Last updated: October 27, 2021

Especially in the transitional season, the right outfit causes us problems. However, it is possible to wear a stylish outfit without freezing. With a waistcoat for men, you can always make a statement.

Thanks to the many different variations, you can find the right waistcoat for men for every occasion. The fact that a waistcoat for men is a stylish outfit is being confirmed more and more often by celebrities.

They also show themselves on social media in the cool waistcoat look. The comfort and style are certainly the strengths of waistcoats for men. The following sections tell you what you should look for when buying a vest and what different styles are available.

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Buying criteria : What you should look for when buying men's waist coats

Since there are a lot of different waistcoats for men, it is difficult to make the right choice at first glance. A waistcoat can be used for various purposes. To help you choose the right waistcoat for men, we have selected some criteria that we consider important. The following criteria should help you to choose the right waistcoat for men

  • Material
  • Intended use
  • Size
  • Quality

In this section, we would now like to go into more detail about the most important criteria. You can find out more about what to consider when buying a waistcoat for men here.


The chosen waistcoat for men should be a comfortable and pleasant companion in everyday life. Therefore, you should choose the right material. A waistcoat for men should not only look good, but also keep you warm in the cold season. Men's waistcoats can be found in different materials.

Depending on the intended use, a different material is therefore also suitable. Common materials include polyester, polyamide and cotton, but can also be made of leather or linen. Animal wool is often used in the form of knitted waistcoats.

Outdoor waistcoats for men are usually lined. This reduces heat loss even at low temperatures. Most of the time, the waistcoats are mixed with a mixture of down and feathers. This ratio is around 80 % down and 20 % feathers. But depending on the type and quality of the waistcoat, it can also be lined with polyester.

This results in a wide range of different materials that can be selected for the right waistcoat. A combination of different materials is not uncommon. A combination is especially popular for lined waistcoats.


In the field of waistcoats for men, there are various purposes for which you can use your waistcoat. Depending on the intended use, it pays to choose the right material. This way, waistcoats can be used for many different purposes.

A popular use of the waistcoat is in sports. A functional waistcoat is ideal for mountain tours as well as hiking tours. This way, you won't be affected by the cold and yet you won't sweat too much with a waistcoat. The relatively small pack size also means that the waistcoat can be stowed in your rucksack if necessary.

Waistcoats for men are very popular for festive celebrations. Combined with a shirt and trousers, this is definitely an elegant outfit. The waistcoat is thus a good alternative to a classic suit. Men like to wear waistcoats for manual work. These are robust and are ideal for work in the workshop.

The work waistcoats keep you warm and are equipped with additional features. For example, some waistcoats for men are equipped with reflectors, which are helpful when working in the dark. In general, however, the waistcoat for men does not have to fulfil any purpose. They can simply be worn in everyday life. Whether at home or in the office is up to you.


Size or fit is an important criterion when choosing a waistcoat for men. A waistcoat that is too large or too small has a bad effect on styling. An unsuitable size can also have a negative effect on wearing comfort.

Waistcoats for men are available in all possible sizes. As a guideline, it can be said that the waistcoat is suitable if it covers the waistband of the trousers. At most, however, it should reach down to the hip bones.


When buying a waistcoat for men, it is important to ensure that it is of good quality. Poor-quality waistcoats often do not last long. That's why it pays to invest a little more in a waistcoat. Especially with cheap waistcoats, this can often be noticeable in the workmanship.

For example, seams are not nicely finished or buttons are poorly sewn on. Another important indicator is the zip. If this no longer works, the waistcoat is often no longer usable. A high-quality material definitely makes the waistcoat a loyal companion. When buying locally, always check the seams.

If they are not properly finished, you should be advised not to buy. Always check the zip for proper function. The price is not always meaningful. Cheap waistcoats can also be of good quality. However, even expensive waistcoats can have weak points that have not been processed well.

Waistcoats for men: The most important questions answered

A waistcoat for men can be worn for many occasions. However, finding the right waistcoat for the right occasion can be a challenge. That's why we have compiled and answered the most important questions about waistcoats for men here.

In which styles are waistcoats for men available?

There are many different styles of waistcoats for men. There are different waistcoats for every occasion and they have their advantages and disadvantages. In the following list, you can see the most important styles of waistcoats for men.

  • Suit waistcoat: A waistcoat can be worn elegantly in combination with a suit. Suit waistcoats are often worn at weddings. In combination with suit trousers, shirt and tie, this is a stylish outfit. The typical feature of a suit waistcoat is the buttons in the front.
  • Denim waistcoat: A denim waistcoat is the alternative to a classic denim jacket. Because the denim waistcoat has no sleeves, any outfit can be worn underneath. Combined with a jumper, the denim waistcoat can also look cool.
  • Knitted waistcoat: There are knitted waistcoats that button up as well as those that are closed. Knitted waistcoats are often worn for traditional occasions. However, they can also be worn in everyday life. Thanks to the quality of the material, a knitted waistcoat can be a comfortable garment for men.
  • Sweat waistcoat: The sweat waistcoat can be worn very well in leisure time. The casual look means that the classic pullover can be dispensed with. With the right material, the sweat waistcoat for men is comfortable to wear.
  • Softshell/ functional waistcoat: A softshell is ideal for outdoor sports. With the right material, the functional waistcoat offers protection against wind and rain. The light weight makes it ideal for a mountain tour.
  • Quilted waistcoat: The padded design is the classic feature of the quilted waistcoat for men. This style is becoming more and more popular. The quilted waistcoat keeps you warm and looks stylish.
  • Traditional waistcoat: In combination with leather trousers, the traditional waistcoat is a stylish companion. It is usually worn over a shirt.

The large number of different styles makes it clear that it is not easy to make the right choice. However, you should ask yourself for which occasion you want to wear the waistcoat. Once you have chosen a category, all you have to do is select the right waistcoat for men.

How can a waistcoat for men be combined?

Depending on the style of the waistcoat, it can be worn in different combinations. A suitable combination is important, because overloading an outfit does not always go down well. A smart combination is essential, especially for festive occasions.

If you wear a suit waistcoat, it should be combined with matching suit trousers and a shirt. Braces may also be appropriate. Depending on the occasion, you can also wear a bow tie or necktie. Make sure you choose the right colour combination. A good combination is grey with white or blue with grey. When it comes to functional waistcoats, colour coordination is also important.

These are often combined with a long-sleeved sports shirt worn under the waistcoat. Here, too, it is a good idea to avoid overly unusual colour variations. In your free time, you can wear your waistcoat however you like. Whether it is a stylish fashion accessory or simply worn for comfort is up to you.

How do I care for and clean my men's waistcoat?

Depending on the type of waistcoat, it may need specific cleaning. This is because not all waistcoats can be cleaned in a washing machine. This could destroy the material, so particular care should be taken when washing. Some waistcoats require special cleaning. A suit waistcoat can normally be washed in a washing machine.

However, be sure to choose a gentle cycle that does not exceed 30 degrees. Waistcoats made of linen can also be washed in the washing machine. Here, a wash cycle of 60 degrees is no problem. However, waistcoats must not be put in the dryer.

If you are not sure which washing process to choose, the waistcoat for men can also be soaked in cold water for a while. Here you should use detergent sparingly. If you are still unsure, take your waistcoat to an expert.

Styling tips for men with waistcoats: How to achieve the perfect waistcoat look

It is particularly important to choose the right styling for festive occasions. With a suit waistcoat you are definitely dressed to the nines. However, there are also a few things to consider in order to get the outfit right.

  • Combine the waistcoat with a matching shirt: If you opt for the elegant version, it is important to choose the matching shirt. Colour coordination is important here.
  • Do without jeans: Jeans in combination with a waistcoat is definitely a mistake. Therefore, it is better to choose suit trousers.
  • Not too fancy: When it comes to a waistcoat, you should rather always stay plain. Coloured waistcoats may be reminiscent of the old days, but if you want to be elegantly dressed, avoid anything over the top.
  • Leave the bottom button open: A mistake many make at the beginning. It is important for a men's waistcoat that the lowest button remains open.

If you now follow these tips, nothing should go wrong at your next appearance. With these basic rules you should hit the right outfit.


A waistcoat for men is a stylish fashion accessory that can be worn in any season. But not only that, because the waistcoat also fulfils its function. As protection against wind and rain, the waistcoat is a loyal companion for sports enthusiasts.

There are many different styles of waistcoats. So you can find the right waistcoat for every occasion. The waistcoat can also work well in combination. However, it is not advisable to overload on different items of clothing.