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On the court, your performance depends on your performance and therefore also on your appropriate footwear. Functional footwear is therefore essential for your top athletic performance. Your new basketball shoes should therefore combine fashion and sporting aspects.

The selection of basketball shoes for men is enormous. Accordingly, there is a suitable model for every playing position, every court, every taste and every foot shape. It is important that you are aware of how you want to use your men's basketball shoe and that it fits comfortably on your foot.


The Best Mens Basketball Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying basketball shoes for men

The enormous selection of basketball shoes for men can be very confusing. For this reason, the buying criteria presented here should help you make the right choice.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Weight
  • Cushioning
  • Fit
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

In the following sections, we show you what you need to pay particular attention to in order to find the right basketball shoes.


The weight of your basketball shoes is an important factor for a dynamic and fast game. Tall and heavy players should make sure that the shoes are not too light, otherwise there is not enough support in the ankle and the risk of injury increases.

Small and nimble players (shooting guards) should use shoes made of light materials because of their wing position. Low-cut basketball shoes made of mesh fabric are particularly suitable here.


Basketball is a highly dynamic game with many changes of direction, abrupt stops and high jumps. Male joints are particularly stressed during these body movements due to the high dead weight, so optimal cushioning is important for protecting your joints during the game.

A nice side effect of cushioning is that it extends the life of your men's basketball shoes. A distinction is made between low, medium and high cushioning. Which level of cushioning is right for you depends on your body weight and muscle structure.


Your men's basketball shoe must fit your foot perfectly and be adapted to your needs so that you can train and play safely, with fun and high performance. The shoe should secure your ankle and provide support. A comfortable fit helps you stay flexible.

Basketball shoes with a high shaft are often perceived as stubborn and tight, unlike low-cut shoes. Don't let this put you off, as these shoes need to be broken in first and will widen over time.


Indoor basketball shoes for men are characterised by the fact that their soles are relatively soft, as they are adapted to the characteristics of indoor floors. The outer material is often made of lightweight materials, but these are not waterproof. You should not use indoor basketball shoes for outdoor use, as these shoes are not designed for this purpose.

For purely sporting activities, indoor basketball shoes for men are a loyal companion, but as soon as this type of basketball shoe is misused, you will not benefit from them for very long.


Basketball shoes for men for outdoor use are more robust than the indoor versions, as they have to withstand asphalt floors and different weather conditions (UV radiation, rain, frost). Outdoor basketball shoes for men lose some flexibility due to their robustness but protect you from weather-related injuries.

Outdoor men's basketball shoes are often worn as streetwear, as they can also be worn with jeans and a shirt for everyday use. The different models offer enough choice to find the right basketball shoe for your outfit and to underline your sportiness or casualness in everyday life.

Basketball shoes for men: The most important questions answered

We have put together some important questions for you to make it easier when choosing your new men's basketball shoes.

What types of basketball shoes are there for men?

Depending on the type of player, position or court, your basketball shoe has to fulfil different characteristics. Here we have listed the three main types for you.

  • High-Cut: This model belongs to the older models, which were mainly influenced by Michael Jordan. These models are characterised by a high shaft that goes over the ankle. A pronounced ankle protection protects you optimally from foot injuries but inhibits fast movements due to the heavy material. Centre positions are particularly well advised with this model.
  • Mid-cut: Mid-cut models represent a compromise between high and flat (high-cut, low-cut) basketball shoes. Mid-cuts offer more freedom of movement than high-cut basketball shoes but also less protection against injuries. In general, this variant is suitable for all types of players.
  • Low-Cut: The highest freedom of movement is offered in this model form. Dynamics and flexibility are in the foreground here, and in order to fulfil these characteristics, low-cut basketball shoes are particularly light and optimally suited for shooting guards. However, due to the lack of ankle protection, there is an increased risk of injury.

Which model you finally decide on depends, of course, on which basketball shoes you feel most comfortable in.

How do I clean and care for my men's basketball shoes?

Proper care is key to getting the most out of your men's basketball shoes for longer. You should always make sure indoor basketball shoes are not used outdoors. Every material needs different care, so find out what materials your basketball shoes are made of and clean the sole separately from the insole and outer material.

If possible, use special care products for cleaning and care. In an emergency, a brush, wet wipes and water can also do the trick. You should never put basketball shoes in the washing machine.

To prevent unpleasant odours and the formation of bacteria, you should air your men's basketball shoes well after every use. If they are damp, stuff them with newspaper and air dry them slowly.

How do I find the right size for my men's basketball shoes?

Pressing seams are very annoying and can even cause sores or blisters. So finding the right size is very important. It is best to test the basketball shoes on site and walk or sprint a few steps with the shoes. Men's basketball shoes usually range from size 40 to 50 and are often available online in even larger sizes.

There should be 5 to 8 millimetres between the toe and the shoe. Your basketball shoes should also be wide enough, otherwise blood circulation will be inhibited and you won't be able to perform at your best in the game. A competent sports shoe department always offers to measure your feet so that you can go home with the right basketball shoes.

How do I tie my men's basketball shoes?

Your basketball shoes should be tight on your feet but not too tight. As soon as you feel any unusual pressure, your shoes are tied too tightly. Sudden loosening of the laces during a game is a high safety risk. For this reason, make sure your men's basketball shoes are securely tied before every game.

The laces should be pulled through each eyelet and crossed for optimal support. The right length of laces is also crucial, as laces that are too long can quickly become a tripping hazard.

How do I break in my men's basketball shoes?

The best way to break in men's basketball shoes is through short training sessions. Wearing thick socks during these training sessions increases the effect even more. To avoid uncomfortable break-in when buying your basketball shoes, you should buy or try them on in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the feet are swollen, like during a heated game.

To stretch them without having to wear the shoes, a shoe stretcher can be very helpful. Stuffing them with damp newspaper can also be helpful. If none of these help, you can take your basketball shoes to a cobbler who will stretch your shoes professionally.


The choice for men's basketball shoes can be quite confusing. You should therefore be aware of which court they should be suitable for and what type of player you are, because this way you will also find the right men's basketball shoes.

It is important to distinguish between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes, as the outsoles have different characteristics depending on the court. The outer material also fulfils different requirements for this reason. There are three model variants: High-, Mid-, and Low-Cut, whereby personal preference is the decisive factor here. The right fit, size and care are guarantees for a carefree and successful game, regardless of the surface.

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