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It is said that all times past were better, but the truth is that Marvel breaks the rule. From the fabulous comics they went on to the doubly fabulous movies of our favourite superheroes; they even put together some heroes with others, creating stories that we will never forget.

At Monederosmart we know what the Marvel Cinematic Universe means to many, and even if you are not an expert, you probably loved one of their superheroes, you dressed up as Spider Man for example, and you would enjoy an afternoon with family or friends with popcorn watching The Avengers at home.

Many think that in the digital age we live in, video on demand dominates the movie screen, paid platforms to access movies for a limited time or by subscription, but who doesn't like to have their favourite Marvel movie at home? Monederosmart tells you what you need to know before you buy yours.


  • The Marvel movies are part of the cinematic universe of the Marvel studio, the famous comic book company that created iconic superheroes such as Spider Man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc. Since 2008, Marvel comics have been adapted into movies, starting a collection of films that are now action classics.
  • For decades, Marvel has had a cult following for its comics. Since 2008, with the release of Iron Man, Marvel movies became part of that universe and although not all of them are "auctioned off", there are many that are. We'll show you the difference between the common ones and the collectible ones.
  • Experts in the field know that when it comes to choosing a Marvel movie, the most important thing is not always the plot, but there are many values to take into account to choose the right movie, for example: the presentation, the complementary items, the characters and the format.

The Best Marvel Movies: Our Picks

If there's one thing that's hard to know, it's which are the best Marvel movies, simply because they're all good. However, it's not just how good they are that counts when it comes to buying. Monederosmart has rounded up for you the four films that stand out the most among fans so you can see why they're their favourites.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Marvel movies

Obviously when buying a film our choice is primarily guided by the story it tells. However, when it comes to Marvel movies, there are additional reasons that determine the choice. In this detailed buying guide you can find out what additional values you need to know.

As a couple, as a family, alone or with friends, Marvel movies are guaranteed fun. (Photo: luckybusiness/

What is a Marvel movie and what are the benefits?

Marvel movies are a series of films based on the stories of the iconic superheroes of the famous Marvel comic book company. Since the release of Iron Man, the first of their films in 2008, these films have become collector's items and cult items for many fans.

Although not all users are fanatical collectors, there are those who like to have their favourite films at home, either individually or in sagas, as they are entertaining, fun and action packed, three perfect components to make popcorn and spend a nice afternoon with family or friends.

Marvel movies are sure to entertain because they are always going to surprise us, not only because of the special effects and plot, but also because they often surpass their own comics. In addition, some not so well known superheroes like Ant-Man appear to leave us speechless and not to mention the characters that cross paths.

  • Can be watched multiple times
  • Can be watched at home or wherever you want
  • Inexpensive
  • Collectible
  • Safe entertainment
  • Limited editions
  • Some editions are expensive
  • Some movies don't live up to the expectation

Marvel's regular or collectible films - what should you look out for?

Few companies have the privilege of having their films become a cult favourite, but Marvel is no different, having been a part of our lives for more than 50 years. Marvel has managed to classify its films as either regular or collectible, depending on their release.

Common. These are editions like the ones we commonly know, that is to say those in which the DVD or Blu-Ray disc comes inside a simple plastic box like the ones normally used for any film.

The regular Marvel movies, however, will probably have a special feature which might be a cardboard box or cover or maybe a disc with some extras, but they won't be very special items. This simplicity does not risk the quality of the film at all.

Collectibles. They are created especially for those people who are true fans, probably not only collectors of the movies but also started as comic book fans, know the whole Marvel universe and value every product.

These collectible editions are often very special in their presentation and are therefore limited editions. For example, the box or steelbook may be made of metal and die-cut with the design of the film; or in addition to the film you can find extra material such as comic books, posters or exclusive photographs.

Common Collectibles
Presentation Pack or singles Pack or Steelbook
Supplementary items Maybe Yes
Characters Heroes or Hero Teams Heroes or Hero Teams
Format DVD, Blu-ray, 3D or 4K DVD, Blu-ray, 3D or 4K

Now you can have your own 3D cinema at home... don't miss out! (Photo: Volodymyr Melnyk/

Buying criteria

Beyond the story there are certain criteria you should consider when choosing a film, especially if you value the Marvel Universe. For fans and collectors alike, it's worth knowing the buying factors that come into play when selecting a film. We tell you about them:


As we know that looks do matter, we make sure that you are well aware of the packaging possibilities in which the Marvel movies are presented. Being a collector's item, whether you're a fan or an expert, you're probably going to want to show off your film, maybe in the library or in the TV area, so pay attention to the presentation.

Pack. Being a film franchise, it is normal for distributors to offer packs where you will find the whole collection in part. These packs usually come in spectacular boxes with designs that you'll really want to show off. If you are just starting out in the world of collecting it is best to start with the packs.

Simple. The most common ones are the common plastic sleeve that all the films usually come in. Then there will be other presentations that take care to give you a more satisfying experience by adding a cardboard cover to protect the plastic box. It is a perfect choice for a gift.

Steelboox. If the cardboard cover option is a good one, imagine having to open a metal box to get your film first. Steelbooks are simply amazing because their designs are designed to make an impact, and they do! If you want to have something special for yourself or stand out with a gift, this is the presentation for you.

Complementary items

These are items that complement the film. Generally, each film has something attractive for the user to prefer it. Logically, the more special the items are, the more valuable the film will be. Expert collectors value this option highly, so if you are one of them, take a good look at the extras of the product.

Booklets. Some movie offerings incorporate Marvel booklets or comics that complement the story or reference it in some way. These types of items are a collector's favourite and are what collectors are willing to spend their money on, because even a "deluxe" Marvel movie is well worth owning.

Extras. The extras on the discs could well be on a separate disc or included as the menu of the film, the most important thing will be to know what kind of extras it contains. It could be how it was made, deleted scenes, outtakes, or commentary from the director or actors. If you like to explore behind the scenes, don't miss out on the extras.

Character figure. Although unusual, you could buy the film along with a figure of the main superhero. Usually these kinds of offers appear more as a kit or combo from the shops, but it's worth taking advantage of them because as well as having both products, you're sure to save money.


As a franchise with a history spanning over half a century, Marvel has developed an impressive amount of superheroes, some more iconic than others. The most famous have been part of the company's films, but only the best retain their place as perennial favourites.

Heroes. This classification includes all the heroes who have had their own movie. These are usually the most well-known or iconic heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Spider Man, Thor, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Ant Man and, most recently, the heroine, Captain America. As you can see, you have plenty of heroes to choose from!

Hero teams. It's no coincidence that hero team movies are a big hit with moviegoers, because watching our favourite heroes fight as a team multiplies the adventure and the action. The Avengers saga or Guardians of the Galaxy are a guarantee of maximum fun. This category is ideal for an afternoon with friends.


Thanks to the fact that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, we can now dream of having a 3D TV or 4K screen at home. This means that more than ever we can watch movies in the comfort of our own home just as if we were at the cinema... or better. The format you buy will be subject to the format of your player.

DVD or Blu-ray. These are the two most popular formats for home use. DVD is much more popular, although Blu-ray has been around for more than a decade. Compared to DVD, Blu-ray has better resolution which translates to better clarity, so if you can see all that action and effects on Blu-ray... don't even think about it.

3D. The 3D movie experience is truly an explosion of emotion. The 3D is just like being there, like being one of the people. Until recently you could only enjoy 3D in the cinema, now you can have it at home. If you normally watch the same Marvel movie a hundred times, calculate how many times you will watch it in 3D (OMG!).

4K. The latest on the market in terms of ultra-high definition in the home are 4K players. 4K is stunningly sharp. Ideal for action movies and especially for feasting on special effects. The best thing about it... is that it's already available. Get your 4K debut with a Marvel movie.

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