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We are happy to receive you here. Today's subject is dedicated to our public who love make-up and don't miss a good make-up brush at home.

Although there are many types of brushes, this item is, in general, a great ally at the time of beautifying. It ensures the smoothness of the pigments on the skin, besides being a facilitator when it comes time to spread!

If you don't know the differences between the types yet, but want to buy some, we dedicate this guide full of information to you!


  • The makeup brush ensures a makeup with pigments well spread, little marked and touch of naturalness to the skin.
  • There are countless types of brushes, and each one is specific for a type of pigment, be it foundation, powder, eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner or blush.
  • You can buy both makeup brushes separately or in kits, however, the prices are quite different.

The Best Makeup Brush: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Those who love make-up know that the cosmetics universe is always reinventing itself. Every day there is something new and it is no different with brushes. There are countless models spread all over the market, and sometimes we get confused about which one to buy.

In this guide, we will give you all the information and tips about the makeup brush so that you feel safe at the time of your purchase.

Foto de uma mulher sendo maquiada por uma outra pessoa. Na imagem, a maquiadora passa blush na bochecha da modelo.

A good makeup brush is the basis for a well-made make-up. (Source: Lucas Pezeta / Pexels)

What is the makeup brush?

A good makeup doesn't depend only on the makeup artist, but also on the materials he uses. In addition to the cosmetics themselves, we must consider the importance of the brush used to spread the pigment.

Each makeup brush is specific to a type of cosmetic, so their formats are different, however, all have the same purpose: to give softness and naturalness to the make-up.

Those who think that only professionals are fans of these products are very wrong, since they are essential in any makeup well done, whether amateur or not.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a make-up brush?

One of the most interesting advantages is that with the use of the brush you avoid wasting your makeup, since it ensures that they are well spread on the skin, which would not happen if you use your finger, for example.

There is an infinity of models and an ideal make-up brush for each effect. You can find brushes in different price ranges too.

In general, they are not difficult to use, and you end up learning the correct technique easily. In the end, the difference between using a brush or spreading with the finger or sponges is striking.

  • Spreads make-up better
  • Guarantees smoothness and naturalness
  • Avoids product waste
  • Great variety of models and prices
  • Some have very hard bristles
  • Some kits are not complete

What are the different types of makeup brushes?

As we have already said, there is a wide variety of different types of brushes, however there are some that are essential for a well-done make-up:

Cat tongue brush

Famous known by those who do not dispense a well done skin. It is usually used to apply foundation and, sometimes, concealer.

Its use is specific for liquid or creamy foundations, and due to its flattened appearance, it ensures that the product is evenly spread.

An interesting tip is to lightly pat the face with a damp sponge after using the cat tongue, to ensure that the makeup is not too marked.

Sculpting Brush

As the name implies, the smoky brush was made to smudge the eye shadow and leave it looking more natural and less marked, especially in colour transitions.

It can also be used to apply illuminator both in the eyes, as in other parts of the face.

Duo fiber brush

The advantage of the duo fiber brush is in its bristles, which have two layers. One layer is made of natural bristles and another of synthetic, which ensures that the product is spread very gently on the skin.

It is very versatile and can be used both for the application of liquid foundation and for the application of powder or blush.

Flat brush

This is an essential item in your makeup bag. You can find it in both small and large versions, and each one has its own function.

The small brush is indicated for eyeliners or for filling in the eyebrow, as it is very delicate and has a fine cut. The large bevelled brush, on the other hand, is a good ally if you are passionate about contouring. Its gradient effect ensures a balance between light and dark tones.

Large Powder Brush

Better known as the powder brush, the large powder is also among the most used. It is quite bulky, and with rounded tips. One of its main advantages is that due to its shape, it can reach even the most difficult points of the face.

Large fluff Brush

The large fluff brush is small, with short and very soft bristles and rounded tips. It is usually used both for applying eyeshadow and to illuminate the cheekbones.

Use Size Bristles
Cat tongue Liquid foundation Medium Firm and flat
Lustre brush Eyeshadow or illuminator Small Soft and short
Duo fiber Liquid foundation, powder or blush Large Mixture between synthetic and natural
Brush Eyeliner, eyebrow and contour Can be large or small Firm and shaded
Large Powder Powder Large Voluminous
Large Fluff Eyeshadow and illuminator Small Soft and short

How much does a make-up brush cost?

The cost of your makeup brush will depend on the model you choose, and whether you will buy just the unit or the whole kit.

If you choose to buy a kit of brushes, be prepared to spend between 10 GBP and 40 GBP, depending on the number of units that come in the set.

However, a single brush costs, on average, something around 2 GBP to 5 GBP. The price also depends a lot on the type chosen, since some are more expensive.

Foto de três pincéis de maquiagem, sendo um grande, um médio e um pequeno, colocados um ao lado do outro, em uma superfície branca, com um papel de parede estampado ao fundo.

The price of makeup brushes varies a lot according to the model, and the ideal is that you prioritize the kits. (Source: Kinkate / Pexels)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Types of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brush is a very simple beauty product, and doesn't offer many difficulties to the buyer, however, as we always talk here at MONEDEROsmart, we like to make it easy and tell you everything you should notice at the time of your purchase.

  • Bristles
  • Usefulness
  • Handle
  • Hygiene

Below, we'll explain what you should observe in each of these points.


The bristles are what really matter in a makeup brush, right? And, in fact, their quality makes all the difference!

They can be synthetic or natural, being that the synthetic ones are harder and the natural ones are softer. The softer they are, the more comfortable they feel on the skin, however, the higher the price.

Although the natural ones are the best, nowadays there are synthetic options on the market that are almost as good. The important thing is to feel the bristles and see if they are soft or not.

Foto em close em cerdas de pincéis de maquiagem.

The natural bristles are more comfortable, but more expensive. (Source: stefan089 / Pixabay)


Before buying any brush, find out for what type of pigment it is used, after all, as we said, each makeup requires a different brush.

Taking this into account, buy the one that is compatible with your day to day, since it makes no sense to buy a specific product for a type of makeup that you do not use.


The handle serves to hold the brush with enough security and so it is important that it is of good quality and has a comfortable grip.

The most recommended are the wooden and bamboo handles, because they are very firm and resistant. Plastic ones, on the other hand, can break easily, so it is good to keep an eye on them.


Hygiene is very important when the subject is makeup brush. Besides keeping them well washed, choosing brushes with dark bristles can also help you a lot.

When they are already worn out, it is likely that they are stained even if the hygiene is up to date, and for this reason, the bristles in dark tones are interesting, because they disguise the unpleasant aspect.

(Source of the highlighted image: Dids / Pexels)