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For some gardeners, mowing the lawn is one of the most soothing activities in the garden, but for some it is an exceedingly tedious task. With a Makita cordless lawn mower, mowing the lawn becomes a pleasure. Battery lawn mowers are environmentally friendly and very quiet compared to other devices.

With our large battery lawn mower test 2022 we want to give you a good overview of the different models so that you can find the ideal battery lawn mower for your needs. We have compared different models and functions and show you their advantages and disadvantages. To make your purchase decision easier, you will also find interesting information on how to best winterise the batteries of your lawn mower.


  • Makita cordless lawn mowers are an ideal choice for a medium-sized lawn. The runtime of the mower can easily be extended with another battery.
  • Not only are Makita cordless lawn mowers an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol lawn mowers, they are also much quieter and are perfect for residential areas.
  • All models of Makita cordless lawn mowers feature switch-on safety, central cutting height adjustment and a fill status indicator.

The Best Maktia Battery Lawn Mower: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Makita cordless lawnmower

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Makita cordless lawn mowers?

A cordless lawn mower offers several advantages over other options such as a petrol or electric lawn mower.
With some Makita cordless lawn mowers, you can mow lawns of up to approx. 500 m².

Electric lawnmowers, including battery lawnmowers, are much quieter than petrol lawnmowers. Petrol mowers can be up to 80 decibels loud or even louder. In addition, an electric lawnmower requires less maintenance, is usually more compact and much lighter.

If you take a closer look at electric lawnmowers, you will immediately notice that the battery-powered lawnmower is the more convenient alternative to the model with an electric cable. With the battery-powered mower, the annoying straightening and refitting of the power cable is quite simply a thing of the past.

Battery lawn mowers also have a disadvantage compared to petrol lawn mowers. They are not as powerful and you are more independent because you are not dependent on a battery. However, the power of a battery-powered lawnmower is quite sufficient for a "normal-sized" garden. With regard to the limited battery life, you can easily help yourself out with a second battery.

Makita Akku Rasenmäher-1

With a cordless lawn mower you can mow your lawn quietly and comfortably.
(Image source: / Blach)

Here is a summary of the advantages of a Makita cordless lawn mower:

  • Environmentally friendly: The use of lithium-ion batteries means there are no emissions, such as with petrol lawn mowers.
  • No extension cords necessary: Here, too, the rechargeable batteries are an advantage. Thanks to available quick-charging stations, larger areas can also be mowed.
  • Easy starting: Battery lawnmowers are easy to start, without the need for tedious effort.
  • Less effort: Unlike petrol mowers, battery-powered lawnmowers do not require any additional maintenance such as oil changes, carburettor changes and so on.

What is the price range of Makita cordless lawn mowers?

Makita cordless lawn mowers range in price from around €100 to €500. Of course, the price depends on the performance and functions of the respective models. The prices listed above refer to specialist retailers and leading DIY stores.

If you are looking for used or cheaper equipment, you can look around in online shops such as or If you decide to buy from a specialist shop, you will have the advantage of a valid guarantee and good advice.

What are the alternatives to a Makita cordless lawn mower?

As mentioned above, there are two alternatives to a Makita battery lawn mower: a petrol lawn mower or an electric lawn mower. It always depends on the terrain on which the lawn mower is to be used.

In addition to conventional lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers or lawn tractors can also be used for lawn care. With robotic lawn mowers, the work is done virtually by themselves and lawn tractors are only really suitable as an option for lawns of over 800 square metres.

The most impressive features of the Makita cordless lawn mower are the quiet mowing and the replaceable and fast-charging batteries.

How do I properly care for the lithium-ion batteries of my Makita cordless lawnmower?

To ensure that the lithium-ion batteries in your lawnmower last a long time and work well, you need to look after them properly. We have put together a few tips for you:

  • Proper charging: Before you use your lithium-ion batteries, you don't need to charge them fully and let them discharge again several times. This may be the case with older batteries. But lithium-ion batteries don't take well to deep discharge. If you use your battery again after a longer break, you should charge it just before you use it.
  • Charging station: To ensure smooth operation, you should only use chargers from the same manufacturer. Be sure to let the battery cool down before charging. If you have several batteries, use them alternately.
  • Proper winter storage: It is not recommended to fully charge lithium-ion batteries before winter. A charge level of 70 to 80 % would be best. In fact, if your battery is stored with a two-thirds charge level, it will lose very little energy.
  • Storage: You should not store your lithium-ion batteries in the tool shed during the winter. Constant temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees are ideal. The best place to store them is usually in the cellar, as long as it is dry.

Makita Akku Rasenmäher-2

You should store the lithium-ion batteries of your Makita cordless lawnmower in a dry place and two-thirds charged over the winter.
(Image source: / Raths)

How can I extend the warranty on my Makita cordless lawnmower?

You can easily extend the warranty for your lawn mower on the manufacturer's website. After registration, the warranty for power tools in Germany is extended to three years and for Li-Ion batteries the warranty period is then two years.

You can extend the warranty by registering your tool online up to four weeks after purchase.

The prerequisite for an extension of the warranty is that the product was purchased from a specialist retailer. Exceptions are made for these products, for example: Battery torque cut-off screwdrivers, chargers and battery lamps.

Step by step description
Step 1 Create a user account on the manufacturer's website.
Step 2 Register your tools, or in this case your lawn mower. For each tool you register, you will receive a registration code.
Step 3 If a warranty claim arises, you must present the registration code and the original invoice. These can also be sent in.

Decision: What types of Makita cordless lawn mowers are there and which one is right for you?

If you're looking for a Makita cordless lawn mower, there are two areas to choose between:

  • Makita cordless lawn mowers for the hobby gardener
  • Makita battery lawn mower for experienced gardeners

In terms of operation and appearance, there are no real differences between the models. However, there are differences in cutting height adjustment, modes of operation and included batteries. Depending on whether you are a more experienced gardener or not, one model is more suitable.

Makita Akku Rasenmäher-3

With a second set of lithium-ion batteries, you can mow larger areas of lawn without much trouble. Quietly and gently.
(Image source: / Welcomia)

What are Makita cordless lawn mowers for hobby gardeners and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

In models for amateur gardeners, the cutting height can be adjusted 6 times. The minimum cutting width is approx. 25 mm to approx. 75 mm, depending on the model, and the included catcher bag holds 40 litres.

Depending on the model series, two lithium-ion batteries are included in the scope of delivery. The batteries can be quickly and easily recharged within 25 minutes using a quick charger.

  • 6-position adjustable cutting height
  • quick charger available
  • No mulching function

What are Makita cordless lawn mowers for advanced gardeners and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The models of Makita cordless lawn mowers for advanced gardeners even have 10 different cutting heights. They also have XPT (Extreme Protection Technology), which ensures special protection against splashing water and dust.

Here, too, the batteries can be charged quickly and easily with double quick chargers. These models are perfect for gardens up to over 500 m².

  • XPT (Extreme Protection Technology)
  • 10-fold cutting length adjustment
  • mulching function included
  • Without wheel drive

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Makita cordless lawn mowers

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many Makita cordless lawn mowers available.

The criteria you can use to compare Makita cordless lawn mowers include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you what the individual criteria for cordless lawn mowers are all about.


Depending on the different models, the Makita cordless lawn mowers offer different functions. Some models offer a 3 in 1 version, others even a 4 in 1. These mowers are able to mow, mulch and have a side discharge.


There is virtually no difference between the individual models in terms of noise level. However, this point is intended to emphasise how quiet Makita cordless lawn mowers are compared to petrol lawn mowers.

Scope of delivery

Before buying, you should find out what is included in the scope of delivery. For example, devices from different lines include 2 batteries and others do not. In addition, different charging stations are available, and the quick charger is not always included.

Here we have a short video on how to start up your cordless lawn mower:

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