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Small, light and ideal for keeping money and cards in a simple and safe way, this is the magic wallet, the product we will talk about today, welcome!

The magic wallet is the right product for those who want to optimize space or surprise someone with a different and very practical gift. It has a design very similar to common wallets, but it has a slightly different operation and that tends to play tricks on those who do not know.

Are you curious? Then stay with us because in this review we will unravel all the mysteries of the magic wallet and show you how this product can be useful for you. Let's go?


  • A magic wallet works just like any other wallet, however it is smaller, thinner and can condition notes on its own.
  • This is a very simple but practical product, ideal for those who want to save space.
  • There isn't much variation in magic wallet models, what changes between them is the material, colours and finishes.

The Best Magic Wallet: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Possessing compartments for cash, cards, documents and even coins, at first glance the magic wallet has a simple design, but it wins in practicality, size and the ability to hold any money by itself.

And as no magician reveals his tricks, we didn't find out exactly how this magic is done, but we know that the product really works and if you're interested just keep reading this Buying Guide that we'll tell you all about it.

Na foto está uma jovem sentada no sofá segurando um cartão de crédito com um notebook no colo.

With the magic wallet it is possible to reduce the number of items in the wallet and leave only the most used. (Source: bruce mars / Pexels)

What is the magic wallet and how does it work?

The magic wallet is a relatively new product that as soon as it appeared created a buzz wherever it appeared. The owners of this product are fans of the mini magic show that you can create with it and this is one of the most appreciated parts of the product.

However, the magic wallet has much more interesting functions than entertainment. It has a very simple design, being small, thin and light. It resembles a common wallet, having a rectangular shape and spaces to hold cards, documents, cash and coins.

The big difference is that it does not have a flap for the notes, but elastics and it is with them that the magic happens, since it can store bills alone.

For those who use it, it is very simple. Just open the wallet, put the folded money inside and close it. When you open the accessory on the other side, as if by magic, your money will be stored inside one of the spaces with rubber bands.

If you close it again and open it from the other side, the notes will be in the other compartment and so on.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the magic wallet?

In addition to all the fun around the magic wallet, this is a product that has as main advantages to be small, lightweight and, precisely for this reason, can be stored everywhere without taking up space or bother.

It can be used both for storing money and cards and other items such as documents that are used a lot in everyday life, giving the possibility to keep everything organized.

This is also a unisex product, which can be found in various colours and materials.

Another positive point of the accessory is related to the ease of keeping money in it, since you don't have the need to open the notes and put them in the tabs that can be pressed. Everything works in a very simple way and you just need to fold the note, put it in the middle of the wallet and that's it!

We can also highlight that since it appeared this product began to be manufactured by artisans all over Brazil and many of them use milk cartons for its structure, thus being a form of recycling and source of income for many people.

Precisely for all these positive points this item is an excellent gift option, since it combines functionality with curiosity and fun.

The negative point is precisely related to the fact that for having a smaller size it is not possible to store in some models larger items, such as ID or voter's title, for example. Or even carry a larger amount of money.

  • Ideal for those who want to save space
  • It is small and light
  • Keeps money and cards organized
  • It is fun
  • Larger documents may not fit

Normal wallet or magic wallet?

You may be wondering at this point if it is really worth getting a magic wallet since you probably have another, more conventional model.

It is known that both products have the same function, which is to store money, cards and documents. But the big difference is in the size.

Na foto está o bolso da calça de um homem com uma carteira dentro.

The conventional wallet is usually higher than the magic wallet and may bother who keeps it in the pocket. (Source: stevepb / Pixabay)

There are conventional wallets of various measures, especially speaking in female models.

But that's precisely why we often put too much stuff in the wallet. Stop for a second and take a look at yours, it is very possible that you have cards that you hardly use, endless invoices that you do not need and so on.

With the magic wallet this does not happen since the space is limited and ideal only for the basics, so for those who want to save space this is the best option.

Moreover, thinking about the size, for men who usually keep the wallet in their pockets a smaller product can be much less cumbersome. Check below other differences between these two items.

Magic wallet Conventional wallet
Size Usually have an average of 10 cm high and 8 cm wide Very variable
Quantity of compartments Usually 4 for cards, 1 for coins and 2 for money About 8 for cards, 1 or 2 for money and 1 for coins
Material Synthetic or natural leather and fabric Synthetic or natural leather and fabric

Shopping criteria: Compare factors for Magic Wallet models

If you like this product and can't wait to buy it, but can't decide which model is best for you, don't worry. We have separated below the main points that you should take into consideration when choosing your magic wallet. They are:

  • Material
  • Finishing
  • Size
  • Coin compartment


When it comes to the material you need to analyse some factors. We told you that this product is usually made of leather and fabric and each one of them has its own particularities.

  • Leather: it is a resistant and beautiful material, and wallets of this type have a more classic and elegant touch. They are also easy to clean and have great durability. However, it is not possible to find printed models in the options made with this raw material.
  • Fabric: these are the ones with the most options of prints and colours, especially when it comes to women's models. But this is a material that gets dirty and wears out more easily, which ends up affecting the product's durability.


As well as the material, the finishing is also important, especially in relation to the stitching or gluing of the magic wallet.

Check if the elastic bands are very firm, if the details are well done. We indicate this as a criterion because many people end up opting for a cheaper wallet, but over time of use it will unstick, opening, loosening the elastic and losing its usefulness.

Buying physically is easy to analyze these details. When buying online you can see what consumers who have already bought and use this product say about it.


One of the main positive points of the magic wallet is its size, but on the other hand this can also be a limitation.

Fortunately there is a small variation in the measurements of this product and even if we talk about one or two centimeters this can make a difference.

Especially thinking about the width it is known that there are larger and smaller options and this can be good for you who need more space.

Check what is the size of the largest item you intend to store in your magic wallet and then compare it with its measurements. This way you avoid the regret of buying an accessory that won't solve your problems.

Coin compartment

We told you above that magic wallets have spaces for cash notes, cards and coins, but not all models have these three compartments.

Na foto uma bolsa de couro marrom com moedas.

For those who want to save space, the worst thing is needing an additional bag to store coins. (Source: cocoparisienne / Pixabay)

Only some options come with a zippered space for coins and if you usually take them in your wallet is worth analyzing before buying, not least because if you do not buy this part and need it will have to have an additional coin pocket, which will end up taking up more space.


For those who use it, it is very simple. Just open the wallet, put the folded money inside and close it. Possessing compartments for cash, cards, documents and even coins, at first glance the magic wallet has a simple design, but it wins in practicality, size and the ability to hold any money by itself. But at the end there isn't much variation in magic wallet models, what changes between them is the material, colors and finishes.

(Featured image source: Sam / Pexels)