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Through this article, you can learn about LEGO Architecture, small assemblage pieces that include scale structures of iconic buildings around the world, which can contain from 250 to more than 1,000 units.

LEGO Architecture, in addition to serving as a tribute to great architects, is designed to be collected and even used as decoration. Its pieces, despite being so small, cover a large amount of detail, which is why they manage to represent different buildings successfully and exactly.

The Most Important

  • LEGO Architecture differs from other brands in the theme of its assemblage pieces, which pay homage to famous buildings established in different parts of the world. In addition, the pieces contain detailed details of the monuments, and the sets are compatible with the rest of the LEGO world.
  • LEGO Architecture sets have many advantages, including entertainment along with learning, fostering creativity and skill development, as well as a wide age range recommended for use. Each set is part of a comprehensive collection.
  • LEGO Architecture products are distinguished from other brands by several factors that you should consider before buying, such as the design of the pieces, which are related to the complexity of the set, the fact that they are collectible and the recommended age range for their use.

The Best LEGO Architecture: Our Picks

Buying Guide: what you need to know about LEGO Architecture

An original way to entertain yourself is through LEGO Architecture, which, through the construction of famous buildings around the world, allows you to learn and encourages creativity. To get the most suitable set for your needs, you will need to consider the following information.

Combine entertainment and learning with LEGO Architecture! (Photo: Sikkema/

How much does LEGO Architecture cost?

LEGO Architecture is made of the same material, so this would not be a determining factor in the price, but the value varies depending on the complexity of the building and the number of pieces in the set. In other words, a set with 1,200 pieces and an instruction manual of more than 250 pages can cost more than 300 GBP.

On the other hand, a set with 1,000 pieces, which allows the construction of a single famous building and contains a medium level of complexity, will be priced at approximately 140 GBP, while a set with pieces ranging from 250 to 700 units of medium-low complexity, will cost between 25 and 130 GBP.

The LEGO Architecture pieces include a great deal of detail about the places to which they pay homage. (Source: Mason/

What is the difference between LEGO Architecture and other brands?

Unlike other brands and toy lines, LEGO Architecture sets are intended for children and adults who enjoy building small replicas of iconic buildings. These products, in addition to encouraging creativity, instruct people basic and sometimes curious information about each monument.

Their pieces are moulded and defined according to the buildings to which they refer, and many of them have meticulous details of the places. They are also part of a collection that grows over time, is compatible with the LEGO world and can be displayed anywhere, from the home to the office.

LEGO Architecture Other brands' products
Materials Plastic Plastic
Theme Famous buildings' architecture Various themes
Instructional Yes Not always
LEGO world compatibility Yes No

Where to buy LEGO Architecture?

LEGO Architecture sets, while not easy to find, are available in a variety of places that are sure to be within your reach. First, we recommend you go to different online sales sites, such as Amazon, Mercado Libre and Ebay, where you can find several models available.

You can also go directly to physical Lego shops, where they will probably have most of the models in stock, especially the most recent ones, or you can go to the brand's website. You can also find these products in other toy stores such as Juguetron or in various department stores.

LEGO Architecture sets, although not easy to find, are available in several places that will surely be within your reach. (Source: Albeik/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of LEGO Architecture?

LEGO Architecture is made up of small assemblage pieces that, together, form famous buildings found around the world, paying homage to great architects. They have the advantage of entertaining, while at the same time testing dexterity and creativity.

They also cover a wide age range, from 12 to 99 years of age. Each LEGO Architecture set contains a manual or instruction manual, but the number of pieces may vary, as well as their complexity, which is described on the product packaging.

  • Entertain while encouraging dexterity and creativity
  • Have varying numbers of pieces and difficulties
  • Contain instructions with building facts
  • Cover a wide range of recommended ages
  • Can get boring or tiring after a while
  • Pieces are prone to getting lost
  • If you don't choose the right set, they can be too complex
  • Pieces can feel too small

Fun facts: what you didn't know about LEGO Architecture

The LEGO Architecture line, part of the LEGO Group, is a new form of entertainment through which children and adults can create famous micro-scale buildings. Although they may look like simple assemblage blocks, they have a story behind them that defines them and makes them stand out.

What is the warranty on LEGO Architecture, and how can I claim it?

LEGO Architecture has the same policies as all other LEGO group playground equipment lines, which allow products to be returned within 60 days of purchase. You must call our customer service number, which is 01 800 020 7378, and ask for a return authorization number.

How did LEGO Architecture come about?

Adam Reed Tucker, an architect and graduate of Kansas State University, discovered that he could bring together his two favourite activities, art, and architecture, through Lego pieces. He founded the company Brick structures, Inc. where he designed and manufactured scale models of large buildings, which attracted the LEGO Group, enabling a partnership.

Buying criteria

The LEGO Architecture line includes several well-known buildings from around the world and is distinguished from other brands by a few factors, such as the design of the pieces, the collection of sets and the recommended ages for use. To help you make the best purchase decision, we recommend you read the following information.

Part design

LEGO Architecture pieces include a lot of detail about the places they pay homage to. In addition, each set includes various quantities of assemblage pieces, which are related to the level of difficulty of the product and allow you to determine how much time you will spend on the construction of the building.

More than 1200 pieces. These sets are designed for fans of architecture and games of dexterity, creativity, and a lot of patience. The assembly time will depend on the time invested in the game; however, they tend to pay homage to large spaces and include many details.

Around 800 pieces. If you are looking for a set with a reasonable number of pieces, then we recommend one of these, which, although they require a lot of time to build, are not as complicated as the previous ones.

Around 250 pieces. This type of set is designed for children and adults who are discovering their love of building with assemblage blocks. They do not require a lot of time, as they do not contain too many details, although patience and passion are always necessary, regardless of their difficulty.


LEGO Architecture are designed to be collected because of their strong resemblance to the buildings they refer to. Besides the fact that they are part of a very original idea, new sets are created from time to time, adding to the collection that you can install on a table in your home or on the mantelpiece in your office.

The current LEGO Architecture collection includes the following sets: Empire State Building, Trafalgar Square, New York City, U.S. Capitol Building, Statue of Liberty, Great Wall of China, Las Vegas, London, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, among others.

Unlike other brands, LEGO Architecture has well-defined age ranges for its products, from 12 to 99 years of age. Although each set consists of assemblage blocks, they have difficulties that are not appropriate for everyone.

LEGO Architecture is made up of small assemblable pieces that together form famous buildings found around the world. (Source: Jacquier/

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