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The liquid soap dispenser is one of the most practical and hygienic items we can have in the bathroom or kitchen. This is because they do not accumulate germs and can be refilled whenever necessary.

But they need to be chosen with care! Therefore, we have separated some information, models, advantages and disadvantages and much more. This way, you can choose your liquid soap dispenser without fear!


  • Liquid soap dispensers help your hand washing to be more hygienic, as germs don't come into contact with the soap.
  • Always take into account the size of your kitchen or bathroom sink when choosing your liquid soap dispenser, so that it fits easily into the space.
  • Go for more durable and hygienic materials that can be washed easily to avoid dirt build-up and that are easy to use.

The Best Liquid Soap Dispenser: Our Picks

Buying Guide

There could be a number of reasons why you are looking to buy a new liquid soap dispenser. Maybe you want to change the style of your kitchen or just swap out your old bar soap for something more modern.Whatever the reason, there is definitely at least one liquid soap dispenser that is perfect for you.

Now, you just need to find that dispenser. To help you with that, we've put together this great guide with all the information you need to choose this everyday must-have.

Dispensador de sabonete líquido na pia do banheiro.

There are liquid soap dispensers of all sizes, models and styles. (Source: Congerdesigns/

What is a liquid soap dispenser?

Liquid soap dispensers are no longer a luxury item, but have become a necessary part of our daily lives. They are items designed to dispense the controlled amount of liquid soap that is needed to wash hands or dishes.

They have the advantage of being super easy to use and can help you keep everything clean, as you won't be putting germs in your soap when washing your hands. Plus, they are practical and don't make a mess in the sink.

There are many different types of liquid soap dispensers available in the market and you can buy them online as well. They add to the elegance and beauty of your bathroom or kitchen sink area and even reduce waste. It's a simple yet amazing item!

Why choose liquid soap?

First of all, one question you might be asking yourself is why choose liquid soap over bar soap, for example.
Liquid soap costs less than regular bar soap, making it an ideal substitute for businesses that have high traffic and need quick efficiency. Plus, it's much more hygienic.

To top it off, it comes in a range of scents that make it more appealing to a wider variety of people. Another advantage is that it can be supplied in cartridges or individual dispensers, making it easy and adaptable to any kind of situation

The disadvantage is that it tends to produce more waste than the bar soap variety. However, with a reusable liquid soap dispenser, you get rid of this problem.

  • Hygienic
  • Convenient
  • Economical
  • Good for dry skin
  • Mild aroma
  • Non-abrasive
  • Produces more waste

What are the types of liquid soap dispenser?

Popular types of soap dispensers include manual dispensers, automatic dispensers and pump dispensers. Manual dispensers can have a foot pedal or a button to release the liquid soap, just squeeze and voila, your soap will be in your hand.

In comparison, automatic dispensers come equipped with sensors that trigger the device, which in turn dispenses the liquid soap into your hand. They're super handy, but a bit pricey!

The pump variety, however, is the same as the manual style, but features an extra pump. It's very practical and it's quicker when it comes time to get the liquid soap out. Besides, it's great for not letting the dispenser clog when the amount of liquid soap is large.

Did you know?

The first soaps were formed by burning animal fat, or olive oil around the Mediterranean, until they dried and mixed with the ashes of a wood fire. The first users were either the Celts, who called it saipo, or the Phoenicians.

According to Pliny the Elder, the Phoenicians were using soap as early as 600 BC

What material is a liquid soap dispenser made of?

A high quality liquid soap dispenser can be made of glass, ceramic, frosted glass or metal. These dispensers are available in many designs, from ceramic frogs to vintage glass items, contemporary chrome, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

However, the most common material is plastic. Many cheaper dispensers use this material and it's a good option if you don't value durability. For those looking for something more durable and beautiful, the ideal is to use glass or ceramic.

Always opt for something that is easily cleanable and can receive water on its surface. This is because your liquid soap dispenser will be in a humid area with a lot of water flow.

Shopping criteria: How to compare liquid soap dispensers

A liquid soap dispenser is a very useful kitchen or bathroom accessory. Basically, this accessory makes washing more convenient and economical as soap is poured without waste. However, since there are many types of dispensers available in the market today, it is important that you choose one carefully.

Therefore, we have separated some criteria to make this search easier:

We will detail each of these items so that you can choose the best liquid soap dispenser on the market.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a liquid soap dispenser is its capacity. This is especially vital if you have a large family. Before choosing, remember to consider how many people will use the dispenser and how often the equipment will be used.


Liquid soap dispensers come in various styles, models and even shapes. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the liquid soap dispenser you are buying is appropriate for the intended users.

Whenever possible, choose one that won't complicate things in your kitchen or bathroom sink. Still, there are times when strange or complicated designs can be more advantageous than simple ones, as in the case of fun models for children.

Bico do dispenser de sabonete líquido.

A pretty and attractively designed liquid soap dispenser can work as a decorative piece for your bathroom. (Source: Bru-nO/

Size and type

When buying a liquid soap dispenser, don't forget to take into account the place where you will place it. If you have a small sink, you should opt for a wall-mounted dispenser so that it doesn't take up too much space in your sink or a small model.


As with other kitchen or bathroom accessories, the cheapest dispensers are not necessarily the best. The material used in making the liquid soap dispenser can significantly affect its performance and durability. Therefore, always opt for models made of more resistant materials.


A good dispenser should come with a good head and operation mechanism that prevents users from touching directly the liquid soap outlet. It should also have a smooth and easy to clean container that does not hide germs, dirt or soap that may solidify.

(Featured image source: Analogicus/

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