Last updated: August 23, 2021

A bangle for men is a piece of jewellery for the arm or wrist. Bangles for men can be made of different materials and thus create different effects. With this jewellery you can appear extravagant and elegant as well as strong and tough.

With a bangle for men made from traditional forging, a robust piece of jewellery can be worn with a stylish outfit as well as on occasions when an elegant suit is worn.


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Bangles for men: The most important questions answered

Often, gentlemen are not confident about jewellery like bangles for men. In the following, you will learn everything important about the topic of bangles for men, what to consider and how to find the right bangle for you.

In which sizes are bangles for men available?

Since men's wrists are often a little wider than women's, the size of the piece of jewellery naturally also differs. There are often so-called size charts that you can use to find out whether the bangle for men could fit you.

The size of a bangle can be determined by measuring the circumference of your wrist. This can be done either by using a tape measure placed around the widest part of your wrist. An alternative is to take a piece of string or ribbon, place it around your wrist and mark the end of the string so that you can measure the circumference of your wrist with a ruler.

The size of the bangle for men usually corresponds to the inner circumference. So make sure that you measure the widest part of the wrist or do not put the tape measure or the cord too tightly around the wrist.

What materials can bangles for men be made of?

Bangles for men come in a wide variety of materials and designs. There are both bangles for men, made of the classic precious metals such as gold and silver. However, jewellery is constantly evolving, so that there are now a wide range of variants. Some of them are listed below.

  • Silver Bangle for Men
  • Gold bangle for men
  • Bangle for men in white gold
  • Stainless steel bangle for men
  • Bangle for men with diamonds
  • Gents leather bangle
  • Antique bangles for men
  • Bangles for men with engraving

In addition, there are bangles for men in different themes, such as those of the Vikings, Egyptians or in a very simple style. Bangles for men are available both open with a small gap and with a buckle.

The width of the bracelets as well as the colours and decorations of the bangles for men also vary. There are plain and simple models that exude simple elegance, as well as fancy models with pendants or adornments such as diamonds, or an engraving such as a cross.

When can a bangle for men be worn?

Tasteful bangles add a nice finishing touch and eye-catcher to an outfit and thus provide that certain something. With a beautiful bangle for men, you skilfully put your arms in the limelight and thereby emphasise your masculinity.

Who can wear a bangle for men?

Bangles for men can be worn by any man. It's just a matter of finding the right size of the piece of jewellery and the right style. Many men associate jewellery exclusively with ladies, but men also use accessories to complete their outfits.

Styling tips for men's bangles: How to achieve the perfect look

  1. The silver classic is a simple bangle in any width. This classic piece of jewellery enhances a simple outfit. In everyday life, it allows you to demonstrate your sense of style and sytle a simple shirt or a casual shirt well.
  2. The leather bangle for men can be perfectly combined with a casual and loose shirt and jeans.
  3. You can't go wrong with more unusual models like a bangle for men with diamonds for an occasion and a chic and elegant outfit.
  4. A bangle for men with an engraving of a symbolic meaning can be worn in everyday life and at all times. In this way, you show to the outside world which values are important to you and what has meaning for you.


Bangles for men come in different variations and models as well as designs and sizes. It is a classic piece of jewellery for the arm and wrist that can be used to show off the arms well.

Men can also wear jewellery, especially around the wrist it brings the hands and arms to the fore and thus sets attractive accents.

Image source (Ben White / unsplash)