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Minecraft Legos are undoubtedly a perfect combination between the traditional educational blocks and the innovative themes of one of the most famous video games of all times. What can go wrong? Join us and discover this fantastic playful universe!

Most children are familiar with both Legos and Minecraft video games, both of which are fun and original. The union of these two variants of children's entertainment is an excellent alternative for them to enjoy their favourite characters but interacting with them through real replicas.

Throughout this article we will tell you about the different varieties of Minecraft Legos, including their best-selling and most valued products, their different costs and the commercial sites where you can buy them, among other aspects that will help you choose the perfect model for your child.

The most important

  • Minecraft Legos are blocks inspired by the themes of the popular children's video game. By means of these bricks you can build different scenarios related to the different themes that are developed through the virtual game.
  • Among the different varieties of Minecraft Legos you can find models of animals, pirates, and zombies, among many other themes. These variants differ from each other by their themes, characters, approaches, ages, gender, etc.
  • When buying a Minecraft Lego game, it is important that you take into account certain relevant aspects, such as its different themes, characters, age and gender, among other particularities.

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Buying guide

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with all the necessary information about the product you are interested in buying. Therefore, we will tell you what are the most important features of Minecraft Legos, including their advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial.

Minecraft Legos develop children's imagination and creativity. (Photo: famveldman /

What are Minecraft Legos and what are their advantages?

Minecraft Legos are small construction objects made up of blocks, bricks and characters based on the famous video game for which it is named. The main objective of this children's entertainment is to build structures with elements from the Minecraft universe.

In 2009, a videogame was released on the market that today, more than 10 years later, is still all the rage among children (and not so children!) due to its creativity and originality. That is why the Minecraft world began to generate other alternatives to interact with the main characters and elements of the video game.

Among their many advantages, Minecraft Legos are a playful, fun and entertaining alternative to create different game scenarios and adventures. They also allow children to develop their imagination, stimulate their cognitive functions, improve motor skills and encourage empathy.

  • They develop imagination and creativity
  • They stimulate cognitive and motor functions
  • They improve attention and concentration
  • They are fun, playful and didactic
  • They are of excellent quality
  • Small pieces can be dangerous for babies
  • Some themes may be a little violent
  • They are expensive

Minecraft animal, pirate or zombie Legos - what to look out for?

You can find different models of Minecraft Legos on the market, adapted to the different tastes and interests of children. Here are some of the most popular Minecraft themes, so you can choose the one you like best for your child.

Animals. You can find different models of Minecraft Legos with animals, as they are fundamental characters in this universe. There are sets of chicken coops (since chickens are one of the main characters), or you can get smaller sets with a human accompanied by an animal.

Pirates. Here you'll discover the exciting world of pirates with their themed accessories, such as ships, flags, gangways, cannons and Minecraft characters. This versatile Lego game allows children to modify scenarios and create new stories, making it very educational.

Zombies. Minecraft Zombie Legos are all about fighting the reckless undead. Here you will find iron spikes, bats, ladders, gold, diamonds and coal, among other elements that will help you defeat them (although some children are scared by this theme).

Animal Pirate Zombie
Type of game Discovery Adventure Fighting, action
Characters Chickens, dogs, sheep, pigs, parrots, etc. Pirates, zombie, dolphin, parrot, etc. Zombie, baby zombie, bat, etc.
Comparative ages 4-7 years approx 7-10 years approx 7-10 years approx
Gender Both Children, mainly Children, mainly
Main characteristics They are usually simple legos, for younger children They are more complete legos, allowing you to create different stories and scenarios They are action and fighting legos, where you have to defeat zombies and avoid obstacles

How much do Minecraft Legos cost?

The prices of Minecraft Legos depend mainly on the models and sizes, but there are other aspects as well. Below, we will tell you the approximate costs of this product so that you can have an estimated reference of the commercial values.

In the market you can find different models of Minecraft Legos with different themes. (Photo: Ekaterina Minaeva /


Buying criteria

In this last section we will talk about the main buying criteria you should take into account when buying a Minecraft Lego, as it is a product with many varieties, adapted to the different ages and interests of children. Don't miss it!

  • Other themes
  • Characters
  • Ages
  • Genre

Other themes

In addition to the ones mentioned in the comparison chart, there are other Minecraft Lego themes for children's interests. Below, we will mention some of them so that you can choose the one that seems most suitable for your little one.

Skulls and skeletons. There are models of Minecraft Legos with skulls that spew mud and bubbling lava for jumping, as well as daredevil skeletons. If your child likes action and fighting games, these variants will be perfect for them, as will the zombie ones.

Creative mix. These original variants come with a mix of themed objects, such as bricks, shelters, towers, mines and farms, which allow you to build different scenarios and modify them continuously. This variant is a great option for children to develop their imagination and creativity, without sticking to models to copy.


Minecraft Legos come with the video game's own characters; therefore, you can find the main characters of this children's universe interacting with each other in different scenarios. Here we will mention some of them for you to get to know them.

Steve and Alex. Steve and Alex are the main characters of the Minecraft stories, so they can't be missing in the Lego games. They are in charge of fighting zombies and other evil creatures, building houses, interacting with animals, fulfilling different objectives, etc.

Villagers. Villagers, who are also characteristic characters in Minecraft, live by farming and livestock, and escape from the zombies (although there are zombie villagers who need to be converted). They are central to the game because they interact with the animals and fulfil different objectives.

Animals. Animals also play a significant role in this game and are integrated into the different thematic sets as a main character in the stories. You can find chickens, sheep, pigs, dogs, spiders, parrots, bats, turtles and squids, among others.

Creepers and Slimes. Creepers and Slimes are evil characters in these stories. The former are explosive, and the latter annoy the explorers. These rather cute monsters add excitement and adventure to the different game scenarios.

The Minecraft Lego sets come with a variety of characters based on the popular video game. (Photo: Ekaterina Minaeva /


Minecraft Legos are adapted to the different ages of children. Below, we'll tell you which games are best for each stage, although it will always depend on your child's personal preferences and interests.

4 to 7 years old. At this age, children are very interested in animals, so you can choose different varieties of models where the pets of this game prevail (and there are many of them!). On the other hand, you should ideally look for sets with few pieces so that it is not difficult for them to assemble the scenarios.

7 to 10 years old. At this age, they are beginning to get to know and learn more about the characters in this video game, so they look for specific themes according to their personal preferences. At this stage you can look for more complex games to build (especially if your child is 10 years old).

10 years and older. From the age of 10 onwards, children are already much more connected to the virtual world, so they will know by heart how to build different scenarios. You can opt for games with many pieces to develop their imagination, creativity and concentration.


While boys and girls nowadays share common interests without being pigeonholed (most of the time), there are certain Minecraft Legos game themes that are often chosen by girls and others by boys. Here are a few, but ideally you should prioritise their freedom of choice.

Boys. Boys usually prefer Minecraft Legos with themes of zombies, pirates, skeletons, skulls and anything related to fighting, action and adventure, although older boys may go for the more complex construction variants.

Girls. Girls tend to prefer Minecraft Legos games with animal, garden, and creative building themes. But there are also many little girls who love zombies or pirates, so they can find a wide variety and range of themes to have fun with.

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