the section of our article that brings you all the answers you need.

Imagem mostra uma pessoa instalando uma fita de LED.

It is easy to install LED strips. (Source: Roman Budnyi /

What is an LED strip and what is it used for?

LED strips are light sources in a flexible strip format. They can be spread around a room, serving as lighting and decoration. Functioning as flashing lights, LED strips can offer continuous or alternating light. There are models with only one colour, while others offer variations.

The most common places for LED strips to be installed are moldings, handrails, steps, stairs and mirrors. They are hardly the primary light sources in a room, but they do collaborate with the generation of differentiated and colourful lighting.

Did you know that LED light was invented in 1962 by Professor Nick Holonyak? He worked for General Electric.

How do LED strips work?

Because they are adhesive, LED strips are very easy to install. They are sold in rolls of varying lengths. You can choose according to the size you need. Because they are flexible, LED strips can take on different shapes and directions.

You can install them according to the surface you plan to light. There are LED strips that run on battery and others that need an electrical source. For the latter, make sure there is an outlet nearby.

Imagem mostra uma fita de LED RGB em destaque.

LED strips can come in a variety of colours. (Source: BentChiang /

What are the advantages of LED strip lights?

The main advantage of LED strip is that it is a cheap, beautiful and efficient source of lighting and decoration. It has very affordable prices and does not consume much energy. You can use the LED strip light to create many different types of decorations. Depending on the colours, the shape and the place of installation, it can take on a more sober and elegant character or convey a modern and futuristic idea.

LED strips are versatile, matching all rooms and environments, sustainable and do not get hot. Some models are already compatible with smart homes and virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri. Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to LED strips: They offer few colour variations and many models are not resistant to rain and other agents of nature, making them unsuitable for outdoor areas. See a table with advantages and disadvantages of LED strips:

  • The prices are quite affordable
  • They are versatile and efficient for decoration
  • They are easy to install
  • They do not heat up and are sustainable
  • They do not consume much energy
  • There is no great variety of colours
  • Few models are suitable for outdoor environments

What are the colours of LED strips?

You can choose between three different styles of LED strip colours. Each one is suitable for environments with different characteristics.

  • Cold white LED strip light: This is a highly recommended strip for those who need sophistication and sobriety in the environment. It emits an entirely white and very striking light.
  • Warm white or yellowish LED strip light: It emits a type of yellowish light that is similar to that of incandescent light bulbs. The power consumption is higher, but it is ideal for those who want intimate environments.
  • RGB LED strip light: RGB stands for "red, green and blue". This LED strip emits the three colours in varying lighting patterns. It is great for those who want a more modern and relaxed atmosphere.

Are LED ribbons ideal for all environments?

There's no doubt that you can install LED strips in any environment. Due to the great versatility that such accessories possess, they communicate different impressions and sensations.

It is possible to give rooms a sober, modern or intimate character with LED strips

At home, it is possible to give an impression of sobriety, with cool white strips, or modernity, with RGB strips in various patterns, constantly on or flashing. Everything is a matter of choice and the rooms in question. The use of LED strips can be even more creative in commercial environments. How about giving an extremely intimate character to the bathroom of a restaurant? Generate a beautiful sense of modernity in an electronics shop?

Make your doctor's office look even more professional? With the diverse patterns and styles of LED strips, you can do it all!

Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing an LED strip

Are you no longer in any doubt that you want to decorate your home or business premises with LED strips? Great! It's time to discuss the most important criteria for choosing a model.


Before you buy your LED strip, know where you will install it and have the correct measurements. This way, you will be able to choose the nearest size roll. Most of the strips available on the market are 5 metres long, which is already large enough for many installations.

But there are smaller versions, ideal for small stairs and small rooms, and larger ones. It is possible to find rolls of up to 15 metres. Don't forget to check the proximity between the installation site and the electrical network.

Imagem mostra uma cozinha decorada com fita de LED.

The LED strip can be used in domestic or professional environments. (Source: Paul Vinten /


There are two main wattages of LED strips: 4.8 W and 7.2 W.

4.8 W power LED strips are ideal for decoration

4.8W LED ribbons do not have much use for lighting. The main feature is room decoration, but there is always a need for other light sources nearby. Those who prefer the LED strips to collaborate with the lighting should opt for 7.2 W models. In large rooms, you may still need the help of other lamps, but the effect created in environments such as bathrooms and stairs can be very beautiful.

Ease of control

Who wants to modernise his environment needs to rely on increasingly technological accessories. There are many LED strips controlled by remote control and with varied buttons, which help to vary speed, continuous or alternating brightness and to stop the lighting whenever necessary.

An even better idea is to have an LED strip compatible with smart homes or even specific virtual assistants. This way, you can have control from proprietary apps or by voice.

Quality certification

For you to be sure that you have chosen a quality LED strip, look at what certificates it has. The authorization of INMETRO is essential and must appear in the technical criteria. It is possible to find several low quality LED strips and without certifications in street stores, but the price below average is also reflected in poor durability. Choosing such a model will probably make you lose money in the long run.


Those who wish to have a versatile, cheap, beautiful and efficient decoration can opt for LED strips. Depending on the colours and power, they are capable of giving an impression of modernity, sobriety or even an intimate character to the environment.

You can buy LED strips that are controllable by remote control or even by voice if you have a smart home system. No matter whether in your home or in a commercial environment, the use of such accessories can transform the decor.

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