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Welcome to the Wellness Guide! Today we will talk about liquid lipstick, a type of cosmetic very well known and used by the female public. Like the lipstick, the liquid version has as main goal to pigment the lips, giving them strong colours, or just ensuring a healthy appearance.

Its ease of application draws attention and attracts women who seek more practical models. In the guide below we will explain you a little better about all the advantages of liquid lipstick, besides pointing out all the best in the market. Let's go?

First things first

  • Liquid lipsticks, as well as the traditional ones, have the function of pigmenting and highlighting the lips.
  • Some of them are known for their matte effect, which ensures a dry look on the lips, avoiding smudges and stains.
  • Although they have a similar structure to a gloss, they are products with very different purposes.

The Best Liquid Lipstick: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now that we've scored everything that is best in the liquid lipstick market, we will present you all the details and benefits of this product. Follow us!

Foto de uma mulher de blusa de tricot vermelha, aplicando com uma das mãos um batom líquido rosê, e com a outra segurando um pequeno espelho de maquiagem, através do qual ela checa sua make.

The liquid lipstick has a gloss texture, but matte effect and good fixation. (Source: / Pexels)

What is liquid lipstick?

Very similar to the stick version, liquid lipstick, as the name implies, has a very creamy texture. It is shiny and malleable, and some can have a matte look and other creamy look, but always being a great way out for those looking for high fixation.

It is a lipstick that comes with an applicator with a sponge on the tip, which facilitates that it is spread over the entire surface of the lip, being this considered a very practical method.

What are the advantages of liquid lipstick?

Liquid lipstick is known to be a very practical version of the common lipstick. It comes out ahead in the fixation aspect, because it usually stays on the lips for hours without smudging, especially if it is one of the models that has the matte technology, which ensures a dry result on the lips.

Besides, liquid lipstick has a very simple application, since it comes with an applicator designed to facilitate the tracing of the mouth. In other words, in just a few seconds you are able to spread the entire content on the lips without much difficulty.

In general, liquid lipstick ensures durability, shine and high coverage, being also known for its strong pigments. In the case of creamy models, although they always maintain the feeling of hydration on the lips, some women may be bothered by the fact that the mouth will always remain wet.

On the other hand, the options that have matte effect may displease women who do not like the feeling of dryness on the lips. In this case, it is important that you understand that many of them, even collaborate for the hydration of the lips, but due to the proposal of high fixation, they end up leaving a false feeling of dryness.

The comfort in the mouth is essential and you should look for the options that suit you best, regardless of being creamy or matte. Below, we present you a comparative table of advantages and disadvantages of liquid lipstick.

  • Matte or creamy effect, according to the tastes of each woman
  • High fixation
  • High coverage
  • Easy application
  • False drying sensation in matte options
  • In many cases the removal is only possible with the help of makeup remover
  • Wet mouth in creamy options

Liquid lipstick or gloss: What are the differences?

Because they have very similar structures, especially with regard to the applicator, the liquid lipstick and the gloss can end up being confused, however, they are very different. The liquid lipstick, as we said, is a winner when it comes to fixing, regardless of its texture being creamy or matte.

Besides, it is super pigmented, being an excellent choice for those who seek strong and vivid tones. Liquid lipstick is not as sticky and does not require frequent touch-ups. The gloss, on the other hand, has another purpose: its main goal is to give notable shine to the lips, and for this reason, it has a very honey texture.

In some cases, it even has glitter particles. Normally, the gloss has a transparent or very clear base, with very little pigmentation. It can even be used on top of other lipsticks to increase the lip shine. Finally, because it is not very pigmented, the gloss does not need a mirror in every application, once it exceeds the lip edges, it will not be marked.

However, it comes off easily and needs frequent touching up, as it is easily transferable to napkins, glasses, food and cutlery.

Liquid Lipstick Gloss
Purpose To pigment the lips To give shine to the lips
Pigmentation High Low
Texture Creamy or dry Creamy and sticky
Effect Matte or creamy Shiny
Fixation High Low

Foto de um batom líquido vermelho aberto, ao lado de uma xícara, uma revista aberta, um óculos de grau e uma caneta.

Liquid lipstick has a practical application and is an excellent choice to be carried in the handbag. (Source: Kaboompics / Pixabay)

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare liquid lipstick models

These types of lipsticks are pretty simple beauty products, and they don't offer much difficulty to the buyer. However, as we always talk about here at the Wellness Guide, we like to make it easy and tell you everything you should notice at the time of your purchase, such as:

  • Colour
  • Fixation
  • Coverage
  • Comfort

Below, we will explain these points a little better.


Before anything, it is essential that you choose a lipstick in a tone that pleases you. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find variety in this item, since the colours range from the lightest nudes to the darkest marsalas.

Nothing stops you, also, that you have several colours of liquid lipsticks at home, and use them according to the situation. For example, for work and for the day it is interesting to prioritize the lighter shades, as for night events the more closed shades may be a good choice.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable and satisfied with what you're wearing, ok?

Foto do rosto de uma mulher maquiada com olhos fechados e sorrindo.

You can have different colours of liquid lipstick. (Source: Starkvisuals / Pixabay)


Staying retouching the lipstick at work, at social events or during the club can be a bit annoying right? That's why it is interesting that you prioritize the fixation. As this is already a very common feature among liquid lipsticks, it should not be a big problem.

The matte lipsticks end up being even better at fixing than the creamy models, because once applied on the lips, they do not smudge or transfer to objects.


A high coverage lipstick is essential, right? After all, you don't want lips that are not very pigmented or even cracked. For this, be sure of the quality of the brand you are buying and, if possible, do a hand test before hitting the hammer.


It may sound strange, but it is very important that your liquid lipstick feels comfortable on your lips. Opt for those that have a velvety and subtle touch and avoid those that give a too dry feeling.

You can test the lipstick or read the opinion of those who have already used the product on online sales sites.

(Source of the highlighted image: / Pexels)

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