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Welcome to the Wellness Guide! Today's subject will please our female public, because we're going to talk about the lipstick case, a super important item for the organisation of your make-up!

Nobody likes a disorganized dressing table, right? That's why we decided to talk about this product that besides promoting organization, it helps you keep your lipsticks in good condition!

If you haven't purchased this item yet, feel free to read our guide and look for information about the lipstick holder!

First things first

  • The lipstick case is the first step towards organising your make-up. It keeps all your lipsticks in a single organizer box, but with dividers between them.
  • Some of these products come with a complete kit, and have the possibility of storing other cosmetics as well.
  • Although most of the lipstick holders are made of acrylic, there are many of other materials, such as wood and plastic.

The Best Lipstick Holders in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

Buying Guide

With the busy day to day, sometimes we end up not being able to organize our things as we would like, and in the case of women, the mess usually goes to the beauty items.

If you intend to buy a lipstick holder to start putting your space in order, we recommend that you read our Buying Guide, which is full of really cool information about the theme!

 Foto de uma mulher de cabelos castanhos, passando batom vermelho enquanto olha para um pequeno espelho de maquiagem.

Keeping your makeup organized is great, and a lipstick holder is a welcome aid in that mission. (Source: / Pexels)

What is a lipstick holder?

If you are passionate about makeup, you know that it is not always easy to keep your products in order. Due to the quantity, we end up creating the habit of mixing them in bags and drawers, which makes it difficult when we need them quickly.

The best way to save time and solve this issue is by organizing your space. The lipstick holder is an item that, as the name implies, was planned to store your lipsticks.

It is an object with several dividers, where you can leave your lipsticks standing next to each other, making it easy to see them all!

Imagem de mesa com maquiagens e porta batom.

With the lipstick holder you stay more organized and save time by having your lipsticks visible. (Source: belchonock / 123RF)

What are the advantages of the lipstick case?

Obviously the biggest one is the organization. Anyone looking for a lipstick case to leave their makeup on display, and thus always know where each thing is.

This item is super practical, and can be placed on top of countertops, dressing tables, or even be kept in cabinets and drawers. The coolest thing is that you can organize your lipsticks by colour, brand, texture, as you prefer.

In some cases, the lipstick holder comes accompanied by other accessories, which allow you to store brushes and other cosmetics.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of buying a lipstick case:

  • Organizes the lipsticks
  • Adds beauty and sophistication
  • Conserves the lipstick
  • Good cost benefit
  • It is necessary to have enough dividers for your lipsticks
  • Lipstick holders made of fragile materials break easily

Which to choose: lipstick case or nécessaire?

In addition to the lipstick case, many women have the habit of storing their cosmetics in nécessaires, organizer bags that can be transported.

In fact, the nécessaires are perfect for travel or situations in which you will spend many hours away from home, however, for the day to day, the lipstick case is still a better option.

It keeps your lipsticks much more organized, and allows you to view all of them at once, without wasting time looking for the one you need.

Foto de um porta batom com alguns batons dentro.

With the lipstick holder you can organize in order of colour, texture, brand or however you prefer. (Source: Amazon)

In addition, the lipsticks are not in contact, which is great for hygiene issues, because in the nécessaire, it is common for cosmetics to mix and get dirty.

In general, it's good that you have both products at home, however, know that each one of them has its function, and one is totally geared towards residential use, and the other for travel, ok?

Lipstick case Necessaire
Function Keeps lipsticks organized, side by side, in small dividers Keeps lipsticks and other makeup together inside an organizer bag
Type of use Residential Ideal for travel
Price Medium to low Medium to low

How much does it cost?

If you are worried about the prices of a good lipstick holder, you can rest assured. The good news is that although there are some more expensive options, most are quite affordable and should fit in your pocket.

What differs a lot the values of this item is its size, since there are large and small options.

In general, the price of a lipstick case varies between $ 30 and $ 90, but if you are going to buy a complete kit, which has dividers for other makeup, be prepared to pay a little more. In these situations, the values can reach up to $ 200, because these are more elaborated products.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the different models of lipstick case

Every product, no matter how simple it is, should be analyzed carefully before purchase. It is important that you pay attention to details so you do not end up buying something you will not use.

With the lipstick case is no different. We have selected some points about it that you should take into account:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Transparency
  • Design

Now we will give you the details about these items.

Foto de vários batons dispostos em um porta batons de uma loja, para venda.

It is important to be aware of the size and the material that your lipstick holder is made of. (Source: Skitterphoto / Pexels)


The size concerns the amount of dividers that your lipstick holder will have, and this is its most important feature.

If you have many lipsticks at home and want to organize all of them, it is important that you buy an organizer with several dividers. There are lipstick holders with room for up to 30 lipsticks.

But, if you do not need a very large product, you can opt for those with fewer dividers, such as 10. This question varies greatly according to the needs of each one, and there is no exact rule.

Also, check the size in centimeters to make sure it fits in that little corner you are planning.


When choosing your lipstick case, you will notice that most of them are made of acrylic, which is great because it is a very resistant material.

However, the models vary a lot, and therefore, you will find lipstick holders made of various materials, such as plastic, wood, and even cardboard covered with velvet.

We recommend you to take a good look if the product you are buying is durable and of good quality, so that you don't run the risk of being disappointed right away, you know?


Having a transparent lipstick case is not essential, but it helps a lot when it comes to locating your favorite lipsticks, because it allows you to easily see them inside the organizer.

Besides, a transparent object combines with everything, and it shouldn't be a problem when it comes to decoration.

However, it does require more frequent sanitation, especially inside, as it shows any dust. Consider these issues when deciding whether or not transparency is a priority for you.

Imagem de porta batom e outras maquiagens.

The transparent organiser is better for viewing products. (Source: belchonock / 123RF)


There's not much mystery about the design of a lipstick holder, right? But still, it might be interesting that you notice if the product you've chosen matches your bedroom or bathroom. After all, nothing tastes better than a home in tune.

There are mirrored models, lined with fabrics or even hand-painted. It's up to you to understand your profile, analyse your decor and buy the one you like the most!

(Fonte da imagem destacada: Roman Stetsyk / 123RF)