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Welcome to Monederosmart! Of course we know how important it is to buy a good lipstick that complements your look and makes it perfect. That's why in this article we present you the favourite lipsticks of the comparison shoppers, as well as all the aspects you should take into account before buying one.

It may seem simple, just choose a lipstick in the colour of your choice and that's it! Effective shopping, but it's not that easy. It is of utmost importance that you are well oriented when purchasing this type of products, as they are health-related products.

We want to help you and that is why we will introduce you to the different types of lipsticks that exist, which ingredients are recommended and which you should avoid, as well as prices, purchasing factors and the places where you can find them. Don't miss it!


  • A lipstick is a cosmetic product that is applied to the lips to give them colour, moisture and/or shine. There are different types of lipsticks that can give you one or more benefits at the same time. Its size is excellent to carry with you everywhere you go.
  • Lipsticks can come in different presentations such as balm, liner, gloss and lipstick. Below we explain what each of them consists of and what their main features are.
  • Although it may seem simple to choose a lipstick, there are factors that must be taken into account in order to make a successful purchase and make the investment really worthwhile. Presentation, finish, durability, ingredients and colour are some of them.

The Best Lipsticks: Our Picks

Nowadays there is an infinite number of brands that offer you lipsticks of all kinds, colours and presentations. That's why in this section we want to show you which are the most popular and most purchased lipsticks online and why buyers prefer them.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about lipsticks

Since choosing a lipstick is not as easy as it seems, due to all the factors you need to take into account before making your purchase, we help you get a clearer picture of all aspects of lipsticks. We hope that after reading this, you'll feel more confident about making your purchase.

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What is lipstick and what are its advantages?

A lipstick is a cosmetic product that is applied to the lips with different purposes such as moisturising, refreshing, lining and/or colouring. Lipsticks have evolved and improved over time to provide better texture, finish, saturation and durability.

The correct way to apply it can vary depending on the shape and thickness of your lips and the type of applicator you have. When done properly, it helps to highlight the features of the face.

In the past, lipsticks were made for the sole purpose of adding colour to the lips. Today, consumer demands are greater and among the benefits of using a good quality lipstick you can find products that provide moisture, long wear, shine and even sun protection.

  • They moisturise the lips
  • They give colour
  • They give shine
  • They reaffirm your style
  • There are long lasting lipsticks
  • They are accessible in price
  • They are easy to use
  • You can take them everywhere because they are small
  • You can find any shade
  • You must touch up your lips frequently
  • You can stain your clothes
  • Some can dry your lips

Lipstick, balm, liner, gloss - what should you pay attention to?

This cosmetic product, as mentioned before, has several functions. Before choosing one, you should take into account what you want to use it for, as this will determine what type of lipstick you should use and what you will get the most out of it. Here we explain the variations you can find.

Lip balm. The main function of this type of product is to moisturise and soften the lips. Most lip balms do not contain pigments that give colour to the lips. Its use is more focused on the care and health of the lips so that they have a healthy appearance.

Lip gloss. If you like the look of gloss and shine, this type of lipstick is the one for you. You can find them colourless so you can use them over lipstick if you wish. In addition to the gloss, you can add a touch of colour to your lips, although you won't get the same colour saturation as with other lipsticks.

Lip liner. Lip liners are a more delicate variant of lipsticks, as they are thin and have a fine tip, making it possible to apply them more precisely. They are used before applying liquid or stick lipstick and are usually the same colour. They can also be used alone, so that only the lip contours are highlighted.

Lipsticks. These are the ones that will always have colour, as their main purpose is purely aesthetic. You can find products on the market that in addition to colour offer a mixture of all of them, i.e. colour, moisture and shine at the same time. You can find them in sticks or liquids.


Type Lip balm Lip gloss Lip liner Lipsticks
Price Low Low Low to medium Low to high
Duration Little Little to regular Regular to a lot Regular to a lot
Hydration High Nil to low Low to medium Low to high
Colour Nil to little Nil to little Medium to high Medium to very high

Care for and enhance your lips with the best products. (Photo: lilu1331/

Buying criteria

Commonly the choice of lipsticks is based on colour and we rarely take into account everything that is involved in choosing a good quality lipstick that will make our investment a successful one. So here are the different factors you should consider before making your purchase.


Presentation is basically how you will find the product. Although each brand has a distinctive packaging so that you can differentiate it, the product itself can only be found in three different presentations.

In sticks. This presentation is the most common, since 1915 it is the form in which the lipstick was elaborated to be practical and portable. All types, colours and finishes can be found in this presentation.

Liquid. Nowadays it is almost as common as the lipstick stick. The practicality of its applicator, although they may be different, makes it easy to apply and more precise than the stick.

In a palette. Although this presentation is no longer common, you can still find some lipsticks in palettes that are applied with a brush. These types of products are not very practical to use, but they still exist.


This determines how your lips will look after applying the lipstick. There are basically two types of finish that lipsticks can have. These are:

Glossy. These are creamy textured lipsticks that do not dry completely, which gives them a glossy finish. You can also apply gloss, or lip gloss, on top of them for a much glossier look.

Matte. Matte lipsticks are usually very drying on the lips. Due to their formulas that achieve the matte effect once the product is applied and dries, they tend to leave a layer of product that becomes hard and dry.

Many brands have managed to improve their formulas to give you not only a matte finish, but also moisture for your lips. They have also managed to eliminate the dry look that many of them leave behind.


It is very important that you choose a lipstick that lasts as long as you need it to. There are different types of lipsticks that last and by last we mean how long you will have your lips painted before you have to touch them up. Here we show them to you.

Normal. Lipsticks that don't specify any type of wear time are usually lipsticks that last between 2 and 3 hours. After this time you usually have to touch them up.

Long-wearing. This type of lipsticks are very fashionable because they are products that adapt to your lifestyle and no matter what activities you do, the colour on your lips will remain intact. The duration of these lipsticks varies depending on the brand and its formulas but this type of lipstick can last between 4 and 12 hours intact.

Permanent. This category of lipsticks can last up to 24 hours. They usually do not have the legend "permanent" because that would reveal the large amount of chemicals and artificial pigments they may contain that make your lips absorb the colour.


The ingredients in lipsticks are of utmost importance as they are the ones that will be in contact with your skin for several hours. We recommend using products with almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E or panthenol. These compounds help to keep your lips healthy and moisturised.

Also look for products that are environmentally friendly, i.e. that do not harm the ecosystem during production, practice organic farming and are free of animal cruelty, to name a few.

Avoid buying lipsticks that contain lead, a toxic metal that is harmful to health, parabens, used as preservatives and iron oxide, which can cause allergies when absorbed by the body.


The range of colours that exist in lipsticks is enormous. You can find almost any colour of lipstick. There are even shops where you can make your own lipstick in the colour of your choice. You can usually find the shades segmented, here's how.

Neutral colours. Neutral or nude colours are those that are similar to skin tones and basically combine with all colours. This range of colours is very wide and you can find pink, beige, chocolate and brown tones, depending on your skin tone. The purpose of nudes is to give a natural look to the lips.

Colourful shades. This range includes colours with a lot of saturation such as oranges, purples, blues, pinks, greens and reds. These shades are perfect for light to medium skin tones and the more saturated the colour the better it will look on darker skin tones.

Dark. Dark colours are those whose dramatic intensities are in shades of red, wine, purple and even black. This range of colours are ideal for light and medium skin tones. They give a sober look and help to highlight the features.

Metallics. In this type of lipsticks you can find basically all the colours but their distinctive feature is the metallic finish they have. This gives a very different appearance to the lips and makes them much more striking to the eye, which is why it is recommended to use them in the right place and on the right occasion.

Blue and purple shades look best on fair complexions. Orange, copper and red tones look best on medium and dark complexions.

Nowadays there is no rule to wear whatever colour you like on your lips, no matter what skin tone you have. Just remember that the type of look you want to achieve determines the shade, intensity and finish you should use.

Care for and enhance your lips with the best products. (Photo: delcreations/

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