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Whether rubber boots, riding boots or winter boots - feet quickly get cold in such shoes. The socks slip and the wearing comfort steadily decreases. Especially when the feet get wet, the cosy warmth is often gone. You catch a cold more quickly and you no longer like wearing the otherwise comfortable boots. Boot socks can be a perfect help with such problems.

Men's boot socks keep your feet nice and warm and even moisture can no longer harm your feet. In the following section, we would like to introduce you to the well-known men's boot socks and explain them in more detail. In order to find the right boot socks for you, we want to advise you. In addition, we will give you tips on how to be satisfied with your boot socks in the long term.

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Boot socks for men: The most important questions answered

We want to answer the most important questions about boot socks for men. After that, nothing should stand in the way of your purchase decision.

What are men's boot socks?

Men's boot socks are special socks that you put on over your actual socks. They are therefore inner shoes in the form of socks. The boot socks are suitable for all types of boots, but they should not fit too tightly. Otherwise it would no longer be possible to wear normal socks and boot socks.

The boot socks have different properties depending on the material composition. However, boot socks for men combine two factors in particular. These factors are presented below.

  • Moisture protection: Men's boot socks protect you from moisture. The material composition can absorb moisture, for example. This means that your normal socks do not get wet. This also keeps your feet dry. Wool in particular offers this property.
  • Warmth-comfort: The additional protection on the feet keeps your feet warm. Men's boot socks offer an optimal way to keep your feet warm for longer. This means that even low temperatures can no longer harm your body.

The men's boot socks thus primarily provide improved wearing comfort. Thus, this extra protection is suitable for longer stays outdoors. Even use in agriculture or on construction sites can be made more comfortable by wearing the boot socks.

What types of men's boot socks are there?

Men's boot socks come in two main types, which we would like to introduce to you below.

  • Long boot socks: The long boot socks for men reach up to the knees. These socks are therefore particularly suitable for you if you also want to protect your calves from the cold or even moisture. The long boot socks can also be a styling element. Depending on the type, the boot socks can be chosen to match the boots and thus be a visual complement to the footwear.
  • Short boot socks: These men's boot socks are designed for the actual feet. So the protection is also only for this part of the body. The boot socks are therefore also suitable for lower men's boots. Due to the length, it is usually not obvious that additional boot socks are being worn.

Especially during movement, friction can often occur on the foot or leg. This usually causes the socks to slip. This is prevented when wearing boot socks. Both types of boot socks for men fit closely to the foot or leg. Blisters or abrasions can also be prevented in this way. When you wear boot socks, you no longer have to worry about the type of boots or socks you wear.

What materials are suitable for men's boot socks?

You can choose between two types of materials for men's boot socks. Boot socks made from natural origin and socks made from synthetic fibres. Depending on which materials you choose, the boot socks have different advantages. Often, men's boot socks are available in a mix of natural and synthetic materials.

Natural materials

Especially different natural wool types like lambswool, wool from alpaca or merino wool belong to the virgin wool and offer some functions. The positive functions can be seen especially in boot socks. On the one hand, new wool can absorb liquid without appearing wet and damp. The feet can therefore be protected from moisture.

In turn, the absorbed liquid can be released back into the environment when the shoes are aired out. Unpleasant odours are thus very rare. Such natural materials are therefore particularly suitable for men's boot socks.

Natural materials offer the following advantages:

  • Absorption of liquid
  • Odourless
  • Own cleaning effect
  • Temperature balancing

The much-used horsehair for men's boot socks can also absorb liquid. Here, too, the material does not feel damp to a certain degree. In addition, horsehair has the property of being very durable and bouncy. When walking, you feel a pleasant sensation from these men's boot socks.

Wool also has a temperature-balancing effect. Since wool consists largely of air, a strong temperature circulation from the outside and inside is prevented. This is due to the poor heat conduction of air. Felt also has these properties, as natural felt is made of virgin sheep's wool.

Synthetic materials

Boot socks are often not made entirely of natural materials, but are also partly made of synthetic materials. This is often polyester and therefore a man-made fibre.

Polyester also has certain advantages that can be beneficial for men's boot socks. For one thing, polyester is very fine. The fabric feels very pleasant and soft on the skin. In addition, polyester absorbs very little liquid. Materials made of polyester therefore stay dry for a very long time. This is a positive aspect for men's boot socks, as they are often used in combination with rubber boots.

Polyester is also a very easy-care material. You can't go as wrong with care as you can with natural materials. These are sometimes very sensitive. In most cases, synthetic material always keeps its shape. A mix of natural and synthetic materials is therefore particularly suitable for men's boot socks.

How do I clean and care for my men's boot socks?

Men's boot socks should be changed about as often as your regular socks. Because you wear the boot socks on your feet, the socks are exposed to temperatures and moisture. However, this does not mean that men's boot socks need to be washed after every wear.

Depending on the material composition of your boot socks for men, it is also sufficient if they are aired out. Especially with wool, it is enough to put the boot socks out in the fresh air. Airing them out is particularly useful when the air is humid. The moisture sets the wool's self-cleaning process in motion. A wash cycle is therefore no longer necessary.

If the men's boot socks do stink and need to be washed, the manufacturer's care instructions should be followed. Depending on the material composition, the cleaning can change fundamentally. However, very gentle washing by hand is often recommended.

Especially when washing, care should be taken that the product is not wrung, kneaded or rubbed. This ensures that the original shape of the men's boot socks is also retained.

What size should men's boot socks be worn in?

The size of men's boot socks is an important factor. If you wear the wrong size, this can be uncomfortable for yourself. If your boot socks are too small, this can disrupt your blood flow. Besides, it becomes almost impossible to wear normal socks next to the boot socks.

If the boot socks are too big, you may slip in your boots. The grip in the shoes is no longer complete. This also makes walking more difficult in general. Furthermore, the boot socks may have hulls so that standing in the shoe becomes uncomfortable.

You should therefore always wear your boot socks in your usual sock size. This way there will be no unpleasant side effects and you will feel comfortable in your shoe. In addition, it will be possible for you to wear your normal socks and boots alongside your boot socks.

Can you make men's boot socks yourself?

Men's boot socks do not necessarily have to be bought, but can also be made yourself. For example, the boot socks can be knitted or crocheted. The special men's socks can also be sewn by hand. The method of production differs depending on the material you want to use.

There are many instructions on how to make men's boot socks, especially on the internet. Mostly, the process is shown step by step, so that it is also easier for beginners to follow the process.

When making your own men's boot socks, consider the material. As already described, the material of the boot socks can determine what properties the special socks have. For example, if you want inner socks that can also keep moisture out, materials with a wool content are suitable.


When going outside, it is always important to be warmly dressed. Men's boot socks are particularly suitable for different types of boots. These ensure that the feet are protected from moisture and at the same time remain warm enough. Especially long boot socks for men also warm the calves at the same time.

The materials of the men's boot socks decide which properties your special socks have. Often, boot socks can be purchased in a material mix of natural and synthetic fibres. To clean men's boot socks, it is often enough to simply air them out. If you want to make the boot socks yourself, there are many instructions that are easy to find. This way, your feet will stay dry and warm even after hours.

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