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If you think arm jewellery is only for women, you are wrong. Men can also stylishly upgrade their outfits with high-quality arm jewellery. When it comes to arm jewellery for men, you can look back on a long tradition. From hunters to warriors to knights, they all liked to wear arm jewellery. The selection of arm jewellery for men is large.

There is a suitable jewellery for every taste. You should only make sure that the arm jewellery corresponds to your own style and expressively underlines your own personality. Arm jewellery is therefore also a must-have for fashion-conscious men and rounds off every outfit.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's arm jewellery

Since the selection of men's arm jewellery is not exactly small, it is not surprising if you find it difficult to make a purchase decision. In order to find the perfect arm jewellery for you, there are some buying criteria that you can use as a guide. Based on these features, you can find out which men's arm jewellery best suits your requirements:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Size adjustability
  • Closure type

In the following section, you will find out what you should look for in the individual aspects.


As diverse as the styles of men's arm jewellery are, so are the different materials that are used. The most common materials are, for example, silver, gold, leather and stainless steel. However, materials such as fishing nets, wood, stone and titanium are also used. In addition, many manufacturers also work with textiles or set the jewellery with different types of pearls. These varied materials give the arm jewellery a different look.

So your choice also depends on the look you want. You can combine the right arm jewellery with any of your outfits. As is so often the case, the quality of the materials used is of great importance. High-quality materials guarantee that your new piece of jewellery will accompany you for years. If the quality is good, nothing will discolour or flake off and the arm jewellery will shine in new splendour for a long time to come.


The design of the arm jewellery is very important for a coherent outfit. Arm jewellery for men is therefore available in a wide variety of colours. The most popular colours are silver, gold, black and brown. However, there is also a choice of arm jewellery in bright colours, as well as two-coloured models.

Especially arm jewellery made of fabric is available in bright colours and gives the whole outfit a casual and summery touch. Most arm jewellery for men is robust, simple and rather masculine in design. Thus, these pieces of jewellery can be combined well for everyday life and work. Of course, there are also more unusual models depending on your taste.

Models made of knotted or braided textile fabrics are also very popular for men. You can choose between jewellery with or without pendants. The most popular pendants include letters and anchors. Furthermore, many pieces of jewellery can be personalised and engraved. Arm jewellery for men can either be delicate or coarse and powerful.

Size adjustability

Since everyone has different narrow or wide arms, the jewellery should ideally be adjustable in size. Easy and quick donning of the arm jewellery is the be-all and end-all. If the whole process takes too long or is generally not feasible on your own, the jewellery will not be worn in most cases and will just lie around at home without being used.

Thus, the fit is enormously important. Before you buy, you should consider where on the arm you want to wear your jewellery. Bracelets and bangles are suitable for the wrist. Bangles and bracelets can also be worn on the upper arm. These often have an open clasp and can be easily adjusted to the width of the arm by gently bending them. Bracelets and bangles should ideally have different eyelets for the clasp so that you can easily adjust the size individually.

Type of clasp

The type of clasp is also an important buying criterion for men's arm jewellery. The type of clasp can change the look of the jewellery. The following clasps are most commonly used for arm jewellery:

  • Lobster clasp: The lobster clasp is a very popular clasp for bracelets. Here, a small arm is moved with the help of a spring to pick up an eyelet located at the other end of the bracelet. When the arm returns to its original position, the jewellery is securely fastened.
  • Spring ring clasp: Together with the lobster clasp, the spring ring clasp is the most commonly used clasp for bracelet jewellery. By means of a small slider, which can be pushed back under tension within a small ring by means of a spring, the eyelet attached to the other end of the bracelet can be securely enclosed. Spring ring clasps have the advantage of being very secure. They are also small and unobtrusive.
  • Magnetic clasp: The most uncomplicated bracelet clasp makes use of a physical phenomenon, magnetism. Magnetic clasps are particularly easy to close. Depending on the strength of the magnets, this closure is very secure.
  • Drawstring clasp: With this type of clasp, a ball encloses the ends of the bracelet and can be tightened and adjusted in width by a pull.
  • Toggle clasp: This clasp is mainly used for bracelets. With this type of clasp, a metal rod, the toggle, is passed through a ring that is ideally just large enough for the toggle to fit through. However, it should not be too big so that it can open again on its own. A gag closure can be both delicate and inconspicuous, as well as opulently designed. It is not uncommon for it to even be the focus of the piece of jewellery.
  • Knot fastening: A bracelet can also be fastened with leather or textile straps. Either with a leather loop that closes similar to a toggle clasp or with 2 knots that can be pulled open and closed.
  • Box lock: The box lock is used especially for bracelets and consists of two parts that fit into each other. These are a small box and a slide that is slightly under tension. When the slide engages, the jewellery is locked. Since gold and silver can bend during use and the tension can decrease, it is recommended to manually increase the tension again. To further secure the jewellery, sometimes a so-called safety bar is attached. Box clasps can very well be provided with decorative elements, so that a pattern or design can be maintained over the entire piece of jewellery without a clasp breaking through it.
  • Open clasp: Many bangles, for example, have no clasp so that they can still be put on and taken off properly. However, there is a higher risk of loss with this type of clasp, as the arm jewellery can come off the arm relatively easily. Furthermore, there are also bracelets that do not have a clasp at all. These often consist of an elastic band that can simply be pulled over the hand. The disadvantage here is that these bands can tear more quickly and the bracelet can therefore break more quickly.

Accordingly, lobster clasps and spring ring clasps seem to be the most popular type of clasp for arm jewellery. These clasps are the easiest and quickest to close and assure you that the arm jewellery cannot simply come off your arm and get lost.

Arm jewellery for men: The most important questions answered

With such a wide range of different arm jewellery for men, it can be very difficult to decide on a model. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about men's arm jewellery.

In which styles is men's arm jewellery available?

No matter what look you prefer or what occasion you want to go out for, men's arm jewellery can be effortlessly combined with anything. Below we have compiled the different styles of arm jewellery for you.

  • Arm jewellery for everyday wear: Whether as casual street style on the street or a little more discreet for work, there are many pieces of jewellery for men that are suitable for everyday wear. Especially robust models made of materials such as leather, stainless steel, wood or even fabric combine well with everyday outfits. Simple, monochrome models in earthy tones are thus also well suited for most workplaces. Robust models made of the materials already mentioned can be perfectly integrated into everyday life, as you don't have to constantly check that your piece of jewellery remains intact.
  • Arm jewellery for festive occasions: Arm jewellery for men is also extremely suitable for festive and special occasions. Be it a wedding, a celebration or an event, stylish and high-quality jewellery can enhance any outfit. Models in silver and gold are particularly suitable for such dressy occasions.
  • Arm jewellery for sports: Arm jewellery made of plastic with technical features is particularly suitable for athletes. Fitness bracelets with integrated watches to record training are becoming increasingly popular. Models made of hard-wearing materials that are water-repellent and sweat-resistant are particularly suitable for this purpose.
  • Arm jewellery from different cultures: Oriental, Roman, African or carnival, arm jewellery has long been part of many cultures and traditions. Even among hunters, warriors and knights, robust men's bracelets were part of a man's basic equipment and served, among other things, to protect the wrist. The lords of the Celts wore valuable bracelets made of silver, which indicated their noble status and expressed their power. Bracelets for gentlemen made of precious materials and fitted with coins and silver rings, for example, were also regarded as objects of value. In earlier epochs, these were also used as a means of payment. Men of many indigenous peoples, primitive peoples and Indians have always worn bracelets made of different and often colourful natural materials with elaborate patterns and symbols. Furthermore, there is also men's arm jewellery with a spiritual meaning, such as Tibetan ball bracelets made of mineral stones or pearls.

As you can see, there is something for every taste in men's arm jewellery. You can choose your accessories to match any occasion and combine them with a great outfit. You can also wear some models every day without any problems and thus find your new favourite piece of jewellery in them.

What types of arm jewellery are there for men?

There are many different types of men's arm jewellery so that all tastes and preferences can be catered for. In the following list, you can take a look at the features of the different types of arm jewellery for men.

  • Bracelets: Bracelets are among the most popular pieces of jewellery for men. This type of arm jewellery is made of a wide variety of materials. In addition, bracelets are available in a variety of designs and with different types of clasps. Bracelets are the go-to piece of jewellery for men. You are guaranteed not to go wrong with this.
  • Bracelets: A bracelet is a type of link chain that is worn around the wrist. These pieces of jewellery are very popular with men, especially in silver and gold.
  • Bangles: Bangles are one of the oldest pieces of jewellery. Also known as bangles, they have a long history and were often given as awards for special services. Thin bangles made of precious metal are usually closed and are simply slipped over the hand. They therefore sit very loosely on the wrist. Precious bangles or thicker bangles are usually open at the bottom for easier slipping on.
  • Watches: Watches are also part of men's arm jewellery. However, there is such a wide range of different designs and sizes that watches are often considered in their own category.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you are unsure which type of men's arm jewellery suits you, you should simply try out different models and then see which style you like best.

How do I care for and clean my arm jewellery?

Basically, you can also take your favourite pieces of jewellery to a jeweller for a professional cleaning. These professionals know best and so you can be sure that your jewellery will look like new again. Some manufacturers also offer free cleaning in their shops. To clean tarnished gold and silver jewellery, there are also some home remedy tricks that you can easily do yourself at home. We have summarised the best tips for you below.

The best things to use for gold jewellery are washing-up liquid, a toothbrush and toothpaste. You probably already have these utensils at home. For gentle cleaning, first dissolve a small amount of washing-up liquid in warm water. Then let the gold jewellery soak for a short time and work it carefully with a very soft toothbrush. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a brush and toothpaste.

For silver jewellery, the following method, among others, is best suited. Put a piece of aluminium foil and a teaspoon of salt in a bowl, which you then fill with hot water. Put your silver jewellery in it and wait 1 to 2 minutes. Then rinse everything with clear water. After that, your jewellery should shine again. You can also clean silver jewellery with a special polishing cloth if it is slightly discoloured.

Styling tips for men's arm jewellery: How to create the perfect look for every occasion

Are you wondering how to combine men's arm jewellery in style? We'll tell you the most important outfit tips that will ensure you never have a fashion faux pas again. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

You should be careful not to wear too many pieces of jewellery at once. This can quickly be too much of a good thing and look overloaded on your arm. It is therefore better to wear only one stylish piece of jewellery that matches your outfit and completes the whole look. So always act according to the motto "less is more". Also make sure that your arm jewellery does not look cheap. This can quickly destroy the look of the entire outfit and you will no longer feel very comfortable.

Listen to your gut feeling and wear your arm jewellery on your right or left arm, depending on your preference. Also make sure that the jewellery is comfortable to wear. Arm jewellery can help you accentuate your outfit perfectly and increase your sense of well-being. Furthermore, you can also make a striking statement with your men's arm jewellery. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your look. Then you will automatically radiate this to the outside world.


Attractive arm jewellery for men is an expression of style, fashion consciousness, individual personality, casualness and masculinity. Depending on the type and design, arm jewellery for men also makes a statement, accentuates personal charisma and adds that certain something to a fashionable men's outfit.

Classically elegant, aesthetically modern, sporty, rocky, biker style, retro look, adventurer style or casual or smart casual style, there is arm jewellery to suit every man and fashion style. Arm jewellery can be decorative or functional, such as fitness bracelets for athletes.

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