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Is your wallet too full of small change to close properly? Then a coin purse for men is just the thing for you. In a coin purse, as the name suggests, you collect all your coins. Your change is well stored and you don't have to rummage around in your trouser pocket or briefcase.

Another advantage of a men's coin purse is the fact that you don't always have to take your coins with you. Especially if you have a large amount, coins are often heavy and don't stow away well in your trouser pocket. That's why coin purses for men are helpful companions in everyday life and the ideal addition to your normal wallet.

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Coin purses for men: The most important questions answered

In the following section, we have compiled all relevant information on the topic of coin purses for men and answered important questions. This should make your purchase decision easier.

What types of coin purses are there for men?

Coin purses for men are primarily differentiated according to the type of closure. There are two variants:

  • Coin purse with snap closure: Men's coin purses with a snap closure are particularly practical because they can be opened and closed quickly. You don't have to struggle for a long time with an annoying clasp when you want to pay.
  • Coin wallet with zip: If your coin purse for men often moves from one pocket to another, a reliable closure is very important. In this case, you should rather go for a coin purse with a zip, as it will remain securely closed even under heavier loads.

Which type of men's coin purse you choose is ultimately a matter of taste. In any case, you should make sure that the clasp is well made to prevent coins from falling out.

What special coin purses are there for men?

In addition to the types already presented, there are two special variants of men's coin purses. These are less common, but at least as practical as the usual models. Perhaps one of them is just the right coin purse for you:

  • Viennesebox: Viennese boxes are wallets that have a particularly large coin compartment. This can be completely unfolded like a box so that you can see all your coins. This makes Vienna boxes very clear. In terms of shape, they resemble normal square coin purses, but they are slightly smaller.
  • Coin purses with an organising system: Men's coin purses with an organising system have divided compartments inside that are adapted to the size of the different coins. They have a compartment for 1-cent coins, one for 2-cent coins and so on. Coins can thus be sorted according to value. This is very practical when paying, because you don't have to search for the right coins in your wallet.

Coin purses with a filing system have been growing in popularity for several years and are available in more and more shops. However, not all shops carry this type of men's coin purse yet, so you may have to search a little.

Which material is particularly suitable for men's coin purses?

Coin purses for men are available in different materials, for example leather, imitation leather or plastic. So you have a wide choice.

Men's coin purses made of leather usually have a very simple design and therefore look very classy. In addition, both natural and artificial leather are very durable and pleasant to the touch.

In contrast, plastic is much harder. This can be a disadvantage if you like to carry your coin purse for men in your trouser pocket. On the other hand, the material is very robust and easy to clean.

How do I clean and care for my coin purse for men?

The care of coin purses for men is usually very simple. Normally, coarse soiling rarely occurs because the coin purse is usually in your trouser or jacket pocket.

Depending on the material, you can simply wipe your men's coin purse with a soft, damp cloth. However, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions beforehand to avoid damage.

If you have chosen a men's coin purse made of leather, make sure that it does not get excessively wet. Wetness is harmful to leather as it becomes stiff as it dries. However, a few drops of rain do not harm the material.


Coin purses for men are practical everyday companions. You can quickly and easily collect all your small change in them. This keeps your pockets, your car and your normal wallet tidy. In addition, you have the option of only taking your collected coins with you when you really need them.

Coin purses are now becoming more popular again, as many people only have small purses that mainly contain debit and credit cards. This is why coin purses are not only found in specialised shops, but are now also available in many online shops. So you are sure to find the perfect model.

(Image source: Praveen kumar Mathivanan / Unsplash)

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