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Besides the classic slippers, which can be found in most households, hut shoes are also a subcategory of slippers. Every winter sports enthusiast who spends a few days at the hut will have these shoes in their luggage. The models for men differ mainly in the materials. This guarantees the feet the necessary warmth on cold days.

On huts in winter, the ground is often very cold and it can take a while to warm up. Especially right after an outing in the cold, the feet are probably one of the most sensitive parts of the body to the cold. The men's slippers help your feet warm up quickly. They wrap the whole foot up to the ankles and do not let any cold air through from above. So your feet don't have to freeze even on cold days.

The Best Men Hut Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's slippers

There are now many suppliers for men's slippers. Even if you have the impression that the majority of slippers are very similar, you should pay attention to certain criteria when buying.

In order for men to find the best pair for your feet for cold stays in the mountain huts, you should consider the following criteria when buying:

  • Material / Lining
  • Sole / Slip resistance
  • Size
  • Absorption of moisture
  • Stability for ankles

In the following section you will learn more about the individual criteria.

Material / Lining

The material of the hut shoes for men represents one of the main criteria for you when buying. In addition to the look, the material determines the breathability, durability and warmth of your feet. Pay attention to both the upper material and the lining. These are not always the same.

Basically, men's slippers are made of natural or even synthetic materials. Manufacturers mainly use cashmere, wool, felt, lambskin and sheep's wool. Animal fur is particularly popular because they are very durable and breathable. Since men's feet sweat more quickly, this is particularly important. They thus stay dry and the heat does not accumulate in your shoe.

Synthetic fabrics have only slight differences in terms of breathability, durability and the effort required to manufacture them. In terms of comfort, hardly anything changes. Synthetic fabrics are slightly lighter, which may make them a little more comfortable for men to wear.

Some models are made of down material. They are light like the synthetic fibre slippers and warm the feet even more. Thanks to their smooth, water- and wind-repellent material, they also keep your feet warm if a cold breeze does get into the hut.

The right combination of upper material and lining is the basic prerequisite for warm and comfortable wearing of the hut shoes.

Sole / slip resistance

Are you the kind of guy who can't sit still and still has to walk around the hut to get down after an outing? Then you should pay special attention to the right choice of sole out of consideration for your own safety. The more slippery the ground, the more important a good sole is. You can choose between a rubber or leather sole, or you can do without a sole.

Many winter sports enthusiasts feel comfortable in the men's models without soles, especially because of the pleasant wearing comfort. For your own safety, you can equip them with an anti-slip coating or rubber studs. This makes your slippers comfortable and non-slip.

Rubber soles, on the other hand, offer you increased stability and protect your feet from moisture. These are merely glued to the slippers. Due to the material, they are very slip-resistant.

Leather soles are very popular with men. They are sewn directly to the shoe and therefore more dimensionally stable. After a short break-in period, they are just as slip-resistant as the models with rubber soles. In addition, the leather absorbs foot perspiration, which makes the foot climate much more pleasant.


Whether you are looking for sports shoes, hiking boots, ski boots or hut shoes, when buying you need to make sure that the shoe fits perfectly and that you can walk comfortably. Your men's hut shoes should meet the following criteria:

  • Ankle-high: Cottage slippers should enclose your feet and ankles. This is an important criterion for purchase. Use the ankles as a starting point for how high the slippers should reach.
  • Fitting to the foot: To ensure that your feet are also well warmed, you must also make sure that your feet and ankles are completely enclosed. Of course, every model adapts to your feet after a certain amount of time. Nevertheless, you should make sure from the start that there are no openings for air.

These two criteria ensure your feet warmth quickly and keep out the cold. Men in particular have different shoe sizes, which is why you also have more choice. However, with more choice, you also have to be even more careful that you find a men's model that meets these two criteria for you personally.

As with a normal shoe purchase that you make online, there is usually a size chart for cottage shoes. This offers you a good orientation.

Absorption of moisture

The aspect of moisture absorption has a lot to do with the material and the sole of the shoe and is discussed separately here. Especially the smokers among you, who also stand on the balcony in the cold winter months, should not disregard this aspect.

In this respect, you should rather do without men's slippers made of pure wool. Wool is usually not waterproof. This material absorbs water quickly and dries very slowly. Your feet will then be wet and cold and you will have to resort to a second pair, as long as you have packed another one.

Often it simply depends on the nature of the fabric. Felt is basically water-repellent, but also not completely waterproof. Therefore, always pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications regarding the outer material.

As far as soles are concerned, rubber and leather soles are particularly suitable. In addition to good slip resistance, they are very water-resistant. During a short trip to the balcony for a smoke, they stay dry and do not soak up water.

Stability for ankles

Athletes among men know how important a stable shoe can be to prevent injuries. As in any men's shoe, you should have a good grip in your slippers to stabilise your ankles. The need here can vary from individual to individual. Some shoppers are already a little pre-occupied and need to rely more on a stable pair of shoes than others for health reasons.

Especially slipper shoes with soles offer better stability. They provide a little support for the ankle so that you don't twist your ankle. Of course, models without soles do not offer this stability and the risk of twisting is higher.

Men who do not have any ankle problems do not have to follow this recommendation. Nevertheless, even in these cases it is recommended that you give it sufficient thought. Especially with regard to the future and further stresses on your feet, you should prevent possible pain. The more you support your ankles, the more often you can go on pain-free walks.

Hut shoes for men: The most important questions answered

Often the right choice of men's slippers seems more difficult than you might think. In the following, we answer the most important questions about men's slippers, which will make your purchase decision easier.

What types of slippers are there for men?

It is difficult to categorise men's slippers into sub-types. Cottage slippers are known to reach above the ankles. Thus, all men's models have this characteristic. Only the materials differ. Based on this difference, you will come across fashionable, fluffy or rustic models for men:

  • Fashionable slippers: This model stands out because of its coarse knit look made of wool. They are of high quality and easy to care for even for men without much effort. Buttons and pom-poms give them the fashionable component. Due to the extras and the knitted design, this model seems to be more suitable for women, but depending on the colour, there are also models that make a good impression on men.
  • Fluffy slippers: This model for men is basically made of textile fibres. The look alone suggests a fluffy feel-good factor. This model usually does not have its own sole. It looks like socks and gives you the feeling of being barefoot. Because of the missing sole, they are completely made of synthetic material. They are very warm and perfect for a cosy evening on the sofa. There is a large selection in many different colours and designs. You are sure to find your perfect pair for men.
  • Rustic slippers: As the name suggests, this type of slipper for men is made from natural materials such as leather or lambskin. They are very robust and provide a firm footing. The built-in soles allow you to walk on the terrace without them softening immediately. The material and the soles do their part to provide good cushioning. They are high quality and you can be sure that you will not have to replace this model after one use.

How do I care for and clean my men's slippers?

Important tip at this point: always read the manufacturer's instructions. Often, the slippers are made of certain materials that you should not wash in the washing machine.

In general, it is worth knowing that you can wash wool and textile slippers. Especially textile slippers can be washed at up to 30 degrees without any negative consequences.

Pure wool made from 100% virgin wool should not be put in the washing machine. The washing process damages your men's slippers from time to time. These models are best washed by hand.

Under no circumstances should you put slippers made of leather, felt or lambskin in the washing machine. Unfortunately, these will be too damaged. You should clean these materials carefully and thoroughly by hand. Use a damp cloth or brush and soap to avoid damaging the material.

Are the men's slippers also suitable for outdoors?

Cottage slippers are not suitable for a longer walk through the snow - no matter how robust the material seems. They cannot withstand the extreme moisture and do not even begin to offer men's feet the necessary warmth.

But you should also consider your choice of men's cabin shoes for a short trip to the balcony. Woolen shoes quickly soak up moisture and become heavy. Moreover, your feet will get cold again. With felt shoes, on the other hand, you can go out for a short while. But you should not expose them to much moisture either. They are water-repellent, but not completely waterproof.

Men's models with firm soles are best suited here - rubber and leather are good materials. They do not absorb moisture and your feet do not get wet. Nevertheless, refrain from long walks or snowball fights, because although the men's slippers are then waterproof from underneath, the upper material may not be quite as stable.

Can I knit the men's slippers myself?

Get yourself some wool yarn and a large knitting needle and you're ready to go. With a little patience and dexterity, anyone can knit their own men's slippers. Make up your mind what colour you want your shoe to be and whether you would like to have certain extras and motifs. For a sole, you still need to buy the appropriate material.

Once you have all the necessary materials, you can start knitting. There is no standard knitting technique. It depends on your individual taste. Even as a man, you can start knitting at any time. On the internet you will find many tutorials and instructions that will help you step by step to knit your own men's slippers.


Men's hut boots are probably one of the most important items of clothing for winter sports enthusiasts, during your stay at a hut. They provide your feet with the necessary warmth, breathability and feel-good factor. So you can quickly warm up your feet again after a long day in the snow.

Depending on their preferences, men can choose between a small selection of models. Whether fashionable or fluffy and rustic, there is something for everyone. Everyone can set a personal mark on their own private slippers with individual motifs and colours. With the right pair, nothing stands in the way of a warm and cosy evening.

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