Last updated: August 22, 2021

The check shirt for men is a real perennial favourite. There is hardly any other piece of clothing that has never really gone out of fashion for so long. Except perhaps for jeans, which can be perfectly combined with the men's check shirt.

The checked shirt has a long history behind it. Whether as a popular shirt among cowboys or lumberjacks in flannel to the revival in the grunge era. Kurt Cobain and other rock stars of that time also liked to wear the check shirt in lumberjack style. Nowadays it is more widespread than ever. No wonder, a checked shirt for men can be combined in many ways and worn for all kinds of occasions.

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Check shirt for men: The most important questions answered

To help you choose the right men's check shirt for you, we have answered the most important questions for you below.

In which styles are men's checked shirts available?

The styles and cuts of checked shirts for men are quite clear. Quite in contrast to the numerous possible uses.

  • Short-sleeved check shirts: In this style, the shirts usually come in a light cotton fabric. There is always a collar and one or two breast pockets.
  • Long-sleeved check shirts: Have a full-length button placket at the front. In business style or for more elegant occasions in fine cotton. Made of flannel for lumberjack or cowboy style.
  • Lined: These long-sleeved check shirts for men are usually made of heavy flannel on the outside and are often lined with wool on the inside. By turning down the collar, the lining is also visible on the outside, which adds a stylish accent to the checked pattern. But there are also linings made of polyester blends. These thermal shirts are often a little cheaper and easier to clean.

Are you still unsure which men's check shirt is right for you? In the following we will answer the most important questions about checked shirts.

For which occasion is a checked shirt for men suitable?

The great advantage of men's check shirts is the large number of occasions for which they are suitable. As a robust outdoor shirt made of flannel, it is relatively windproof and can withstand even minor rain showers. But the fabric also plays to its strengths when simply relaxing on the couch at home. Flannel is very soft and feels pleasant on the skin.

From a walk in the city to a meal in a restaurant or café: the check shirt for men is never out of place. Only in upscale restaurants or at classy receptions is it not suitable. In the office, men's checked shirts made of thicker flannel in particular are rather unsuitable. A checked shirt made of finer fabrics is more suitable here.

What check patterns are there in check shirts for men?

Probably the best-known check pattern is tartan, also known as tartan. For centuries, tartan skirts have been made in this style. The slightly different colours and sizes of the plaids represent the affiliation to a certain clan. In this pattern, squares merge into each other or overlap. This pattern is often particularly colourful and the predominant colours here are red and green.

With window checks, men's check shirts look a little more formal, as here the boxes are defined by continuous yarns. Black, grey, beige and subdued colours are also more prevalent here. Glencheck, like the tartan pattern, originates from Scotland. Here, a pattern of differently sized checks is created with several yarns running closely next to each other.

The Vichy pattern does without individual yarns. It creates the check pattern by means of relatively narrow colour bands that overlap and thus also form new mixed colours. Often, these men's checked shirts are dominated by only one colour on a white background.

What materials are used for men's check shirts?

The most common material is cotton. Flannel is particularly popular for long-sleeved check shirts. Flannel consists of roughened cotton fibres and therefore has several helpful properties. Flannel is very soft and does not crease, so the iron can stay in the wardrobe. Although flannel is a relatively light fabric, it offers good warmth due to the roughened structure of the fabric.

Styling tips for men's checked shirts: How to achieve the checked shirt look

  1. The outdoor style: Long-sleeved checked shirts for men made of flannel are perfect for hiking due to the protection against small rain showers and the robustness of the material.
  2. Cowboy style: In the USA, lumberjacks and cowboys discovered the advantages of a men's flannel check shirt over a hundred years ago. Follow suit and complete your look with used jeans and heavy leather boots or cowboy shoes.
  3. The checked shirt for business: A men's checked shirt made of fine fabric combined with classy jeans and leather shoes always makes a good impression.
  4. Thematching trousers: The dream pair is and remains the checked shirt and jeans. But chinos or corduroy trousers also go very well.
  5. Grunge style: Just like Kurt Cobain once did, combine an open flannel shirt with a washed-out T-shirt. Add a pair of old jeans with holes and your favourite old sneakers.


Checked shirts for men never go out of fashion. Quite the opposite: they are currently experiencing a real upswing again. From short-sleeved check shirts made of fine fabric for everyday business to robust lined flannel shirts: the possibilities for when you can wear a men's check shirt are almost unlimited.

You'll practically never stand out unpleasantly in a checked shirt. And for men who are lazy about ironing, the wrinkle-free flannel fabric is ideal. Warming, soft and pleasant on the skin and yet robust. Once you've found your perfect men's check shirt, you'll never want to give it up again.

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