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There are not only countless biker boots for women. Biker boots for men are modelled on the classic motorbike boots and have long since found their permanent place in the wardrobe. The coarse tread, the thick sole and the hard-wearing leather characterise men's biker boots just as much as the shaft height up to the calves.

Whether worn with jeans in everyday life, with a shirt for a business look or elegantly combined for a chic evening out: men's biker boots suit every occasion. There are the right biker boots in the right colour and made of the right material for every style. You should not only think about the right styling. Above all, you should consider a high level of wearing comfort and the right fit when making your purchase decision.

The best Mens Biker Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying biker boots for men

Biker boots for men differ not only in colour and material. There are also countless different models. No wonder you have a hard time deciding. There are some aspects you should consider when choosing the perfect biker boots.

The buying criteria listed here will help you decide which biker boots suit you best:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Size and shaft height
  • Sustainability

You can find out what the individual criteria are all about in the following sections.


Originally made for motorcycling, men's biker boots are robust, durable and hard-wearing. Due to the high demands on the functionality of the material, they are classically made of leather. For even more protection, some models are equipped with steel toecaps. In this way, they optimally protect their wearer on short and long distances, but also in everyday life.

Based on the classic motorbike boot, men's biker boots have found their way into everyday life. The hard-wearing genuine leather looks good and protects you in the rain and in winter.

In addition to the usual materials, biker boots are also available in patent leather, suede or with crocodile leather, making the boots versatile to combine. That's why biker boots have been trendy among men for a long time.

And for anyone who wants to do without leather, there are also vegan biker boots, or some made of faux leather. There is the right boot for every taste.


Classically, biker boots for men are black and therefore suitable for every outfit. So the boots can be styled and combined depending on the situation and occasion. Whether rough, coarse and robust, or elegant and classy, you can't go wrong with black boots.

But the cool boots for men are also available in other fashionable colours. Whether in brown, camel or grey, the lighter colours look rustic and classy at the same time. What's more, they can be styled wonderfully, no matter what the occasion.

Everyone will find something to suit their taste here.

Size and shaft height

When deciding on your men's biker boots, hardly anything is as crucial and decisive as the right size. These casual boots are usually available in sizes 36, 43 and 46.

But especially for men, boots in oversize, from size 47, also play a role. Especially online, sizes like 48, 49 and 50 are easily available and do not pose a particular challenge. If you want to save yourself stressful, unsuccessful shopping trips, it's worth ordering directly online.

The typical men's biker boots are high-cut and have a shaft height up to the calf. It is precisely this height that is characteristic of classic biker boots. However, there are also models available that are only ankle-high.


With good and sufficient care, leather biker boots last for about five to ten years. But that's not all: the high-quality shoes can be easily mended. The long durability and the repairing process conserve resources. At the same time, the biker boots will give you pleasure for a long time.

Men's biker boots: The most important questions answered

With so much to choose from, making a decision is often more difficult than you think. That's why we answer the most important questions about biker boots for men here.

In which styles are biker boots for men available?

In order to cater to all tastes and fashion directions, biker boots are available in different styles. You can get an overview of the different styles in the following list:

  • Vintage: Vintage biker boots have a timeless look and have become very popular again in recent years. The men's shoes can be elegantly combined, for example in 80s or 90s style with jeans.
  • Elegant: For an elegant appearance, you can't go wrong with simple, high-quality biker boots. Especially for a serious business appearance in the office or with a suit, you should go for elegant men's boots.
  • Casual: If you want to go for a relaxed leisure look, you need the right shoes. Biker boots for men are particularly suitable for this, regardless of the material and whether in grey, brown or camel.
  • Used look: Biker boots with a used look may be as good as new, but they already look used and older. This gives the boots a rustic look that can be wonderfully combined.
  • Rocky: For a rocky look, it's best to choose men's biker boots with eye-catching buckles, lacing or rivets. A high shaft and cool jeans underline the rocky image.

Try out different styles and combinations before you decide on the right biker boots.

How do I know if the men's biker boots fit?

No matter if size 43 or size 50, you want to wear your biker boots for a long time? Then you should make sure that the boots fit well and have the right fit when trying them on. You can find the most important tips here:

  • A thumb length, or 2 cm, is the length your foot should have room for in the front of the shoe. You should also have some room to move your toes.
  • When it comes to width, you should pay particular attention to the product details. The specifications range from E for very narrow feet to very wide feet (M). The width is correct if your foot fits well at the widest point without being constricted.
  • At the ankle and calf, you should look for a loose fit when choosing your biker boots.

Especially as a man, you should pay attention to the right size and, if necessary, go one size up. Even if that means going oversize.

How do I care for and clean my biker boots for men?

Especially with leather biker boots, proper care and cleaning is crucial. This is how you guarantee the durability of the material. Here are the best tips for caring for and cleaning your men's biker boots:

  • Before first use: You should waterproof the boots before wearing them for the first time. The spray protects the biker boots by closing the pores of the leather. The impregnation protection prevents the penetration of water or dirt. You should treat rough leather with a leather brush before impregnating.
  • Cleaning: You can clean the smooth leather of your boots with a coarse brush or a damp cloth and neutral soap. Allow the leather to dry before proceeding to the next step. But be careful: do not leave the boots in the sun, otherwise the leather surface will dry out.
  • Impregnate: To prevent stains from appearing or dirt from remaining in the pores, be sure to clean the boots beforehand. Spray the spray on the boots from a distance and let it soak in.
  • Grease: Grease the biker boots by putting some cream on a cloth. Apply a thin layer of the cream to the biker boots and let it air dry.
  • After getting wet: If your biker boots have become wet, you should let them air dry. Avoid heated air at all costs, as this makes the leather brittle. This also applies in the future when they get wet.

If you take these tips into account, you will be able to enjoy your men's biker boots for a long time to come.

How do I combine men's biker boots to suit the occasion?

When you think of biker boots, do you think of a rocking style? But biker boots can be combined and styled for most situations. In everyday life, the boots fit in all colours, with or without lacing, and can be combined with jeans and sporty jumpers. Straight black, elegant biker boots are the ideal complement to a plain suit. Add a smart watch, a chunky bracelet or a belt in a colour that matches the shoes, and the look is complete.

Styling tips for men's biker boots: How to achieve the perfect biker look

Men's biker boots are made for the perfect biker look. The heavy sole, the robust leather and the shaft height up to the calf form the right basis. Details such as boots to lace up, with a steel toe cap, buckles, a zip, rivets or chains additionally ensure the cool biker look. Style them with jeans and a jumper for an everyday look, or with ripped jeans and a band shirt for a rockier look. You can round off the look with a matching beanie and a chunky necklace. A heavy ring, for example with a lion motif, also underlines the cool, rocking biker look for men.


Biker boots for men have long since arrived in everyday life and are no longer just for motorcyclists. These cool boots have established themselves as a casual choice with jeans or for dressier occasions with a suit or shirt. Thanks to the wide range of colours and materials, you can combine the boots with any occasion.

When making your decision, the right size and colour are the most important factors. But material and sustainability also play a decisive role. Above all, the right fit and good wearing comfort should be decisive.

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