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They are stable, they are modern and they are adaptable: ankle boots for men. With this footwear you are not only the eye-catcher in the streets, but you also get a good walking feeling. We will now explain everything you need to know about men's ankle boots. At the end of our buying guide, we'll also give you a few exclusive styling tips.

The Best Men's Ankle Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying men's ankle boots

When buying ankle boots, there are a few criteria you should consider when making your choice. We would now like to explain these to you.

The following are the buying criteria for men's ankle boots:

  • Material
  • Heel height
  • Closure
  • Lining

Now we would like to explain the individual buying criteria to you in more detail. Pay attention to these criteria when buying men's ankle boots, then you will surely find the right shoe quickly.


The material in particular is very variable for ankle boots. As a rule, there are four materials from which men's ankle boots are made. You can see these in the following list:

  • Genuine leather
  • Suede
  • Snakeskin
  • Crocodile leather

Most sold and worn are ankle boots made of suede. They can be combined with almost any outfit and always look elegant and well-dressed. Ankle boots made of genuine leather are the right choice for chic and festive outfits. If you prefer something more unusual, ankle boots made of snake and crocodile leather are the perfect choice. These ankle boots are guaranteed to make you stand out everywhere you go, and will be the object of envious glances.

Heel height

The heel height of men's ankle boots is just as much an issue as it is for the women's versions. Here, too, there are some models that have no heel at all or a lot of heel. When buying, think about the occasions for which you want to wear the shoes. For everyday wear, flat ankle boots are usually suitable. For work and festivities, ankle boots with a little heel are suitable because they look elegant and chic. Normal heel heights for men's ankle boots are between 2.5 and 5 cm.

Closure type

There are different types of fastening for men's ankle boots. A distinction is made between the following types of fastening:

  • Velcro fastening
  • Without fastener / to slip on
  • Zip
  • Buckle
  • Quick release fastener
  • Lacing

You can find out which type of fastening is the most comfortable for you simply by trying them on and trying them out. Ankle boots with Velcro fastenings have proven to be particularly comfortable for older men. As a rule, ankle boots for both men and women either have a zip or are designed to be slipped on.


Another important purchase criterion is whether or not the ankle boots should be lined. This depends above all on when you want to wear the ankle boots. If you are looking for ankle boots for the winter, you should make sure that they are suitably lined. For summer and spring, ankle boots that are not lined are also suitable. Here, it is best to decide entirely according to your preferences and the preferred season for wearing them.

Men's Ankle boots: The most important questions answered

In this section we will answer your questions so that you are well informed. To do this, we have simply collected the most important questions about ankle boots for men and answered them in detail.

What types of men's ankle boots are there?

There are four different types of men's ankle boots. We would now like to briefly introduce them to you.

  • Sneaker version: look very sporty but still elegant.
  • Chelsea boot: the classic among men's ankle boots. Much seen and always a good choice.
  • Western ankle boots: who doesn't know the extravagant cowboy boots from films and television. A real eye-catcher, aren't they?
  • Dandy short boots: medium-high ankle boots for a firm and stable gait.

What materials are used for ankle boots?

One of the most important questions today is: What material is the product made of? The material is often not only of interest for shoes, but also for the entire fashion sector. Here we have therefore listed the individual materials.

  • Ankle bootsmade of genuine leather: With ankle boots made of genuine leather you are opting for the classic version of the ankle boot. With genuine leather, you always have to be careful what quality you buy. High-quality leather ankle boots for men can sometimes be more expensive.
  • Suede ankle boots: Ankle boots with suede are mainly made from non-domesticated animal species. This means a shoe made of suede can be from a deer, stag or wild boar, for example. These ankle boots are an all-purpose shoe and go with almost any outfit thanks to their soft suede.
  • Ankle bootsmade of snakeskin: Ankle boots made of snakeskin are a little more unusual. Since there are many types of snakes, there are also many different snake leathers. Some of these look very different in colour and pattern and are therefore each unique. With ankle boots made of snakeskin, you will definitely attract everyone's attention.
  • Ankle bootsmade of crocodile leather: This exotic leather also makes ankle boots real eye-catchers. Crocodile leather ankle boots transform your outfit into a fashion-conscious and business-like look. Crocodile leather ankle boots are perfect for festivities. To round off your outfit, a crocodile-look belt also goes very well with it.

How can I tell if my ankle boots fit well?

In the following small list we want to show you how you can tell if your ankle boots fit well. If you pay attention to these points when trying them on, you are sure to find the perfect ankle boot quickly.

  • Heels: If your heels move even minimally in the shoe, blisters and chafing can result.
  • Metatarsus: You will only be stable in your ankle boot if the metatarsus is well fixed. This also prevents frequent twisting of the ankle.
  • Toe box: Your toes need a certain amount of space towards the front so that they do not bend. This space should be about the width of a finger. Also make sure that your toes do not touch the top of the ankle boot. This can also lead to pressure points.
  • Ball of the foot: The front roll-off point should be approximately under the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot is the natural rolling point of the foot and thus ensures a stable gait.
  • Shaft: If you wear a medium-high ankle boot, the shaft should enclose your ankle like a second skin. This also stabilises the ankle and prevents painful twisting.
  • Instep: The instep should have the necessary freedom to give you an optimal wearing feeling. To do this, simply squeeze the leather over the instep between your thumb and index finger. If there is a large crease, the ankle boot is too loose and does not give the necessary support. If the crease is small and light, however, the ankle boot will fit men well.
  • Leather: Always remember with shoes made of leather that it is still a little cold and therefore inflexible when first worn. However, the more you wear the ankle boot, the more the leather warms up and no longer seems so stiff.
  • Wide feet: If your feet tend to be wider, you should look specifically for suitable ankle boots. Many shoe manufacturers therefore label their shoes accordingly, e.g. Wide Fit or Weite H. This shows you that the shoe is made especially for people with wide feet and saves you trying on ankle boots that don't fit.

How do I care for and clean my ankle boots?

Leather ankle boots in particular need a lot of care. We will show you in just 5 steps how you should care for and clean your ankle boots so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

  • Step 1: a good cleaning is the be-all and end-all. The first thing to do is to thoroughly remove dirt and grime from the ankle boots. This works best with a dry cloth. Be careful that removing small stones does not scratch the instep. Dried-on dirt can be easily removed with shoe polish brushes. There are special brushes for leather ankle boots that guarantee reliable removal of dirt.
  • Step 2: After cleaning, the leather ankle boots should dry well. To do this, ankle boots and any other footwear can simply be stuffed with newspaper. Leather ankle boots should not be left in the sun or on the heating to dry.
  • Step 3: After drying, it's time to apply lotion. Treating your leather ankle boots with greasing care creams will make them shiny again, softer and more elastic. The easiest way to apply the care creams is with a shoe polishing cloth. You should also apply cream to the bottom of the sole and the heel.
  • Step 4: Don't wait too long with this step, because polishing follows after applying the cream. With little pressure but quick movements you will achieve the perfect result. The residues that cannot be worked in with a polishing brush can simply be removed with a shoe polishing cloth.
  • Step 5: The last step is to impregnate the shoes. This protects them from moisture and wetness. You should apply the waterproofing spray not only before wearing them for the first time and after every cleaning, but also after they have been unworn for a long time.

Styling tips for men's ankle boots: How to achieve the perfect look

Here we would like to present a few exclusive styling tips. Our tips are a good basis for showing off your new men's ankle boots to their best advantage and enhancing your outfit.

  • Chelsea boots go best with business looks and everyday jeans. They look professional and yet casual. A perfect ankle boot for men - for work and leisure.
  • Western ankle boots actually go predominantly with jeans outfits. Biker ankle boots can also be easily combined with any jeans outfit. The biker ankle boot looks particularly cool when the jeans are folded over twice and rolled up.
  • Sneaker ankle boots are particularly suitable for men if the look is to be very sporty. Here you can also wear the ankle boot with surfer pants, for example. Young men in particular often wear this type of ankle boot.
  • When choosing the right ankle boot, however, always pay attention to the materials and the given season. Some ankle boots are lined and are therefore more suitable for the cold season than unlined ankle boots.
  • Since men's ankle boots are available in almost any design and colour, they can easily be combined with any outfit. Just pick your favourite design and the interplay between outfit and shoes will fall into place all by itself. Remember: it's your look! There is no right or wrong, only the feel-good factor.


Men's ankle boots are no longer a rarity. Thanks to the many possible combinations, ankle boots prove to be a real all-purpose footwear for every outfit. Whether casual for everyday wear or elegant for the job: with ankle boots you are always dressed.

Ankle boots are just as much a part of a man's fashionable look as a woman's handbag. With the necessary tips for fitting and the right care, you will enjoy your new ankle boots for a long time. With our styling tips for men, you will always know how to dress your best. As a real eye-catcher, ankle boots for men are the new, trendy it-piece.

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