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We love to keep you up to date with the best options on the market in each of the areas of our lives, which is why today we are focusing on the world of beauty and we bring you all about that implement that allows us to keep our glamour in order: make-up organiser.

If you haven't heard about it, we tell you that it is a small and practical piece of furniture or container full of compartments of different sizes and shapes designed to store the various makeup products, such as shadows, brushes, brushes, concealers, compact powder, mascara, among others.

This product not only helps us to organise our inventory, but also allows us to save space and locate each of these elements in a simpler and cleaner way, as you can separate them according to the functionalities and characteristics of each one. In this article you will find all the details about them.


  • A make-up organiser is a container made of different materials with a variety of compartments of different sizes and shapes in which you can place your cosmetic and beauty products. All in order to keep them tidy, clean and identified.
  • You can find them static, which are those that will remain fixed in one place; or portable, to carry them with you whenever you need to move your products. Each one has particular characteristics that you can adapt to your routine.
  • Before making your purchase, you should take into account certain factors that, depending on what you are looking for, will help you choose the perfect product. You should consider what material your make-up organiser should have, what kind of compartments you need and how many of them, if you need it to have additional movements and its final size.

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Make-up organisers are an essential piece in the life of every person who loves to apply make-up or includes this activity in their daily routine. Now we will tell you more about the functionalities and benefits that this product will bring to your life.

Make-up organisers come in shapes, sizes and functionalities to suit every need (Photo: Freepik /

What is a make-up organiser and what are its advantages?

Its name tells us its function, but let's talk about it in detail. A make-up organiser is a container or small piece of furniture designed so that you can place your products inside in an orderly fashion. It is made up of containers of different sizes and shapes to house the different containers according to their shape and function.

In addition to being a place to store your cosmetics, it will allow you to keep them tidy, keep them in sight and store other products such as facial hygiene products, jewellery, brushes, brushes and the like. To find out more, here is a list of their benefits.

  • Your products will be kept tidy
  • You will avoid losing your make-up from sight
  • You will avoid your products getting mixed up
  • Some of them you can take with you
  • Some of them do not have a comfortable design
  • They take up space
  • You will have to clean them frequently
  • You might need more than one

Static or portable make-up organiser - what should you look out for?

Because it is impossible to calculate the amount of make-up you can have, you will see variety in make-up organisers, especially when it comes to shape, number of compartments, material and, most importantly, functionality.

Regarding this last aspect, there are basically 2 types of makeup organisers, and they are those static, that you place in a fixed place, and those with mobile functionalities. We will tell you a little more about each of them:

Static. This is an organisation set that you place in a specific place, whether it is your bathroom, your bedroom or your office, and it will stay there for as long as you decide. These models usually have a flat base, drawers and open compartments so you can access your products more easily. Use them for that make-up that won't leave your home.

Portable. Most of these models come in the form of a suitcase or closed box, so you can carry it with you more easily. They have internal compartments to position your products so that they stay securely in place during transport. Some may include wheels for mobility. Use them if you need to move make-up frequently.

Static Portable
Transport Complicated Easy
Cleaning Damp cloth May require other cleaning products
Materials Plastic, acrylic, glass, wood Plastic, acrylic, fabric
Casters No wheels May not have May include

How much does a make-up organiser cost?

Make-up organisers can be found in a variety of price ranges, depending on their brand, finish, material, size and, of course, the product capacity they can hold. The simplest options can cost from 130 MXN to 400 MXN.

Other more elaborate options, larger and with greater storage capacity can exceed 500 MXN and, in some cases, exceed 1,700 MXN; so there will always be an option that can be adapted to your budget.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different make-up organiser models

After deciding whether you need a static or portable make-up organiser (or both, if applicable), it is important to consider other criteria to make your final selection the most suitable for your needs and space, such as the following points:

  • Material
  • Compartments
  • Movement
  • Size


You can find make-up organisers in a wide range of materials, and the perfect material for you will depend on what you decide to use it for. Below we will name the most common ones so that you know how the characteristics of each one of them.

Plastic. This is the most common material in these cases. It is light and easy to clean, and will allow you to store your cosmetics and find them easily, as most of them come in transparent format. Use them if you have a small amount of cosmetics, either in static or portable organisers.

Wooden. Wooden organisers are usually static, due to their heavy transport. We recommend using them when you only have a small amount of cosmetics, as wood can take up a lot of space and represent a large final weight. Avoid it if you are in a place prone to dirt, due to the difficulty of cleaning it presents.

Glass. The main reason for using glass is the elegance and distinction it represents, but it is actually a delicate material that can break if it receives a blow or impact. It is easy to clean (just water or glass cleaner) and can be placed in static make-up organisers.

Cloth. Most portable make-up organisers use fabric as their main material, thanks to its ease of transport, lightness, flexibility and ease of work. We recommend this material for make-up professionals who need to move their products frequently.


We call compartments to the divided spaces in which you can place your cosmetics inside the make-up organiser. Basically, this is what this product is composed of, but it is important to know how many are available to know if they will be enough for the use you are going to give it. There are basically 2 types of compartments

Open. These are those that do not have any type of closure or lid. The intention is that you place and remove the products with as little effort as possible, and they will be uncovered. You can use them for brushes, brushes and brushes, as they will need more air and breathing space. You can find them in static makeup organisers.

Enclosed. This type of compartment can have different forms of closure, such as lids, drawers, zips and Velcro. The intention is that the product inside is not directly exposed, so you can use it for products that lack protection or that you don't use that often, such as glosses, shimmers, eye shadows, cream palettes and the like.

The compartments allow you to separate your make-up according to its function, frequency of use or any other differentiation you wish to give it. (Photo: Manu Camargo /


We have said that the static makeup organizers are those that, after placing them in place, you tend to leave them there for storage of your cosmetics. But some of them can include an extra function: rotating movements. This is a fixed base on which a rotating base is placed.

The idea is that, without having to move the organiser, you can rotate it on its own axis through 360° to make the most of each of its spaces and leave the one that contains the product you need at the moment in front of you. Look for one with these qualities if you have a large number of products and want to position them all.


The size of the perfect makeup organizer only you can determine it according to what you require, but we anticipate that you can find them in all sizes and shapes. From extremely small, such as 15 centimetres high and wide, to the size of a suitcase, i.e. more than 55 centimetres high.

You can even find small, but stackable, options to achieve the exact size and capacity you need, and then increase as you get more and more products. So if you have few, but aspire to more, you can acquire these organisers a little at a time.

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