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The best known in the world of men's underwear are boxer shorts. Quickly recognisable by their loose cut and short legs, they look very similar to normal trousers. A similar variant used to be worn by professional boxers in competitions, the underwear looks very similar to these, hence their name. However, these are not worn during real sport.

Boxer shorts for men are a good everyday model and suitable for every figure type. This will help you make a decision that is right for you. We give you a rough overview with common questions and their answers around the topic of men's boxer shorts. So you have the essential facts.

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Boxer shorts for men: The most important questions answered

Here we have collected and answered the most important questions for you. This way you can make an informed decision.

What types of boxer shorts are available for men?

Boxer shorts for men have a wider cut, an elasticated waistband, longer trouser legs and usually a fly. They come in different shapes.

  • simple boxer shorts: Boxer shorts cover the hips up to the middle of the thigh. The trouser legs fit tightly here due to an extra elastic waistband in the trouser legs.
  • wide boxer shorts: These have longer trouser legs, which often go almost to the knees. The trouser legs enclose the legs rather loosely here.

Because of the wide cut, they are usually visible with thin trousers. If you want to wear a suit, it is better to choose tight-fitting underwear.

Men's boxer shorts are ideal for loose clothing.
The opening can usually be closed again with buttons. A zip is rarely if ever used.

How do I find the right boxer shorts for men?

When it comes to underwear, it all depends on how you feel. What do you feel most comfortable in? What is more comfortable for you? Men's boxer shorts, briefs or something completely different? The hipster or trunk variant is a good middle ground.

If you do a lot of sport you can wear men's briefs and for general everyday wear men's boxer shorts. The choice is yours.

If you have no idea at all what you want, try on several models. In addition, you can do an online test.

How do I care for and clean my men's boxer shorts?

Underwear should be changed and cleaned regularly. Depending on your daily routine, some may need to change their underwear more often than others. Every morning after showering, men's boxer shorts should normally be changed.

If you exercise regularly or sweat more, you should change your men's boxer shorts immediately after showering. If you exercise regularly or sweat a lot in everyday life, you should change your underwear in the following shower.

Turn the men's boxer shorts inside out before washing so that motifs are not damaged during washing.

On the inside back of the men's boxer shorts you can find a small label with the recommended washing method.
If you have already removed this, you can enter the brand and model into a search engine on the internet to find out the appropriate washing method.

Can I sleep, swim or do sports in men's boxer shorts without any problems?

Underwear for everyday wear or sleeping should be made of a breathable fabric, such as cotton. If you use men's boxer shorts made of a material that is not breathable, you may overheat. In the long run, this can have negative effects, but it is not proven.

In the swimming hall, outdoor pool or other bathing facilities, it is usually undesirable to wear any street clothes, including underwear, near the water. It is also unwelcome to wear underwear under your swimwear. It is better to wear swimming trunks, as they are more hygienic and the material is best suited for this purpose, unlike everyday men's boxers. At a lake, it is up to you, as long as there are no rules against it.

If you move around a lot in everyday life or sports in general, a pair of men's briefs or a tight-fitting version of underwear is more advisable here. A lot of movement can make it uncomfortably revealing in the lower area. If it doesn't bother you and you find it comfortable, you can of course ignore it and wear men's boxer shorts during sports. It all depends on your state of mind.


The rule of thumb here is: what is comfortable for you fits best. Boxer shorts for men are a trouser-like variant of underwear. They are characterised by a wide cut and long trouser legs. These go to the knee at the most and cover the hips and most of the thigh.

Men's boxer shorts are suitable for everyday use. Men's boxer shorts made of breathable fabric like cotton use well for sleeping. Always wash men's boxer shorts as directed on the attached label and change them regularly.

(Image source: Esteban Bernal / unsplash)

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