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Today we are going to talk about an essential item in men's daily life: men's perfume. Once ignored by men, today this item is increasingly present at the head of men's bedrooms. But do you know which fragrance is right for you?

Historically, men's perfume is a mark of personality. That's why choosing the right one for you requires a mix of intuition and knowledge: of your style and of the power of different fragrances.

To help you choose, we will show you what to take into consideration before buying the right masculine perfume for you.


  • Men's perfume is made with specific scents to highlight their lifestyle and personality.
  • Nowadays there are different types of fragrances that, apart from anything else, increase self-confidence, improve mood and reduce stress.
  • Amidst so many options, we will show you which factors you should observe before buying the ideal masculine perfume.

The Best Male Perfume: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Choosing the right perfume may seem like a difficult task amidst so many options. But, with a little knowledge, it is possible to choose the ideal masculine perfume for you.

To help you in this task, we have created this Buying Guide with everything you need to know to choose the best perfume for men.

Homem borrifando perfume no pescoço.

Men's perfume is a man's personal brand. (Source: Olena Yakobchuk / 123RF)

What is men's perfume?

Men's perfume is a mixture of essential and aromatic oils with alcohol and water, among other components. Its purpose is to provide a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance to the human body.

But did you know that each fragrance expresses a different characteristic such as freshness, lightness, seriousness, tradition and modernity? This is the power of masculine perfume: to highlight your style and personality.

This occurs through the combination of different notes, which are the perfume's main ingredients. Today, there are more than 3 thousand notes, such as orange, flowers and wood.

Frasco de perfume masculino laranja sobre mesa.

The masculine perfume is a combination of notes that highlight the personality and lifestyle. (Source: stevepv / Pixabay)

The notes used in men's perfume, in turn, are grouped into olfactory families. For example, the notes of orange and lemon, which belong to the citrus family, highlight a refreshing aroma and, therefore, are indicated for the modern and detached man.

In general, however, the more traditional male perfume prioritises notes that transmit stronger, less citric and less sweet smells. The fact is that, nowadays, it is possible to find a masculine perfume for every type of man, from the most conservative and classic to the modern and adventurous.

We will talk more in depth about how to identify the olfactory families and notes of each male perfume in the Purchase Criteria.

What is the difference between male and female perfume?

At the beginning of the perfume industry, in ancient Egypt and India, perfumes were made without distinction of gender.

With time, a division was made in which the fragrances for men and women would be based on the characteristics and preferences of each one. This differentiation considered that, in general, men are more conservative and traditional when it comes to olfactory preference.

And, according to specialists, they tend to be more loyal to a type of perfume and less open to new experimentations than women.

Mãos de homem passando perfume no pulso.

Men tend to be more conservative and faithful when it comes to choosing a masculine perfume. (Source: nito500 / 123RF)

Thus, it was agreed that the male perfume would be based on woody aromas, whose notes are known for transmitting vigor and sensuality.

According to experts, Brazilians tend to prefer a masculine perfume with fresh woody notes, such as citrus and aromatics. But, as we will see later in this article, it is possible to choose different fragrances, apart from woody, that will reflect different situations, lifestyles or personalities.

On the other hand, fragrances with floral, light and sweetish notes were meant for women's perfume. But this differentiation between masculine and feminine perfume should not be seen as a rule. It serves only as a guide in your process of choosing the ideal perfume.

After all, many women often prefer to use a masculine perfume. The fact is that, more important than the denomination is to know that each perfume reacts differently according to the person's skin.

How does a masculine perfume react on each type of skin?

A masculine perfume has different effects depending on your skin type, be it oily, dry or normal. This is because the perfume modifies itself not only because of the person's natural smell, but also because of the texture of the skin.

So, depending on your skin type, men's perfume can have a greater or lesser fixation, which will interfere in the intensity of exhalation of the perfume.

That is why it is important that you understand your skin type, and avoid that a few minutes after using the perfume, you no longer feel the smell. Or, on the contrary, if you use the perfume and the smell is too intense, it will become a nuisance.

For you to understand better, check below how the male perfume acts on different skin types:

  • Normal: this type of skin usually keeps the fragrance on the skin longer, so you will not need to reapply the product often.
  • Dry: as this type of skin contains little oil, it is more difficult to keep the fragrance on the body. In this case, you will need to reapply the perfume throughout the day.
  • Oily: those who have oily skin should measure the amount of perfume applied since, in this case, there is a high fixation of the fragrance.

It is worth remembering that, applied in large quantities male perfume can become uncomfortable and even cause headaches.

What are top notes, heart and base notes?

After choosing the notes that best fit your taste, it is time to consider how they act on your skin. And this changes between the different types of men's perfumes

Perfumes release three notes in different ways. When you spray the perfume, you will smell a certain scent, known as the first note, the top note.

About half an hour later, you will smell another scent, corresponding to the second note, or heart note. And an hour later, the third note, the bottom note, will be felt.

It's worth remembering that the place on the body where you spray the masculine perfume also has an influence, both on its fixation and durability, as well as on the type of aroma you exhale.

That is why it is important that you not only try the masculine perfume before buying it, but that you wait a few hours to feel all the notes that the aroma will exhale.

Understand better how each of the notes behave when they come into contact with the skin:

  • Exit notes: it is the first aroma you feel when you spray the perfume and it has a short duration. Ex: citrus notes evaporate easily.
  • Heart Notes: it is the soul of the perfume and the smell that other people will feel emanating from you, hence the importance of these notes being in the composition of your masculine perfume. Ex: notes with special, floral, fruity and herbal.
  • Base Notes: is the final scent of the perfume that fixes your skin and will be felt an hour after you have applied the perfume. Ex: woody and resinous notes.

So, if the chosen perfume has citrus and woody notes, for example, the aroma that will linger longer will be that of wood.

What are the advantages of a masculine perfume?

Smelling people are unanimous. There is no one who does not like it. But, besides that, a masculine perfume has innumerable advantages. Besides saying a lot about who wears it, highlighting the lifestyle and personality, perfume is a stimulant of the senses.

Who doesn't like to smell a good perfume on their skin? And who doesn't get stimulated when they feel the aroma coming from someone who passed by their side?

The fact is that men's perfume has the power to improve moods, reduce stress and increase the self-confidence of the person who wears it and also of those around them.

Imagem de perfume e outros itens masculinos sobre mesa.

A masculine perfume stimulates the senses of those who wear it and of those around them. (Source: mukhina1 / 123RF)

In addition, male perfume is an aphrodisiac and, depending on the fragrances used in its composition, it also has the power to confer relaxation.

But it's not all flowers. The downside of perfume is that, although there are affordable options on the market, the best fragrances are still considered the most expensive.

Besides, if you get the dose wrong when you spray perfume on men, the stimuli that should be positive can become negative. Too much perfume is not recommended. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of men's perfume below:

  • Improves mood
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Reduces stress
  • Is an aphrodisiac
  • High price
  • In the wrong dose, it bothers and causes headaches

How much does it cost?

Nowadays, there is an enormous variety of brands, sizes and fragrances of male perfumes. For this reason, the price of this product varies a lot and can cost between 15 GBP and 150 GBP. Here the maxim goes: not too cheap and not too expensive.

Buying criteria: Factors to compare types of perfume for men

As we have seen, to choose the ideal masculine perfume, you should consider your intuition, your lifestyle and personality.

But for that, you need to know a little about the composition of the perfumes available on the market today and how each fragrance can bring out the best in you.

For this reason, we have listed below the main factors you should observe before buying your masculine perfume:

  • Fragrance concentration
  • Olfactive family
  • Size

Below, we will explain in detail each of these factors for you to choose the ideal men's perfume.

Fragrance concentration

The first factor you should observe before choosing your men's perfume is the fragrance concentration. This factor will determine the intensity and the degree of fixation of the perfume.

You may have noticed that perfumes have the following descriptions on their packaging: "Parfum", "Eau de Parfum", "Eau de Toillette", "Eau de Cologne".

Frasco de perfume masculino.

Depending on the fragrance concentration, the perfume can be more or less strong. (Source: Thiago Felipe Festa / FreeImages)

For these are the terms that classify the concentration of fragrance in the product and that will define in which situation you will use the perfume. This way, the more concentrated the essence is, the more striking and long-lasting the perfume will be.

Understand below what each of these terms that define a masculine perfume means in order to choose the best one for you:

  • Eau de Cologne: is the famous eau de cologne. It has a low concentration of essence, around 3%, therefore it is the weakest type of perfume. Refreshing, it can be used all over the body, especially after bathing.
  • Eau de Toilette: these are soft perfumes, neither so strong nor so weak, with an essence concentration that varies between 4 and 14%. It fixes on the skin for an average of 8 hours.
  • Eau de Perfum: this is the strongest perfume. It has between 15 and 20% of essence in its composition and average fixation of up to 12 hours.
  • Parfum: this is the pure perfume itself, but is rare and very expensive, with essence above 20%.

Olfactory family

We have already seen that the olfactory families group the notes or ingredients that make up a perfume. It is important that you know them so that you can buy the perfume that contains the notes that will highlight your characteristics.

For this reason, we have listed below the main perfume families for men and what type of man they are suitable for:

  • Citrus: contains notes of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot. Perfumes with these notes are refreshing and ideal for cool men.
  • Woody: it is the most present family in male perfumes. It contains notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli and leather. Suitable for classic and executive men.
  • Aquatic: contains notes of herbs, green leaves and marine. Suitable for adventurous and sporty men.
  • Aromatic: with notes of lavender, coumarin and patchouli. Very used by modern men and also by women.
  • Orientals: contains notes of resins, spices, rare flowers and noble woods. These are more intense and sophisticated perfumes, ideal for evening wear.

Imagem de frasco de perfume sobre mesa.

The olfactory families encompass the notes and ingredients of the perfume. (Source: kazick / Pixabay)


Also take into account the size of the men's perfume. In general, manufacturing brands sell 30ml, 50m, 75ml, 100ml and 150m bottles, with some variations.

The bigger the bottle, the more expensive the product will be. Besides, evaluate how often you intend to use the perfume. This is because perfume has an expiry date and there is no point in buying a large bottle and not using it.

(Source of the highlighted image: CFDirect / Pixabay)