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Keeping your nails in good condition is important not only for the look, but also for your health. In this part of the body can accumulate dirt and even microorganisms that can be harmful to health. To solve this problem there is the manicure kit and it is about it that we will talk today here in the Wellness Guide.

Available in versions for adults and children, in the manicure kit it is possible to find several instruments to cut, file and care for your nails. It is ideal to be kept at home and in this article we will explain everything about this product.

First things first

  • The manicure kit is found in several different configurations and there are options with two, three and even more pieces.
  • This product can be bought ready or assembled according to your needs.
  • The manicure kit is a good alternative for those who frequent beauty salons, but do not like to use shared instruments.

The Best Manicure Kit: Our picks

Buying guide

Many people do not give up doing their nails at the salon, however, several others love to take care of them at home. To do this it is essential to have the right tools and the manicure kit was created precisely to bring them all together in a single product.

The manicure kit is found in many versions. There are options for adults and for children, and in each of them different tools are found. And there are several advantages in having one of these at home and in this buying guide you will learn more about all of them.

Na foto uma mulher olhando para as suas unhas vermelhas.

With the manicure kit it is possible to do your nails at home in a very complete way. (Source: picjumbo_com/ Pixabay)

What comes in a manicure kit?

The manicure kit is one of the products found with the most variation. This is because there are options with different numbers of pieces and that serve for a more basic or more professional use and for adults and children.

The children's versions suffer little change and it is very common for them to contain scissors with a rounded tip, nail cutter, and a soft file.

When it comes to the manicure kit for adults, the variety of items is great

When it comes to manicure kits for adults, there is a wide variety of items. In general, many options have cuticle pliers, spatula and nail files.

However, there are more advanced versions and these can also include nail clippers, scissors and other more professional instruments.

You can also find manicure kits for gel nails. They contain all the necessary components to develop this technique.

How do I put together a manicure kit?

When you think about having a manicure kit there are two options: buy a ready-made one or create your own. If the choice is to assemble a manicure kit then a few steps should be followed.

The first thing to do is to prepare a list of products that should be purchased. In this list should be items such as:

  • Nail clippers or small scissors
  • Cuticle pliers
  • Nail file
  • Spatula
  • Nail pick
  • Cuticle softening cream
  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish in your favourite shades
  • Extra shine base coat
  • Cotton
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Case or box to store the instruments

If you also want to assemble a pedicure kit, you should add the following products to the list:

  • Exfoliating cream for feet
  • Sandpaper for feet
  • Toe separator

With these items you can already do your nails in a very complete way and lastly you should select the place to store the manicure kit. At this time avoid areas with high humidity or the presence of heat.

Is it worth getting a manicure kit?

The manicure kit is a very practical product that is worth having at home. Its great advantage is precisely in bringing together in a single product several tools to take care of your nails at home or professionally.

This kit often also has a more affordable value. This is because it contains several items that would be more expensive if they were bought separately.

Another plus point is that many manicure kits come with a case to store the tools. This way, everything is already organized and stored in one place.

The disadvantage is that not every manicure kit version you can buy contains all the items you need to care for your nails. This way, it is sometimes necessary to buy instruments on their own.

  • It gathers several tools for the care of the nails
  • It has a very affordable value
  • Often comes with a case
  • It is very practical
  • Not always comes with all the items needed to do the nails

How to sterilize the products in the manicure kit?

The manicure kit contains very useful products for nail care, however they must always be clean and sterilized so that they do not transmit diseases.

Cleaning is a fundamental step.

Cleaning is a fundamental step and it is very simple to do. All you need to do is brush the instruments with a neutral detergent and rinse them.

To sterilize the items of the manicure kit, it is possible to use two methods. In professional environments there are autoclaves, which heat the instruments and thus kill all bacteria. This tool is very efficient and easy to use.

If you do not have access to one of these, you can boil the cutting items such as spatulas, cutters and pliers.

How much does it cost and where to buy a manicure kit?

The value of a manicure kit is quite affordable, but it varies according to the number of pieces. Thus, the smaller versions cost less than those that contain more instruments.

Thus, it is possible to find options starting at R$ 11 and the most expensive ones can reach R$ 190, on average.

To buy one of these is very simple. This product can be found in cosmetics shops, pharmacies and the more professional versions are sold in those that sell products for hairdressing salons.

Purchase criteria: How to compare manicure kit options

Those who decide to buy a manicure kit find several options in the shops. This makes the choice for one is not simple and easy. But following some criteria it is possible to make the best purchase and to help you we have separated all of them below.

Now we will explain each of these factors in detail.

Number of pieces

As we told you above, the manicure kit comes in different numbers of pieces. This not only changes its value, but also makes it less or more complete.

The basic versions are ideal for those who have a simpler nail care at home. This is because they only contain a few items and do not perfectly suit a complete manicure.

The kits with a larger number of instruments are the best option for those who want to do their nails more effectively. They are even great for people who work in this area.

Therefore, choose the ones that come with all the parts you need.

Na foto um alicate, uma tesoura, lixa e espátulas de unha.

The more pieces the manicure kit has, the more complete it will be. (Source: Prographer_ / Pixabay)


The material in which the manicure kit is made makes all the difference in the strength and durability of this product.

With regard to scissors, pliers, spatulas and other metal items, you should always give preference to those made of stainless steel. This is because this is a very resistant raw material and does not rust.

The cases are usually produced in fabric or plastic. The fabric versions are more durable and can always be washed. The plastic ones, on the other hand, are a good option because they can protect the instruments a lot thanks to their rigidity.

Child or adult

Another important point to be analyzed when acquiring a manicure kit is if it will be used with babies and children or adults.

Children's versions have instruments with rounded tips and are less sharp. This is because babies' nails are less rigid than those of an adult, not to mention that their skin is also more sensitive.

The manicure kit for adults, on the other hand, has stronger and more resistant pieces. It is essential to choose the option that exactly suits the way of use, because this way the kit will last longer and work more effectively.

Na foto uma mulher cortando a unha de um bebê.

The children's manicure kit is ideal for babies and children. (Source: stylephotographs/ 123RF)

With case or without

Finally, you should choose between a manicure kit that comes with a case or one that does not contain this piece.

For those who are buying this product for the first time, the versions with case are the most indicated. This is because they already come with the container to leave the instruments stored.

On the other hand, those who already have a proper place to keep their manicure items do not need this additional product. In fact, when choosing a version without a case, you can even save money, since they are usually cheaper.

(Image source: iakovenko/ 123RF)

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