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Assembling the maternity bag is one of the things pregnant women like to do the most. Thinking about the baby's first hours and choosing that special outfit to come home is one of the preparation stages in the final stage of pregnancy.

But which maternity bag to choose? That's what we want to talk to you about today. Come with us!


  • The maternity bag is the one the mother uses to carry the baby's utensils, and can be used to take her belongings to the maternity hospital or even to use on a daily basis.
  • There are different styles of maternity bags: suitcase, backpack and purse. We will talk about all of them in this article.
  • The main feature of a maternity bag is the number and variety of compartments it has. Here you will learn the indispensable ones.

The best Maternity Bag: Our Picks

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about maternity bags

The maternity bag will accompany mum and baby for a long time. If you have a small child, you know that a little trip, however fast it may be, always requires preparation and several utensils for the little ones.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose carefully to make the most of the bag. Come with us to understand what is important in a maternity bag.

Imagem de uma mulher sorrindo com bebê no colo em parque

Walks in the park are easier with a good maternity bag. Source: PublicDomainPictures /

What are the different types of maternity bags?

A maternity bag is not just the model in which you will take the baby's belongings to the hospital. In fact, a maternity bag is one that will accompany the entire trajectory of your baby for outings and trips in the early years.

Thus, the woman can have more than one bag for this principle. This is because a quick trip to the mall does not require as many utensils as going to the hospital to receive the baby. Check out different styles of maternity bags:

Feature Indication
Kit bags This type is composed of several bags of different sizes and purposes, but that match in colour. It is very complete and generally have a bottle case, baby-bottle holder, among others For those who want to have a matching outfit or even personalize the bags with the baby's name
Suitcase The suitcase is a large individual bag, with specific purpose. It has a large pocket that facilitates organization for more days Great for trips or to take the baby's belongings to the maternity without carrying many bags
Individual Bag This bag may have different styles, such as the traditional baby bag or even a more discreet backpack. The cool thing is that this bag can be chosen by the mother's style. There are even options that do not look like baby accessories, but have compartments designed for them Perfect for quick trips

Side maternity bag or backpack: what is the difference?

One of the biggest doubts of mothers nowadays is which maternity bag to choose, after all, it is this maternity bag that will be the great companion of the day to day, either for a walk in the park or that Sunday walk at grandma's house. The darlings for this purpose are the lateral bag and the backpack.

Lateral Maternity Bag

The lateral bags can have different sizes and styles. There are options for sporty women, classic or those traditional bags full of frills.

The majority of the models has a hand strap and another adjustable one that can be used as a cross-body too. The weak point is that it overloads only one shoulder

Maternity rucksack

The backpack has won hearts in recent years. Practical, discreet and comfortable, it balances the weight between the shoulders and has several pockets, leaving the belongings more organized and easy to access.

There are also several styles, but it was the Lequeen brand that made this model come out.

What are the essential compartments in a maternity bag for the day to day?

Organization is the key of success in a maternity bag. Can you imagine looking for the baby's dummy and not finding it among so many utensils? Or lose the telephone among the baby's belongings? Who is on the street needs practicality and the compartments offer that. Thinking about it, we made a selection of interesting compartments that every maternity bag should have:

  1. Tissue: One of the most used items needs to be easily accessible. Many maternity bags have an exclusive compartment in the external part for these tissues.
  2. Nappy: Generally on the inside, the nappy compartment has space for them to be placed without mess and easily reached.
  3. Bottle: The pocket of the bottle, in fact, serves for water cups too. Usually with elastic bands, it holds cylindrical objects so as not to spill the liquid. In some cases this compartment is thermal.
  4. Thermal: There are thermal pockets to receive the food jar of the baby who has already started the introduction to food. They keep the food and liquids warm.
  5. Dummies: In order not to lose the dummy in the bag, invest in a model which has a pocket for easy access to it. Some come with a cap to protect the nipple.
  6. Key: Avoid getting home and lose minutes looking for the key in the bottom of the maternity bag. Bet on a model that has a pocket with easy access for them. In some cases there is even a hook for them to hang inside the bag.
  7. Cell Phone: The same goes for the mobile phone. It is one of the items that the person will need the most, therefore, have a specific pocket for it.

Mão segurando fralda com bebê ao fundo

An organized bag makes everything outside easier. (Source: William Fortunato /

What to take in the maternity bag?

What you put in the bag will depend on where you are going, how long you will spend away from home and also the age of your baby. Anyway, we know that the biggest doubt is what to take in the maternity bag to the hospital. Check the list with essential items for your baby's arrival:

  • Six sets of bodysuits, according to the season, prioritizing long sleeves
  • Six jumpsuits
  • Six pairs of socks
  • Maternity exit
  • Two little jackets with front opening
  • One blanket and one blanket
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Hygiene kit: cotton, cotton buds, hairbrush, shampoo and neutral soap
  • Disposable nappies, newborn and small
  • Bath towel
Tip: Besides the baby's bag, the woman needs to remember her personal items, such as towel, pajamas, nursing bra, postpartum absorbent, among others

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when comparing different types of maternity bags

To choose the perfect maternity bag, in addition to all the tips already brought, you need to consider the following criteria:


Durable materials are important for your maternity bag. Even better if it is rubberized and waterproof. Bet on synthetic materials, like polyester. Also check if the seams are reinforced to withstand the weight.


As well as the compartments, it is necessary to see which accessories the maternity bag comes with. The changing table, for example, is an indispensable accessory.

However, there are others that can be an extra as a tie-breaker criterion. Some bags offer door moistened tissue, dummy and bottle holder.

Bebê chupando bico

Finding the dummy quickly can be important in a moment of stress for the baby. (Source: Arie van Ravenswaay /


The size of the bag will depend on the purpose. For the day to day, the ideal is that it is medium, which can accommodate about five nappies, three changes of clothes and other belongings to spend a few hours away from home. There are bags of all sizes, and of course, you can have different models.


Not every model has a thermal compartment, but this criterion is very useful in all the baby stages. Either to accommodate water, bottle, fruits or food, it is always good to have a thermal space in the maternity bag.


Last but not least, consider the comfort of the bag. This happens especially by the straps. If they are padded, it is more guaranteed that they will not hurt your shoulders. If possible, try the model on. Carrying your baby in a bag that hurts can be very stressful.


The maternity bag accompanies the baby from birth to defralde. There are different types and the woman can have one for each occasion.

The secret of organization is the compartments it has. We hope to have helped you with this decision. Are you excited to take your baby out for a walk?

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