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In today's article we're going to help you choose the liquor cabinet, this classic, decorative and functional item that will bring an extra charm to your home. The product is ideal for placing drinks on sideboards, bars or trays in the living room, dining room, pantry, kitchen, office or any other corner of the house where you want to give a boost to the decor.

Follow us in this reading and check out the best product options, as well as the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of liquor cabinet for your home.


  • There are liqueur bowls in various styles, sizes, models and materials. Choose according to the purpose, place of use and decoration style that the object will compose.
  • Capacity, size, material, details and finishes, model and type of lid are some of the features that should be taken into consideration when choosing the product.
  • The price of a liquor cabinet varies according to the material, brand and model of the product. It is possible to buy simple versions or more sophisticated versions.

The best Liquor Container: Our Picks

The liquor case can have many uses. It is ideal for serving liquors and whiskies, but it can also be used as a decorative item, flower vase, among other diverse forms of use. Not to mention that it is a classic item, which never goes out of fashion and can accompany you for years. Check out our ranking with some of the best models of liquor cabinet:

Buying Guide

There are moments in life when a good drink is necessary to toast. And nothing better than a beautiful liqueur case to arrange your favorite drinks with charm and style in your home, whether in the day to day, composing the decor of the bar or dining room, at set tables, meetings and other special occasions.

Continue with us to learn everything about this appliance that can bring class and sophistication to any room in your home.

Rapaz serve whisky em copo sobre bandeja direto de licoreira.

Besides liquor, whisky is the most commonly used drink in liqueurs. (Source: Anna Bizón /

What is a liquor container and what is it used for?

The liqueur case is a domestic and decorative utensil for storing liquors and drinks in general. They can be made of glass, crystal, china or metal, always fitted with lids to protect and prevent the liquid from evaporating.

With sophisticated and detailed designs, they are practical and very functional, being the perfect option not only for storing drinks. The product can also be used to arrange flowers and arrangements, in addition to composing the decoration of environments.

Why invest in a liquor container?

As in the fashion world, decoration trends tend to be cyclical. However the liqueur vases - whether in retro style, classic or more modern, glass or crystal - never went out of fashion, and follow every day more present in modern decorations.

The time when the pieces were kept in restricted quarters is gone.

Although the use of liqueurs continues to gain strength, something has changed: the time when the pieces were kept in restricted quarters, or were intended only to accommodate strong spirits, is gone.

Today, in most cases, the liqueurs are left in plain sight, forming part of the decoration of various environments. Used not only as bottles, they can be versatile and serve to house arrangements, flowers and other decorations.

Their use as a decorative item, beautifies and brings to the room that air at the same time modern and classic with a touch of glamour, which certainly enriches the look of any environment.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a liqueur box:

  • Decorative and functional
  • There are versions in various models, materials and price ranges
  • Can be used as a decorative item
  • Crystal models can be quite expensive
  • Covers without sealing can compromise the quality of the drink

What to serve in the liquor container?

As we have already mentioned, any drink in a liqueur case gains an elegant and festive air. Extremely versatile, the bottle for liquor accepts all types of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and drinks. Check out some suggestions on what to serve in your liqueur bottle to delight your guests:

  • The classic liquor or whisky;
  • Aromatized waters
  • Juices and refreshments
  • Pinks and sangrias;
  • Soft drinks and water
  • Drinks and cocktails;
  • Homemade liqueurs.
Did you know? The exuberant design of the liqueur bottle is no mere coincidence. Its origin dates back to the time of the emergence of the liqueur itself.

In the Middle Ages, monks and alchemists distilled "magic" formulas in search of the elixir of eternal life. Kept in eccentric flasks, which still today inspire the design of liqueurs, these experiences were the kick-start for the emergence of the liqueurs we love today, especially the herbal ones

How to use the liquor container in decoration?

As well as being an exquisite way to offer drinks, the liqueur case can be a very suitable decorative item in any environment. Besides the obvious uses on the bar, sideboard, on trays or drink carts, you can use your liquor bottle as decoration in a corner of the kitchen or on the refrigerator.

The liquor can be used as a beautiful vase.

Filled with water and some fresh flowers - or even with artificial arrangements - it makes a beautiful vase that can be used in the bedroom, bathroom or office. Another tip is to turn your liqueur vase into a diffuser or room scent.

Just fill the container with the aromatic liquid of your choice, inserting thin wooden rods higher than the bottle and there you have it: you have a diffuser to perfume any room. If you want an extra decorative touch, bet on decorated stems, and adorn the bottle with ribbons or pendants.

Taças com licor artesanal de morango com licoreira ao fundo ao lado de cesto com morangos.

Liquor stores are an excellent option for storing homemade liquors. (Source: Jacek Nowak /

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare between different types of liqueur maker

Now that you have enough information about liqueurs, you can choose without fear, right? But before that we'll give you a little more help, presenting the list of characteristics you should pay attention to when comparing the types and brands of this product. They are

  • Size
  • Type of lid
  • Materials
  • Details and finishes

So that there are no doubts, check out the detailing of the characteristics:


Liquor containers come in different sizes and capacities. Product capacity is usually informed by manufacturers in litres or milliliters, corresponding to the total internal storage space.

Larger capacity models are ideal for use in places or occasions with large circulation of people, since demand is usually greater.

A low capacity model may not be very functional in these situations, since it will demand constant replacement of the contents of the liquor cabinet.

Type of lid

The lids of the liqueureira are usually a show apart. It is a common characteristic of these types of bottles that their lids are exuberant, bulky or heavy, with different shapes or rich in details.

They can be of the screw cap type, although the most common are screw caps, with or without seals. Sealed lids are more efficient, as they prevent evaporation of the liquor's contents and ensure that the quality of the drink is maintained.

Conjunto de copo e licoreira sobre bancada preta.

Liqueur lids usually draw attention by their exuberance. (Source: PawinG / Pixabay)


Glass and crystal are the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of liqueurs. However, it is also possible to find the object in versions of metal and dishware, among other variants. For the liquor cabinet to be durable and resistant, it is essential that it is made with good quality raw materials.

Moreover, the choice can be made purely based on personal preferences or to harmonize with the other items of decoration of the room where the product will be used. Prefer reputable brands to ensure the reliability and provenance of the materials.

Details and finishes

Differentiated lapidation, reliefs, textures, colours, worked lids, pendants and metallic details are some of the most common details and finishes in the liquor containers. Besides making the pieces unique, these details are ideal to bring life and sophistication to the environment.

(Featured image source: Maksim Shebeko / 123rf)