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Whether for city trips, normal everyday life or even for work: comfortable, versatile casual shoes are part of every man’s wardrobe. Not only ladies, but also men can own a colourful variety of casual shoes.

Technical, fashionable, made of strong leather or light synthetic fabric. Waterproof or pleasantly airy. Variety in form and function! There is something to suit every taste and every foot shape.

The Best Men’s Casual Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying men’s casual shoes

Are you dressed smartly from head to toe in the office, but you want something more comfortable and casual for everyday wear? The large selection of men’s casual shoes offers you the opportunity to choose between sporty but also elegant and comfortable shoes. We will help you find out which casual shoes for men, whether sneakers, lace-ups or boots, are available and what you should look out for when buying them: These are the following buying criteria:

  • Fit
  • Material
  • Function
  • Waterproof
  • Colour & Design

In the following section, you will find out what the individual aspects essentially depend on.


Casual shoes for men naturally come in different fits. It depends on whether your foot is rather narrow, wide, flat or high cut. In the shoe industry, a distinction is usually made between narrow widths, comfort widths and multiple widths.

  • Narrow widths: narrow and flat foot with a narrow heel
  • Comfort widths: normal foot shape without pathological changes (e.g. splayfoot)
  • Fullness: for a wide, strong foot with a high instep

You should also make sure that there is enough space between the toe cap and the toes, that the heel does not have too much room to slip out of the shoe while walking and that the shoe is not too tight on the upper. When choosing the right men’s casual shoe, make sure you choose a shoe that fits the shape of your foot.


As varied as the styles of men’s casual shoes are, so are the different materials used. Most men’s casual shoes are made of material blends that combine different fabrics. The majority of shoes are now made mostly from man-made materials:

The soles are mostly made of thermoplastics and the fabric of the upper is made of man-made fibres. In contrast, more expensive shoes are usually made of natural materials such as leather, cork or plant fibres. Depending on the composition of the materials, a shoe can weigh as little as 200 grams and is ideal for sports.

Shoes made of leather, on the other hand, have a somewhat higher weight. Basically, the choice of material for your men’s leisure shoes depends on your function, the preferred wearing comfort and the desired look. In addition, the seasons also have an influence on the decision.


Rainy or snowy days require more robust footwear than summer days. Models with a lining will keep your feet reliably warm even in the lowest temperatures. You can find casual shoes for men for a wide variety of activities.

Whether for sporty afternoons or dressier occasions around the house. There is something for everyone! Men’s casual shoes are made of different materials depending on their function. If you are looking for casual shoes to go for long walks, you should make sure that the shoes have a well-cushioned footbed and are made of a breathable fabric.

If the shoes are to be your everyday companion, you should consider criteria such as comfort, materials used, sensitivity to dirt and fit. If the shoes are too narrow, they can quickly pinch and cause blisters.


A major aspect is waterproofness. Many materials have this advantage. If your shoe is water-repellent or even waterproof, then you should consider the following. When buying, look for a robust upper material. Shoes made of leather or imitation leather are resistant to dirt and moisture.

Men’s leisure shoes made of this material are ideal for an extensive walk on leaf-covered streets or forest paths. However, when it is very wet, water may penetrate and form light-coloured water marks. In contrast, synthetic is the cheaper material and offers you just as much protection as leather.

It is hardly susceptible to dirt and is predominantly waterproof. One of the best-known waterproof materials is the well-tried rubber. Rubber boots keep out water as well as other liquids.

Colour & Design

You are free to choose the colour and design, whether plain or very eye-catching, there is something for every taste. Classic men’s casual shoes, which can be worn well in the office or at

festivities, are available in a classic design and leather look. For the more funky shoe wearer, there are also colourful combinations for the special occasion. The colour spectrum offers you no limits. You can choose the right men’s casual shoe according to your taste and wishes.

You can choose elegant, casual, sporty and sporty chic casual shoes for men. Depending on the occasion, you will find the right men’s leisure shoe for you!

Casual shoes for men: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of different casual shoes for men, it can be very difficult to make a decision on a suitable pair of shoes. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about men’s casual shoes.

What styles of casual shoes are available for men?

To ensure that all tastes and preferences are catered for, there are many different types of men’s casual shoes. In the following table, you can take a look at the characteristics of the types of shoes for men.

  • Casual business shoes: Are you looking for a men’s casual shoe that can also pass for a classic business shoe – elegant yet comfortable? These casual shoes for men have classically elegant shapes, use high-quality uppers and thus create a look that can be combined well with a smart outfit.
  • Sports casual shoe: Do you like to be active in nature, whether hiking, cycling or climbing? Thick soles, tight and durable laces as well as robust upper materials – with these shoes you will find good grip on any surface and can enjoy your outing.
  • Casual lace-upshoes: Here you get the perfect all-rounder. Casual lace-up shoes combine the comfort of sneakers and look just as good as classic lace-up shoes. There are sportier versions and casual models.
  • Sporty casual shoes: Do you need sporty shoes for your everyday life? Then choosing a sporty lace-up shoe will give you a reliable companion for every situation. Find comfortable models in trendy designs and you won’t give them up.

If you are unsure which type of men’s casual shoes suits you, you should simply try on different models and see which shoe suits you best.

How do I know if my men’s casual shoes fit well?

Not all shoes fit the same on all feet. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that your choice doesn’t cause you any pain:

  • There should be half a thumb’s width of space between your toes and the toe cap.
  • If the shoe offers too little space, calluses and sprains can form on your feet.
  • The back of the shoe should not be laced too tightly and should give you some room to move.
  • The heel should not be too loose in the shoe, otherwise you will slip out of the shoe too quickly and feel no support.
  • A well-cushioned shoe sole is crucial for a long day on your feet and is easy on your joints.
  • An air-permeable material will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters from forming.

If these tips are not followed, you can have a lot of fun with your men’s casual shoe.

How do I care for and clean my men’s casual shoes?

When caring for men’s casual shoes, the first thing to consider is what material they are made of. Do you have a sports shoe made of synthetic materials or an elegant leather shoe? There is one rule for all models:

Shoes and washing machines are not compatible! In the case of sporty models, the washing machine attacks the glued soles, causing them to peel off more quickly. A short wash is certainly an easy way to freshen up the uppers, but it will shorten their life. For shoes with leather uppers, the rule is: get to brushing!

Even a gentle cleaning with a slightly damp cloth will make your shoes beautiful again. For smooth leather, we recommend polishing. Our care tip: Impregnating your shoes before wearing them for the first time protects them and makes them more robust against different weather conditions. To ensure that shoes that are not made of leather last longer, they must be regularly maintained with shoe care products.

Styling tips for men’s casual shoes: How to achieve the perfect casual shoe look

How you combine your men’s casual shoes ultimately depends on your preferences. It is also a question of what type of shoe you prefer. If it’s more of a sporty model, then your outfit can also be correspondingly casual and laid-back.

  • Casual business casual shoe: Is your idea of a men’s casual shoe a classic and maybe even with a leather upper? You can easily combine this with decent trousers and a shirt. If you want something more casual, the combination of blue jeans and a shirt is a perfect match.
  • Sportscasual shoe: Sporty sneakers and sports shoes score points for their cosiness and are therefore ideal for walking, cycling or shopping. But these men’s casual shoes also shine during a cosy breakfast in a café. Sports shoes look great with cargo pants and a hoody.
  • Casual lace-up shoes: For a business meeting, classic casual shoes in black or brown with a smooth material are ideal. They are easy to combine with a suit or chinos and a simple shirt. Alternatively, plain white leather sneakers go well with them.
  • Sporty casual shoes: If you’re looking for a casual look for everyday wear, you’re best served with common sneakers and fabric shoes. You can easily combine them with your favourite outfit. With normal jeans and a smart top or more casual with a shirt and a cardigan? With these looks, you’ll shine both on a date in a café and at a family get-together.

These styling tips only serve as a little inspiration for your next outfit. You can of course decide which men’s casual shoes you want to combine and how, according to your personal taste.


Men’s casual shoes are one of the most available items of clothing for a man and are an absolute all-rounder. Whether in everyday life, on a chic date, at work or at a relaxed meeting with friends. You can create every possible look with a casual shoe for men.

All that matters is the right combination of the various items of clothing. You should also make sure that your men’s casual shoes are comfortable and fit your foot shape.

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