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Superheroes and toys have always been concepts that go hand in hand. Children and adults alike seek them out, whether to play with them or to collect them, especially those small figures made up of assemblable pieces such as the Avengers Lego figures, as they give free rein to the imagination.

To help you get the best Avengers Lego figures, we bring you this shopping guide so you know everything you need to know when looking for them. We'll start by answering the most common questions about these toys, then we'll tell you what to look for to get the best looking models.

The most important

  • Avengers Lego are small toys of interchangeable pieces, which are themed after Marvel superheroes. They have small parts that can be assembled or built in different configurations, allowing you to create things like vehicles, places and tools by arranging the pieces.
  • There are different types of Avengers Lego, such as versions containing one or two figures with vehicles or small constructions, and those containing large vehicles and multiple figures. Both are priced very differently, and this is due to the number of pieces included in each.
  • If Avengers Lego is a gift for a child, it is ideal to know how careful they are with their toys. Many large and expensive models can contain pieces that are very easy to lose, so pay attention to the age range. In any case, no matter if it's for children or adults, buy it from their favourite heroes!

The Best LEGO Avengers: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Lego Avengers

If you don't know much about superheroes or Avengers Lego, it's time to get to know them a little better. These are brick sets licensed by the Denmark company that are themed around Marvel heroes, with a focus on those from The Avengers movies.

Let your imagination run wild with your favourite superheroes. (Photo: Irina Schmidt/

What is the difference between Avengers Lego and other brands?

In the world of building blocks there really is no competition, Lego is the brand to buy when you want to build with toy blocks. Their build quality and packaging is impeccable, so you will rarely find defects, uneven colours or missing pieces in the boxes.

Other brands can barely get their blocks to hold together, have the right pieces or colours, which can make little big Marvel superhero fans sad. Buying an Avengers Lego and not other brands will save you from surprises, such as finding a purple Iron Man or a green Spider-Man.

Avengers Lego blocks Generic Avengers blocks
Type of product Original and licensed by Marvel Pieces from similar Lego or imitation sets
Are they collectible Yes, they even have resale value No
Entry price 5 GBP 5 GBP to  25 GBP

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Avengers Lego?

As with any original product, the clearest advantage is in the quality and consistency. Avengers Lego sets are made to be interchangeable with other pieces and sets from the same company. If you already have sets from other series you can create situations like Thor driving the Millennium Falcon without much effort.

  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • Great build quality
  • Multiple characters available
  • All collectible
  • Develops creativity
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Easy to lose pieces
  • Dangerous for children under 7

Fun facts: what you didn't know about Avengers Lego blocks

Want to know a bit more about these building blocks? Well, here you will find interesting and quality information, so you can share it with your friends. We'll also tell you where you can get help if you need new parts or instructions.

How do I find Avengers Lego instructions?

Just go to the customer service page and go to the instructions section. There you can find the building guide you need or know the code of your set, or identify it by the year or theme of manufacture. There you can download it to your phone or computer to view it at your leisure.

Buying criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Avengers Lego models

In case you don't know much about superheroes or building bricks, here we will help you choose the Avengers Lego that you will like the most. Here we'll give you the most influential buying factors so you won't have any problems when you go shopping for them.


Since not everyone is pop culture savvy, you may not know anything about the Marvel superheroes. But don't worry! You don't have to do much research to find out which characters are included in these sets. It's important to know this, because if you're giving it as a gift, you don't want to disappoint the recipient.

Marvel Heroes: The Avengers Lego includes only Marvel superheroes, such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and even Spider-Man. You will never find Batman, Superman or Flash in these sets, as they are part of the DC heroes. Here we will include a small, relatively complete chart to better identify them.

Hero Iron Man Thor Captain America Spider-Man Black Widow and Hawkeye Hulk Thanos
Appearance in Avengers All the movies All the movies All the movies All the movies Avengers 2 and 3 All the movies All the movies
Appears in films From Iron Man, cameos in others From Thor, cameos in others From Captain America, cameos in others From Spider-Man Multiple cameos in others Multiple cameos in others Multiple cameos in others

Type of toy

Not all Avengers Lego bricks and pieces are the same, as there are two types, the minifigures (or Lego Men) and the building blocks. Knowing this can save you money when you go out and buy individual pieces, as there are certain characters that you can find separately.

Lego Men or Minifigures: If you've seen the Lego movie then you know what these toys look like. They are little plastic men with multiple designs and interchangeable pieces. They are usually included in large sets, but are also sold individually. They are the cheapest way to get hero figures.

Building bricks: Here you can find all kinds of pieces, as these are the ones that make up spaceships, buildings, robots and even giant versions of heroes. The larger versions can be very expensive, while the smaller ones can be cheap.

Requires a certain level of attention and some caution

Avengers Lego bricks recommend certain ages for users of their sets. This is because many of the pieces require a certain level of attention and some caution. You don't have to worry if you're giving them to an adult, but if it's for a young child, pay attention.

Ages 3 to 5 - 6 to 8 8 or more
Type of sets Small vehicles, up to 4 minifigures, easy builds Multiple minifigures, ships, complex builds

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