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The fisherman's hat aka bucket hat is making a comeback thanks to rappers like Nimo and many Instagram models. This makes the fisherman's hat a good alternative to caps and beanies. Especially in summer, a men's fishing hat adorns many heads. Men's fishing hats come in many variations including printed, oversized, plain and camouflage, so a men's fishing hat is suitable for almost any outfit.

For people who like to experiment with their style and stand out, a men's fishing hat is a must have. Even for those who don't like to experiment with their style, a men's fishing hat is still a useful hat due to its water repellent properties.

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Fishing Hats for Men: The Most Important Questions Answered

Choosing the right men's fishing hat is not always easy, so the following paragraphs will help you make a decision more easily. And we answer important questions about men's fishing hats.

In which styles are fishing hats for men available?

Depending on fashion tastes and preferences, men's fishing hats come in all kinds of styles from oversized fishing hats to classic water-repellent fishing hats without prints.

  • Men's fishing hat with logo/print: The fishing hat with print or logo is the most common fishing hat and goes wonderfully with almost all outfits. The fishing hat can be very colourful or just plain with a brand logo
  • Fishing hat for men in camouflage: The camouflage fishing hat goes best with an outfit with camouflage trousers and T-shirts. Even without camouflage clothing, the fishing hat in spot camouflage can go well with the outfit if you want to create attention to the head.
  • Fishing hat for men plain without logo/print: If you prefer to keep it simple you should have a look at the fishing hats in plain and without logo/print. They fit wonderfully to a plain outfit with few colours.
  • Men's oversized fishing hat: For people who like to wear oversized or are very bold in their style, an oversized fishing hat is perfect. Thanks to the enormous size, this one stands out the most among the fishing hats, which guarantees a lot of looks.
  • Fishing hat for men Water repellent: If you prefer a functional rather than a stylish fishing hat, and you actually go fishing, you can effectively protect your head from the rain with a water repellent fishing hat, because when you go fishing you never know if it will rain.

With such a wide range of men's fishing hats, everyone is sure to find one to suit their style or outfit. The most important thing when choosing a fishing hat for men is that you feel completely comfortable. As long as you wear your men's fishing hat with a great look and you like it, it doesn't matter which men's fishing hat you use.

How do I know that my men's fishing hat fits?

In the following section we will explain how you can tell if your men's fishing hat fits well.

  • The fishing hat/bucket hat should sit comfortably on the head and not restrict the field of vision too much
  • Should not be too loose on the head
  • An oversized fisherman's hat can restrict the field of vision but should still fit on the head

Thanks to the simple shape, it is very easy to tell if your men's fishing hat fits well or not. In the next section we will go into what is important when cleaning and caring for a fishing hat.

How do I care for and clean my men's fishing hat?

Washing a men's fishing hat is easy - you should not use a dryer. Otherwise, simply wash it in the washing machine at a low temperature. If the hat is not suitable for washing machines, wash it with a wool detergent solution or dry clean it. For leather versions, dry cleaning and a wool detergent solution are particularly recommended. If this is not the case, add 1/3 - 1/2 bottle to the washing machine and wash at a maximum temperature of 35° C.

Styling tips for men's fishing hats: how to achieve the perfect fishing hat look

Incorporating a fisherman's hat for men into your style is relatively easy as there is not much you can do wrong. For most occasions, you can incorporate a men's fishing hat into your outfit.

  • A black fishing hat with or without logo is perfect for an all black everything outfit
  • Goes well with a Black & White outfit
  • Street style look combined with bulky sneakers, wide trousers and fanny pack
  • For a more casual look or with wide clothes, a large/oversized men's fishing hat is a good choice
  • In the rain, wear a black fishing hat with darker clothes as the hat is water repellent.
  • Casual look with red bucket hat with logo and trench coat.

Of course, these styling tips only serve as inspiration for your next outfit. Of course, you can decide which fisherman's hat you want to combine and how according to your personal taste.


Fishing hats for men are one of the best ways to enhance your style with a fashionable headpiece. So if you want to forego classic caps and hats for a change, a men's fisherman's hat will bring a new breeze into your style.

A fisherman's hat for men is both a useful and a stylish hat that can greatly enhance your outfit. The different style variations are suitable for many styles and outfits, so you can use a fisherman's hat almost universally. The simple shape of a fisherman's hat makes it easy to wear and clean.

Article image: Photo by Joen Nguyen from Pexels

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