Last updated: August 23, 2021

Brogues are those men's shoes that have a hole pattern. The construction, which can be divided into Oxford, Derby Blucher or Monkstrap, is irrelevant. The most common hole pattern on brogues for men is on the toe of the shoe. The rule of thumb is: the less ornamentation, the more elegant.

Brogues are an excellent choice when a smart look is required. Whether for a business meeting or an evening ball, brogues for men shine with elegant style and a slight playfulness.

The Best Mens Brogues: Our Picks


Brogues for men are offered in a variety of materials, patterns and models. In order to provide you with an overview of the range and to make your purchase decision easier, we have compiled and answered the most important questions for you below.

What styles of brogues are available for men?

Brogues for men differ first of all in their colour. The most common are brown and black. Furthermore, men's brogues can be divided into three different categories:

  • Voll Brogues: The Voll Brogues for men is richly decorated. It has a rosette on its toe and the seams and shaft are also decorated with perforations. It is particularly suitable when the shoes call for a little more flare and a little simplicity can be sacrificed for this.
  • Half brogues: The half brogues for men, on the other hand, are kept a little simpler. The rosette at the toe is replaced by an attached toe cap and the hole lines are usually decorated with ornaments. An excellent alternative when the occasion calls for something classic.
  • Longwing: Last but not least, the simplest variation among brogues for men. The wing cap here extends to the back of the heel cap and thus replaces most of the ornamentation in this area. This makes the longwing the men's brogue of choice when elegance is the highest priority.

Men's brogues differ mainly in the amount and type of embellishments they have on their lace patterns, allowing them to find the right level of elegance for any occasion.

How do I know if my brogues fit well?

Your men's brogues should fit well at three points in particular: The heel, the ball of the foot and the tips of the toes. As brogues are often quite tight, it is important that they fit snugly at the heel, yet leave enough room for you to put them on comfortably.

The same applies to the ball of the foot. Since you have to wear your men's brogues for a longer period of time at work, it is important that the shoe does not pinch the ball of the foot even after several hours. Since men's brogues often have a more pointed toe, there should be some room for manoeuvre at the toes. It is important that your toes are not pinched to avoid foot pain.

How do I care for and clean my brogues?

Since men's brogues are mostly made of leather, and if not at least of imitation leather, regular and proper care is extremely important. For this purpose, it is best to buy a care cream, whether leather grease or other care balm.

Clean your men's brogues carefully with water and let them dry briefly before applying the cream. Afterwards, you can carefully work in the care cream and leave the shoe to air out overnight.

Styling tips for men's brogues: How to achieve the perfect look

The occasions for which men's brogues are worn have changed considerably over the years. Once worn for hunting or working in the fields, they are now perfect for a wedding, a private meeting or work. To help you put together the perfect look, we have prepared a few styling tips for you below.

  • Business: Especially at work, longwing men's brogues look good with a suit. Make sure that the colour of the leather matches that of your belt.
  • Casual: For everyday wear, men's brogues combine well with a braided wool jumper for a classic menswear style. Full brogues are also popular here.
  • Elegant: If you want to be a bit more dressy without being too over the top, half brogues can be combined well with chinos trousers for an elegant style. A matching wristwatch with a colour-coordinated leather strap can complete the look.

So for men who maintain a classic style, men's brogues are a safe choice in most situations. From a meeting at work to an evening visit to a bar or restaurant.


Men's brogues with a long tradition are one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing elegant men's shoes. The varied nature of the embellishments means they can be perfectly matched to the occasion, guaranteeing them a well-balanced look.

When choosing your men's brogues, however, pay attention to the colour of the rest of your leather accessories. These should always be coordinated with your shoes. It is also important to find the perfect fit for you. Men's brogues that are too tight or too wide can quickly lead to a loss of comfort.

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