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Who doesn't like a good relaxing moment? Massage is a therapy that promotes this well-being through the application of training that stimulates the bloodstream, relieving pain and tension. And did you know that massage cream is a fundamental part for better results? That's what we're going to talk about in today's guide. Stay with us until the end to know its benefits and how to choose the right massage cream.

First things first

  • The massage cream is not only for gliding the hands. Its formula enhances the desired results. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the right cream according to the purpose of the massage therapy.
  • Unlike oil, which is usually used for relaxation, massage creams have formulas for more aesthetic and specific techniques, such as size reduction.
  • Knowing the main actives helps to choose the right cream according to the need.

The Best Massage Cream: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about massage cream

Whether to relax or even for aesthetic purposes, the massage cream is essential in this process. It is through its formula and active ingredients that the results are potentiated. Want to learn more about this product? Come and clear up your doubts in this complete guide.

Mulher deitada de bruços recebendo massagem

Massage cream enhances the results of massage therapy. (Source: Elina Fairytale /

What are the different types of massage cream?

Massage cream can be categorized according to the purpose of the technique. There are, for example, creams to relax, others to act in reducing measures or even promote body exfoliation. What differs these creams is the formulation. In other words, each one of them has active ingredients that will act according to the objective. Check the indication of each massage cream:

Relaxing cream Modeling / reducing cream Exfoliating cream
Objective Promote relaxation, relief of tension and body pain Accelerates cellular metabolism due to the elevation of temperature. When it is a measure reducer, acts in the deeper layers of the skin Removes dead cells, renewing the skin and leaving it healthier
Examples of active ingredients Lemongrass, lavender, menthol and aloe-vera Black pepper, caffeine, arnica, ginger, menthol and horse chestnut Coffee, clay, jojoba, murumuru and grape seed

What are the benefits of using a massage cream for the technique?

Massage cream makes all the difference for the best effectiveness of the therapeutic technique. Massage, also called massage therapy, has specific objectives, as we saw above, and it is the right cream that takes much of the credit. There's no point in using just any moisturizer for those who want to reduce measures. The massage cream actives will act on the skin, promoting the desired benefits. That's the biggest advantage of investing in the ideal cream.

From the technical point of view to reduce measures, for example, is the massage cream that will activate blood and lymphatic circulation, thanks to its vasodilator effect, so this cosmetic reduces swelling. Still, for being antifibrotic, it acts in the reduction of cellulite. The benefits don't end there. The cream can still help to break the fat molecule, reducing measures. Something that will not be achieved without using the right product. In short, each type of cream has a specific benefit, which will never be achieved with an ordinary moisturiser.

Mão masculina massageando mulher de bruços

Especially in the aesthetic area, massage cream has very specific benefits. (Source: cottonbro /

Massage cream or body oil?

Massage cream and body oil are distinct products. Although both can be used in massage, they offer different results. The biggest similarity between the products is that they both help glide the hands through the body. Even so, they promote different sensations, with the oil being stickier and harder to remove. In terms of efficiency, basically, massage oil is more used for relaxation purposes. Creams, on the other hand, usually have aesthetic purposes, as we have seen throughout this guide.

These creams have active ingredients that act on the layers of the skin bringing deeper results. Indicated for pain treatment, reduction of measures or drainage. Now, those who wish to hydrate and relax can bet on the oil without fear. Being vegetable, it prevents the loss of body water and hydrates the skin. Its great advantage is that its composition is totally natural.

Can I use the massage cream by myself?

Although the results are better with a specialized professional, through specific techniques with hand movements that - together with the creams - activate blood circulation and work on the desired goal, it is possible to apply the cream on your own. Some points are more difficult than others, but it is possible to massage the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, for example. Each part of the body requires specific movements. Check out some tips:

  1. Abdomen - apply the cream on the sides of the abdomen from the outside to the inside, reaching the navel and going down to the groin;
  2. Thigh - in circular movements, apply the cream from the knee to the groin, always from the outside to the inside of the thigh;
  3. Buttocks - make movements from bottom to top, in other words, from the jowls to the top, finishing in the groin.

Repeat the movements until the skin adheres neither to the cream and you feel the dry touch.

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when comparing different types of massage cream

Since the importance of massage cream has become clear, let's now talk about the criteria you should consider when choosing yours. See:


The first step is to decide what is the purpose of the massage, because there are many options on the market that act differently, bringing specific results. A massage cream to relax will not reach the effects of the cosmetic produced to reduce measures, that's why it is so important to start with this criterion. If in doubt, talk to a massage therapist or dermatologist.

Mulher em maca com expressão feliz e relaxada

The relaxing massage cream has different active principles from the size reduction cream. (Source: Andrea Piacquadio /


Even defining the goal, you can find massage creams with different active ingredients, and knowing them is the best way not to make a wrong choice. These actives guide you to find the right cream within what you want to achieve. Check out the list with some of them:

  1. Menthol: this active reduces the temperature of the place and reduces the fat. It is also relaxing;
  2. Caffeine: It is lipolytic, reducing the fat reserve, also improves circulation;
  3. Guarana: Rich in caffeine, it is diuretic and increases blood circulation;
  4. Asiatic Centella: Activates blood circulation and reduces fat cells, being great for reducing measures;
  5. Horse chestnut: it is anti-inflammatory and acts in the treatment of cellulite;
  6. Black pepper: It is thermogenic, tones and promotes skin elasticity.


It's no news that aroma also helps you feel good. There is even a therapeutic technique that works with the smells through the use of essential oils, called aromatherapy. Therefore, choose well the cream's aroma according to the objective of the massage. Lavender, for example, is great for helping with relaxation.

Tip: It is always good to have a neutral version of massage cream, that is, without perfume. Some people may prefer it because they do not like certain smells or even because of some respiratory allergic disease, such as rhinitis


There are packages of just 200 grams or more than 1kg. To choose, consider your frequency of use. If you are going to apply it on yourself or a family member, a small amount is enough, especially to test the cream. However, a masseur, for example, may consider investing in larger pots, since the cream is the flagship of their work.


The massage cream is fundamental for the best use of the technique. Its active ingredients enhance the massage results. For this, you need to consider your goal and choose the right cream, as we explain in this guide. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, don't miss out on a good massage cream. Now, tell us in the comments below if you have used any of the creams listed. Your experience can also add to this guide and help other people interested in learning more.

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