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When the wind burns coldly on the skin in winter, sometimes the collar of the jacket or coat for men is not enough to keep warm. But since you also don't want your outfit to look out of place when the temperatures are low, a cashmere scarf can be the right choice for the stylish gentleman.

Whether large or small, thin or thick, plain or patterned, a cashmere scarf for men offers style and comfort. To help you find the right scarf for you, we have compiled the most important facts about cashmere scarves for men so that you can get through the winter in style.

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Cashmere scarves for men: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right cashmere scarf for men is not always easy. To help you with your purchase decision, we have answered the most important questions about cashmere scarves for men.

In which styles are cashmere scarves for men available?

Cashmere scarves for men are available in a wide variety of styles, for every taste and to match every outfit. In this section, we want to show you which styles you can choose from to find the one that suits you best.

  • Thin cashmere scarves: If they want to set accents with a light scarf, then thin cashmere scarves for men are suitable as a small splash of colour to their outfit. These scarves are particularly light and are well suited for the transitional period before or after winter.
  • Cashmere scarves for men in special shapes: If a thin scarf doesn't suit you, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes. With a loop scarf, the two ends are connected and you only have to put your head through it to be perfectly dressed. A triangular scarf allows for extra volume at the front.
  • Long or short cashmere scarves for men: Depending on how tall you are and how much volume you want your cashmere scarf for men to have, you can choose shorter or longer models.

In order to be able to choose the right men's scarf for you, you should consider whether your cashmere scarf for men should be more decorative or whether it should primarily be warm. Based on this, they can consider what size and shape it should have and whether they want other features such as a particular pattern.

What distinguishes cashmere scarves for men from scarves made of other materials?

Cashmere is a precious wool that has particularly fine and soft fibres. As a result, garments made of this material repel moisture and dirt particularly well. Cashmere also offers better thermal insulation than other woollens or man-made fibres.

How do I care for and clean my cashmere scarf for men?

Cashmere wool is a delicate material and should be washed by hand at a maximum of 30 degrees to prevent it from shrinking. You can use a liquid wool detergent that is also suitable for low temperatures. A cashmere scarf for men should never be put in the dryer and should be air dried flat to prevent it from deforming.

How can I tell if a men's cashmere scarf is good quality?

Basically, products with cashmere may only be called such if they have a cashmere content of at least 85%. However, products with cashmere content only have to contain 14.5% cashmere. If you take a closer look at the men's scarf, you should make sure that the fabric has a very close-knit structure. In addition, the fabric should feel warm to the touch. If these two things are not present, then it may not be genuine cashmere wool.

Styling tips for cashmere scarves for men: How to achieve the perfect cashmere scarf look for men

To ensure that you hit the mark fashionably with your cashmere scarf for men, you should keep the following things in mind when styling it:

  1. In general, your men's scarf and your jacket or coat should be colour-coordinated. You can combine a dark coat with a splash of colour.
  2. For very cold days, it is a good idea to combine your men's scarf with a matching hat to keep the rest of your head warm.
  3. You can wear a patterned scarf with a plain jacket or coat.
  4. If you wear a large coat, make sure that your cashmere scarf for men is not too voluminous and that you visually sink into your clothes.
  5. For a special touch, you can tie your men's scarf differently, similar to a tie.

You can combine your cashmere scarf for men with a wide variety of jackets. A men's scarf gives a leather jacket a noble touch and classic coats or trench coats the finishing touch for a stylish outfit.


For men, a cashmere scarf is a wonderful way to brighten up their outfit fashionably in colder seasons, as they keep you pleasantly warm. Whether short, long, thick or thin, when buying your men's scarf you should pay attention to which items of clothing you want to wear it with. Unobtrusive scarves for men in neutral colours are suitable for elegant outfits and the office, while patterned or colourful cashmere scarves can spice up plain outfits.

When choosing your men's scarf, you should also pay attention to the material composition, as not all cashmere scarves are the same. Make sure you take the scarf in your hand to see if you like the material. Finally, you should wash your men's scarf carefully so that you can wear it for a long time.

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